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square fish • may 2018 juvenile fiction classics bear grylls spirit of the jungle a heart-stopping contemporary middle-grade adventure inspired by rudyard kipling’s classic the jungle book from real-life adventurer bear grylls may square fish juvenile fiction classics on sale5/29/2018 ages 8 to 12 trade paperback 240 pages 7.6 in h 5.2 in w carton quantity 32 thirteen-year-old mak and his conservationist mother move to a remote part of india a village on the wainganga river once they arrive mak finds india to be staggeringly different from what he expected when a routine outing turns treacherous a monsoon divides mak from his parents leaving him alone and exposed to the dangers of the wild he throws himself into survival befriending a wolf along the way this re-imagination of the jungle book is a nod to the original with a fresh adventure and survival story from the #1 survivalist himself bear grylls it’s a thrilling way to introduce new readers to the jungle book bear grylls has become known around the world as one of the isbn:9781250158659 most recognized faces of survival and outdoor adventure trained $7.99 $10.50 can from an early age in martial arts and taught to climb and sail by his father bear went on to spend three years as a soldier in the british also available special forces serving with 21 sas before becoming one of the youngest-ever climbers of mount everest since then he has gone on to host more extreme adventure tv shows across more global networks than anyone else in the world including the island with bear grylls for channel 4 bear grylls survival school for citv man vs wild for discovery channel and running wild for nbc featuring bear and former us president barack obama spirit of the jungle 9781250158659 $7.99 10.50 can return to the jungle 9781250164568 $16.99 22.50 can 183 he is also a family