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smith daughters a cookbook that happens to be vegan shannon martinez mo wyse a cookbook that is unconventionally unintentionally vegan—with a killer take on plant-based cooking that looks and tastes great • innovative plant-based food with a spanish influence • will appeal to vegetarians and vegans as well as carnivores with an open mind and an appreciation of how good plant-based food can be • not outwardly ‘vegan’ but instead aims to prove that food can be just as inspiring—if not more so—without reliance on animal products • approximately 70-80 percent of their customers are meat eaters forget your preconceptions of vegan food shannon martinez and mo wyse are here to challenge them all one inventive dish at a time determined to do things differently they built a restaurant in melbourne called smith daughters the instant crowds told the story these were the bold flavors people had been waiting for from their take on

taqueria new-style fun and friendly mexican cooking paul wilson discover the real flavors of mexico with taqueria the perfect book for those who want to amp up their latin-american cooking game and aspire to new ideas and thinking taqueria is an homage to the best of mexican cuisine across four chapters it is a crash course in cooking the food of latin america right its emphasis is on taking the building blocks and showing people that with quality ingredients attitude and a little application they can create an authentic standout feast • positioned to ride the wave of interest in latin american cuisine its embrace of the region’s dynamic food and drinks culture will speak to cooks in search of authenticity and good times the world over • focusing on popular feel-good dishes with a design that is fun accessible and a little bit playful • the book will appeal to meat-eaters and vegetarians alike • also offers a nod to cocktail fans with 12 inventive drinks

lamingtons lemon tart best-ever cakes desserts and treats from a modern sweets maestro darren purchese exquisite and extravagant sweet creations that take classic desserts in a new direction —from one of australia’s most respected and innovative pastry chefs • desserts and sweets ideas for home cooks who are ambitious without being unattainable • shares some of darren’s signature favorites including exploding raspberry wagon wheels and honeycomb popcorn rubble • full color photography and a compelling package will ensure it is the next must-have baking book all sweets aficionados will want on their shelves • whether it is the classic australian chocolate and coconut lamington a perfectly tangy lemon tart or darren’s addictive salted caramel this book has something for all levels of home cooks—plus plenty to keep more advanced chefs happy hailed as australia’s willy wonka darren purchese is renowned for his stunning

draft cover eat this my friend all-day no fuss vegetarian recipes to share with your friends jade o’donahoo a collection of hand-lettered and handillustrated recipes for everyday accessible vegetarian eating eat this my friend is a collection of recipes for the foodie-to-be as the market become saturated with artfully shot star-chef recipes books o’donahoo’s mission is to offer what she calls a moment of authenticity and calm • small giftable format with gorgeous illustrations • recipes are great for everyday quick easy nutritious cooking • perfect for university students and home cooks looking to eat healthy delicious meals without dedicating hours to finding unusual ingredients • a personal collection of recipes from one friend to another—hand drawn and handwritten which give it a point of difference to other cookbooks eat this my friend is a compendium of hand-lettered and hand-illustrated recipes all created by o’donahoo

draft cover the art of the white shirt over 50 ways to wear a white t-shirt blouse or shirt illustrated by libby vanderploeg ingenious ideas for styling this wardrobe staple white shirts are a classic—they can be dressed up or down be worn fitted cropped or tight with skirts or jeans or just on their own if you’re feeling daring • a wardrobe staple every woman owns at least one white shirt • will appeal to women of all ages with fun illustrations and a contemporary feel • gorgeous package will make this a great gift the art of the white shirt is a fun inspirational book on how to make the most of your white tees blouses or shirts dress it up with some boyfriend jeans a statement necklace and a sexy pair of stilettos or wear it casually with a pair of culottes and your favorite sneakers try wearing your white shirt backwards for a fashion statement or go for a classic look and wear it under your favorite cashmere sweater learn how to transform this

draft cover retro sweaters simone bennett the best and worst sweaters to have hit the fashion scene—all in one brilliantly absurd package • featuring 80 sweaters in ridiculous scenarios accompanied by hilarious captions • in the style of the best-selling awkward family photos • filled with ephemera and memories of these glory days in fashion in the spirit of awkward family photos ugly christmas sweater party book and grumpy cat comes a new book to keep you warm at night retro sweaters featuring the best and worst from the ‘60s ‘70s and ‘80s this hilarious gift book features regular people wearing less-than-regular pullovers from the sequined and spangly to the knitted and themed as well as breakout sections on christmas holiday sweaters thrift shopping tips fortune-telling with wool and more each double-page spread features a sweater accessorized with ridiculous props on background scenes of ski chalets beaches libraries and more it’s

grain bowls soups bulgur wheat quinoa barley rice spelt and more quick and easy soups for every season anna shillinghaw hampton anna helm baxter master the techniques of making your perfect grain bowl ladles of inspiration to create healthy nutritious and filling meals for the whole family • over 80 imaginative ideas for easily incorporating grains into your diet • over 80 recipes for soups from classic flavors to new fresh tastes • modern dishes ready in a matter of minutes • healthy gourmet quick and easy • this is food that can be eaten at work on the go or for a casual dinner at home • see all the ingredients you need for the recipe in an at-a-glance photo • ranging from lighter in texture and flavor such as bulgur and freeken to heartier and chewier such as farro and wheatberries there is a grain for every occasion • tips on seasonal produce september 2016 $19.99 paperback with flaps isbn 9781784880484 192 pages 8 ¼ x 8 6 /10 in

backlist 98 · backlist rustic sicily simple food and drink from morning to night jorge fernandez and rich wells $35.00 – hc 9781784880118 7 3/4 x 9 3/4 in 240 pages recipes from the pearl of southern italy katie and giancarlo caldesi $39.99 – hc 9781784880514 7 8/10 x 9 ¾ in 272 pages salads something for everyone over 60 satisfying salads for lunch and dinner sue quinn $19.95 – pb 9781784880361 8 x 8 2/3 in 192 pages family meals for baby toddler and beyond louise fulton-keats $34.95 – pb 9781742707198 8 1/4 x 10 1/4 in 232 pages saraban soups a chef’s journey through persia greg malouf and lucy malouf $45.00 – hc 9781742705132 9 5/8 x 11 in 335 pages quick and easy soups for every season anna helm baxter $19.99 – hc 9781784880385 8 ¼ x 8 6/10 in 192 pages sharing puglia south american grill simple delicious food from italy’s undiscovered coast luca lorusso and vivenne polak $39.95 – hc 9781742708485 7 2/3 x 9

110 · backlist i want to be calm love your life how to de-stress harriet griffey $12.95 – hc 9781742709321 4 3/4 x 6 1/8 in 144 pages 100 ways to start living the life you deserve domonique bertolucci $14.95 – hc 9781742705095 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 in 208 pages i want to be organized smiling mind how to de-clutter manage your time and get things done harriet griffey $12.95 – hc 9781784880248 4 5/8 x 6 in 144 pages mindfulness made easy jane martino and james tutton $11.95 – hc 9781743790847 5 5/7 x 7 1/3 in 184 pages i want to sleep stumbling stones how to get a good night’s sleep harriet griffey $12.95 – hc 9781742709314 4 3/4 x 6 1/8 in 144 pages a path through grief love and loss airdre grant $19.95 – hc 9781743790571 4 1/2 x 7 1/4 in 224 pages less is more the happiness code 101 ways to simplify your life domonique bertolucci $14.95 – hc 9781742707518 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 in 224 pages ten keys to being the best you can be domonique

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