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ben fritz the big picture the fight for the future of movies the stunning metamorphosis of twenty-first-century hollywood and what lies ahead for the art and commerce of film in the past decade hollywood has endured a cataclysm on a par with the end of silent film and the demise of the studio system stars and directors have seen their power dwindle while writers and producers lift their best techniques from tv comic books and the toy biz pixar and marvel now wield vast influence but so do imax amazon chinese censors and even lego 9780544789760 • $27.00 hardcover the big picture march • entertainment industry/film • 336 pages • carton qty 12 • territory us,c,o • b/t/a/p/m mccormick williams s:hmh • author appearances • national media from new york and los angeles • national online advertising • academic and library promotion e-book available 9780544789777 ben fritz chronicles this dramatic shakeup with

elgin baylor with alan eisenstock hang time my life in basketball elgin baylor’s memoir of an epic all-star career in the nba—during which he transformed basketball from a horizontal game to a vertical one—and his fights against racism during his career as a player and as general manager of the la clippers under the infamous donald sterling 9780544617056 • $27.00 hardcover hang time april • nonfiction • 320 pages • 8-pp insert with 16-24 black and white photos • carton qty 12 • territory us,c,o • s hmh all other rights foundry • author appearances • national media from new york and los angeles • national print and online advertising e-book available 9780544618459 people think of elgin baylor as one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game—and one of the nba’s first black superstars—but the full extent of his legacy stretches beyond his spectacular

michael mcfaul from cold war to hot peace the inside story of russia and america from one of america’s leading scholars of russia who served as u.s ambassador to russia during the obama administration a revelatory inside account of u.s russia relations from 1989 to the present 9780544716247 • $30.00 hardcover from cold war to hot peace may • 496 pages • 8-page b-w insert • carton qty 12 • territory us,c,o • b/t/a/p/m william morris endeavor s hmh • national author tour including new york boston washington d.c philadelphia san francisco los angeles • national media • online promotion including facebook advertising • academic promotion e-book available 9780544716254 in 2008 when michael mcfaul was asked to leave his perch at stanford and join an unlikely presidential campaign he had no idea that he would find himself at the beating heart of one of today’s most contentious and consequential international

j d barker the fifth to die a 4mk thriller in the thrilling sequel to the fourth monkey a new serial killer stalks the streets of chicago while detective porter delves deeper into the dark past of the four monkey killer 9780544973978 • $26.00 hardcover the fifth to die july • thriller • 496 pages • carton qty 12 • territory us,c,o • s hmh b/t/a/p/m kristin nelson literary agency also available the fourth monkey detective porter and the team have been pulled from the hunt for anson bishop the four monkey killer by the feds when the body of a young girl is found beneath the frozen waters of jackson park lagoon she is quickly identified as ella reynolds missing three weeks but how did she get there the lagoon froze months earlier more baffling she’s found wearing the clothes of another girl missing less than two days while the detectives of chicago metro try to make sense of the quickly developing case porter secretly continues his

carrie vaughn the wild dead a mariner original mysteries and murder abound in the sequel to carrie vaughn’s post-apocalyptic mystery bannerless 9780544947313 • $14.99 trade paperback the wild dead july • science fiction • 352 pages • carton qty 24 • territory us,c,o • s hmh b/t/a/p/m seth fishman gernert agency a century after environmental and economic collapse the people of the coast road have rebuilt their own sort of civilization striving not to make the mistakes their ancestors did they strictly ration and manage resources including the ability to have children enid of haven is an investigator who with her new partner teeg is called on to mediate a dispute between households over an old building in a far-flung settlement at the edge of coast road territory the investigators’ decision seems straightforward—and then the body of a young woman turns up in the nearby marshland almost more shocking than that she’s

stephan talty the black hand the epic war between a brilliant detective and the deadliest secret society in american history “gripping a valuable recounting of a lurid and little-known episode in american history.”—washington post “talty succeeds in vividly portraying italian-american mores at the dawn of the 20th century and his well-researched account is replete with anecdotes of mayhem terror and heroism.”—usa today 9781328911193 • $15.99 trade paperback the black hand april • history • 328 pages • 8 pp of b-w images • carton qty 24 • hmh hardcover 2017 previous isbn 978-0-544-63338-4 • territory us,c,o • b/t/a/s/p/m waxman leavell literary agency also available agent garbo 978-0-544-03501-0 $15.95 pa • online advertising • academic promotion e-book available 9780544635357 beginning in the summer of 1903 an insidious crime wave stirred new york city and then the entire country into

stephen w sears lincoln s lieutenants the high command of the army of the potomac “a masterful synthesis a narrative about amazing courage and astonishing gutlessness it explains why union movements worked and more often didn t work in clear-eyed explanatory prose that s vivid and direct.”—chicago tribune “a monumental group biography…reminds us that the outcome of the war was not a foregone conclusion.”—the wall street journal 9781328915795 • $18.99 trade paperback lincoln s lieutenants may • history • 896 pages • 156 b-w images and 13 maps throughout • carton qty 12 • hmh hc 2017 previous isbn 978-0-618-42825-0 • territory world • a recorded books b/t/p/m/s hmh the high command of the army of the potomac was a changeable often dysfunctional band of brothers going through the fires of war under seven commanding generals in three years until grant came east in 1864 the men in charge

graham allison destined for war can america and china escape thucydides s trap “superb one of the most insightful and thought-provoking books i have ever read on the most important relationship in the world.”—general ret david petraeus “allison is one of the keenest observers of international affairs around.”—joe biden 9781328915382 • $16.99 trade paperback destined for war august • politics • 384 pages • 3 tables 1 chart 3 graphs 1 map spread and 1 image • carton qty 24 • 978-0-544-93527-3 • territory us,c,o • b scribe publishing t except for chinese languages /s hmh t for chinese languages/a/p/m inkwell • tie-in to author’s lecture schedule • academic promotion e-book available 9780544935334 china and the united states are heading toward a war neither wants. the reason is thucydides’s trap when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling one violence is the

jacques pépin jacques pépin poulets légumes from the world-renowned chef and celebrated artist a must-have collection of everyday and elegant chicken and vegetable recipes 9780544920934 • $20.00 hardcover jacques pépin poulets légumes april • 128 pages • carton qty • territory world • b/t/s hmh p/m/a doe coover agency also available a grandfather s lessons 978-0-544-82439-3 $30.00 pob jacques pépin heart soul in the kitchen 978-0-544-30198-6 $35.00 pob the legendary cooking teacher whom gq calls “the most impactful living chef in america” shares his favorite chicken and vegetable recipes from a half-century career spanning two continents some like poulet à la crème and baker’s wife potatoes recall the country french dishes of his childhood while chicken with cognac sauce and velvet spinach come from his days in fine french restaurants most though are born in his contemporary connecticut kitchen all have

editors of the american heritage® dictionaries american heritage® first dictionary a brand new totally redesigned edition of the award-winning dictionary for children in grades k-2 the american heritage® first dictionary is written especially for 5-8 year olds the meanings of more than 2,000 age-appropriate words are made clear in easy-to-read definitions and example sentences enhanced by 550 full-color photographs and drawings that appeal to today s visually sophisticated children 9781328753366 • $17.99 trade paperback american heritage first dictionary july • reference • 304 pages • carton qty 10 • previous isbn 978-0-544-33663-6 • territory us,c also available american heritage first dictionary 2016 978-0-544-33663-6 $17.95 pob american heritage first dictionary 2013 978-0-547-65956-5 $17.95 hc american heritage first dictionary 2010 978-0-547-21597-6 $17.95 pob • academic and library promotion this brand new edition has been

nancy l witherell cliffsnotes praxis teaching reading 5204 test prep for the praxis teaching reading 5204 test including subject reviews and two model practice tests the praxis teaching reading 5204 test focuses on the knowledge and skills a teacher must have to support reading development for entry-level reading the test is designed for individuals whose preparatory program has included intensive training in the teaching of reading the test assesses the five essential components of effective reading instruction phonemic awareness phonics fluency comprehension and vocabulary 9781328715524 • $24.99 trade paperback cliffsnotes praxis teaching reading 5204 august • cliffsnotes test prep • 264 pages • carton qty 20 • territory world • academic promotion • cliffsnotes website and e-newsletter promotion the states that require reading teacher certification using this praxis subject test include alaska hawaii