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square fish • may 2018 juvenile fiction sports recreation basketball phil bildner illustrations by tim probert tournament of champions the third book in a fun middle-grade series about friendship school and basketball featuring racially diverse and neurodiverse characters it’s spring of their fifth-grade year and rip and red have a thrilling opportunity to participate in a weekend basketball tournament with a few other members of clifton united while the tournament is only a short bus ride away both may square fish juvenile fiction sports recreation basketball on sale5/29/2018 ages 8 to 12 trade paperback 272 pages 7.6 in h 5.2 in w carton quantity 32 isbn:9781250158437 boys will travel outside their comfort zones ultracompetitive rip must play on a team with kids he doesn’t like but he faces an even bigger hurdle when someone from his past returns someone he hasn’t seen in years someone who just may derail the entire weekend as for red because of his autism spectrum disorder he’s never traveled anywhere without his mother will he muster the courage to take the trip fortunately for both boys also on the team is an unlikely addition a source of inspiration who helps everyone discover the true meaning of the word champion $7.99 $10.50 can praise for also available rookie of the year “a diverse cast of characters highlights this good-natured high-spirited slice of life.” —kirkus reviews “this fast fun read featuring characters who love books as much as basketball will appeal to sports fans and nonathletes alike.” —school library journal most valuable players 9780374305109 $15.99 20.99 can rookie of the year 9781250115188 $7.99 11.50 can rookie of the year 9780374301347 $15.99 22.99 can a whole new ballgame “if the students are inspiring so is [their teacher mr acevedo who risks his job to do such radical things as reading aloud and encouraging free reading probert s cartoonish illustrations lend energy and personality to the likable cast of characters.” —kirkus reviews “this warm slice-of-life novel from bildner engages and entertains probert s energetic illustrations match the positive exuberance of the story.” —booklist “narrated by rip the book depicts the evolution of a group of fifth graders who learn a lot grow a lot and help one another pure fun with a lot of heart.” —school library journal 185