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dinner like a boss quick easy and healthy meals for busy families katy holder august 2018 isbn 9781741175325 ckb070000 $19.99 paperback 152 pages 6 x 9 in full color photography throughout what parent has time to cook these days this cookbook is for real-world families who want quick easy yet nutritious meals to serve at dinnertime—they want to make dinner like a boss dinnertime is very different for families today than it was for generations past many parents work kids often have after-school activities and there’s the constant battle to get the kids away from a screen dinner like a boss provides parents with simple flavorsome food for modern families every recipe highlights the preparation and cooking times with easy-to-follow steps and options to vary the recipe so the one dish can be adapted for different family members many of the variations add extra flavor without being overt meaning this book can be a great way to introduce kids to more complex flavors at a

pickle juice over 40 health-boosting cocktails and drinks florence cherruault january 2019 isbn 9781784881894 ckb118000 $19.99 hardback 144 pages 6 5/16 x 8 1/4 in full color photography throughout pickle-based cocktails and drinks that will leave you with less of a hangover and more of a health kick draft cover pickles have been considered a health food for centuries cleopatra credited pickles as contributing to her health and legendary beauty and julius caesar is also said to have fed them to his troops to boost their strength so what’s the big dill even for the most avid pickle fan downing a glass of briny pickle juice may sound like a step too far—but you might want to think twice before you toss it away pickle juice shows you how to use homemade or store-bought pickle juice to great effect with over 40 innovative recipes for cocktails and health drinks florence cherrault showcases a variety of easy pickle juice recipes that can be incorporated into exciting and

claris the most chic mouse in paris august 2018 isbn 9781760502591 juv002180 $17.99 hardback 48 pages 9 x 11 in full color illustrations throughout megan hess an infectious rhyming tale about courage compassion and a stylish little mouse from international fashion illustrator megan hess draft cover claris the most chic mouse in paris follows an adorable mouse who dreams of moving to paris to pursue her fashion dreams one day she bravely takes the leap—only to find a mean little girl with a horrible-looking cat standing in the way of her perfect parisian apartment can claris use all her wit warmth and style to make her dreams come true claris the most chic mouse in paris is the first picture book in a dazzling new series for lovers of eloise and olivia it’s destined to delight fashion-obsessed readers of all ages megan hess is an international fashion illustrator who works with some of the most prestigious designers and luxury brands around the world such as chanel dior

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food dtink moorish greg lucy malouf $29.95 hc 9781742706955 mr mrs wilkinson’s how it is at home christelle huet-gomez $11.95 hc 9781784880224 mug cakes chocolate $11.99 hc 9781742708553 $11.95 hc 9781784880095 new feast new zealand wine $29.99 paperback 9781743793213 $60.00 hc 9781743793022 sandra mahut jane teasdale lene knudsen richard boutin matt wilkinson sharlee gibb $29.99 hc 9781743792896 mug crumbles mug cakes my abuelo’s mexican feast greg lucy malouf daniella germain $29.99 hc 9781742706788 warren moran isbn 978-1-78488-076-7 51199 9 nordic light simon bajada $39.99 hc 9781743791448 nuovo mondo 781784 880767 nutella® mug cakes and more stefano de pieri james mcdougall keda black $39.95 hc 9781742703824 $11.99 hc 9781784880767 one-pot pasta sabrina fauda-rôle $11.99 hc 9781784880576 86 1322 chr18 backlist_si.indd 86 2/01/2018 1:57

craft home garden this is home natalie walton working space $19.99 pb 9781784881474 $49.95 hc 9781742706122 martyn thompson emma balfour andrew egan self-help inspiration $40.00 hc 9781743793459 weave this francesca kletz brooke dennis isbn 978-1-78488-094-1 51499 9 365 days of art change your mind $19.99 pb 9781784881115 $12.95 hc 9781742705576 lorna scobie 781784 880941 dare to win rod judkins jeff chegwin carmela di clementi $14.99 hc 9781784880941 get happy anthony gunn $19.95 hc 9781743790069 isbn 978-1-78488-081-1 51199 9 781784 880811 hope i want to be calm i want to be confident i want to be creative $24.95 hc 9781742703756 $12.95 hc 9781742709321 $11.99 hc 9781784880811 $11.99 hc 9781784881450 tim costello harriet griffey harriet griffey harriet griffey 96 1322 chr18 backlist_si.indd 96 2/01/2018 1:58