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square fish • july 2017 young adult fiction fantasy brian falkner battlesaurus clash of empires in a roaring sequel to battlesaurus rampage at waterloo napoléon s enemies are in danger of extinction july square fish young adult fiction fantasy on sale 7/11/2017 ages 12 to 18 trade paperback 368 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w carton quantity 24 isbn 9781250115331 in this stunning conclusion to a unique alt-history action-adventure duology dinosaurs from a forbidden world have been turned into unstoppable weapons by one of the most ferocious military leaders of all time in the wake of napoléon s crushing victory at waterloo the vicious french general marc thibault and his brigade of giant carnivorous battlesaurs have struck terror across europe england stands alone but an invasion is looming its only hope is a secret attack led by a magician s son named willem deep inside enemy territory to the very heart of napoléon s terrifying new army deception and betrayal threaten the mission from its outset but the courage and perseverance of willem the saur killer and his friends lead to a clash of titanic proportions $10.99 $15.99 can brian falkner was born and raised in auckland new also available zealand and now lives in australia he is the awardwinning author of several futuristic adventures including the recon team angel series and brain jack praise for battlesaurus rampage at waterloo battlesaurus rampage at waterloo 9781250079930 $9.99 13.99 can battlesaurus rampage at waterloo 9780374300753 $17.99 20.50 can 239 falkner gives napoléon a toothy secret weapon in this decidedly alternate history —kirkus reviews part historical fiction part dinosaur fantasy mash-up this book will appeal to history buffs and dinosaur fanatics alike the battle scenes between napoléon s army and the british are depicted in incredible detail making readers feel as if they are right in the midst of the fight the first of a promising duology that readers will find thrilling and positively addicting —school library journal