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2 the royal gibraltar regiment 1939–2014 nulli expugnabilis hosti author:matthias strohn available september 2016 isbn 978 1 4728 1532 3 price £40.00 us $65.00 can $86.00 period multi-period format hardback 208pp illustrations fully illustrated in colour and black and white in 2014 the royal gibraltar regiment celebrated its 75th anniversary this is the history of the regiment and its preceding formations this book takes the reader back to the beginning of british rule in gibraltar and the involvement of the local population in the great siege of the 18th century from there it embarks on a journey that describes how the volunteer corps in the first world war evolved into the gibraltar defence force of the second world war the gibraltar regiment during the cold war and finally the royal gibraltar regiment in its current form with the help of photographs illustrations and the words of the regiment’s soldiers it explains the changing roles of the regiment and the

the 506th trilogy– now in paperback no victory in valhalla the untold story of third battalion 506 parachute infantry regiment from bastogne to berchtesgaden k ac rb ion pe it pa ed author ian gardner available november 2016 isbn 978 1 4728 1681 8 price £8.99 us $17.00 can $23.00 period world war ii format paperback 344pp illustrations 32pp plate section in black and white the final volume of gardner’s critically acclaimed biography of the third battalion 506 parachute infantry regiment – the sister company to the famed band of brothers – this book traces the battalion’s actions in the frantic final days of the war in europe exhausted and battered following the disastrous marketgarden campaign the 506th were due three months of r&r but were rushed back in to halt the desperate german attack during the battle of the bulge when the offensive was finally halted after months of fighting the 506th pushed on into germany where ed shames was one of the

8 osprey showcasing 12 favourite pieces of osprey artwork from recent publications including works by peter dennis graham turner and steve noon this beautifully illustrated calendar covers all historical eras and is the ideal gift for any military history enthusiast military history calendar 2017 • size closed 210mm x 297mm • size opened 420mm x 297mm • month-to-view • staple bound price £9.99 us $15.00 can $20.00 date july 2016 isbn 978 1 4728 1684 9 the battle of king’s mountain 1780 january 2017 sunday in this scene militiamen of colonel thomas brandon’s second spartan regiment fight their way into the main loyalist camp near the top of the barren ridge in the background ferguson’s encircled loyalist troops are silhouetted against the sky tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 monday steve noon the battle of king’s mountain was one of the most

11 cam 283 cowpens 1781 turning point of the american revolution author ed and catherine gilbert illustrator graham turner available september 2016 isbn 978 1 4728 0746 5 period 18th century cam 299 south carolina 1781 with lt col banastre tarleton and the british troops in hot pursuit daniel morgan leading a small force of 700 continentals and militia chose the cowpens as the battlefield in which to make a stand the two forces clashed for barely more than 45 minutes yet this brief battle shaped the outcome of the war in the south and decisively influenced the american revolution as a whole bird’s-eye views vivid illustrations and detailed maps illuminate the dynamism of this clash between two of the most famous commanders of the war the battle of zama was the final large-scale clash of arms between the world’s two greatest western powers of the time – carthage and rome the engagement ended the second punic war waged from 218 until 201 bc drawing upon years of

14 combat aircraft books in the combat aircraft series concentrate on one of the greatest aircraft in aviation history the technology behind it and the men who flew it providing a valuable resource for anyone interested in military aviation history each book contains • at least 30 specially commissioned full-colour profile artwork plates • first-hand accounts from pilots aircrew and groundcrew • photographs price £13.99 us $23.00 can $30.00 com 115 fw 200 condor units of world war 2 author chris goss illustrator chris davey available august 2016 isbn 978 1 4728 1267 4 period world war ii the fw 200 condor first made an appearance over norway in april 1940 flying with the unit that eventually become synonymous with it – kampfgeschwader 40 as the war progressed and german forces advanced french airfields opened up allowing the condor to fly around the uk and out into the atlantic where it rapidly established itself as one of the key menaces to allied

16 new vanguard the new vanguard series reveals the design and development history behind some of the greatest war machines of history from viking longships and the tanks deployed during the world wars through to the uavs and armour in use in the war on terror today each book contains • photographs and illustrations • specially commissioned double-page cutaway artwork displaying the internal workings of each machine • profile artwork • battlescenes price £10.99 us $18.99 can $24.00 nvg 236 nvg 238 author mark stille illustrator paul wright available july 2016 isbn 978 1 4728 1140 0 period world war ii author mark lardas illustrator paul wright available september 2016 isbn 978 1 4728 1378 7 period world war i us navy light cruisers 1941–45 during world war ii the united states built 72 light cruisers of various classes in response to the severe air threat that surface ships faced new cruisers were designed with increasingly heavy anti-aircraft

19 from the treacherous jungles of vietnam to hedgerows of normandy each title in the bestselling combat series pits history’s greatest adversaries against each other revealing what it was actually like for opposing warriors to face off against each other on the field of battle cbt 19 apache warrior vs us cavalryman 1846–86 author sean mclachlan illustrator adam hook available august 2016 isbn 978 1 4728 1246 9 period 19th century from the 1840s onward united states military forces clashed with the apache a group of native american peoples associated with the southwestern part of north america us territorial expansion and conflict – first with mexico and then during the civil war – led to an escalation of hostilities that culminated in the defeat of the apache leader geronimo in 1886 although fighting continued into the 20th century in this study the apache victory at cieneguilla 1854 and the us victories at first adobe walls 1864 and cibecue creek 1881 are

22 for copy of the full osprey games catalogue for 2016 contact your sales representative highlights let them eat cake designer peer sylvester illustrator lauren dawson aka iguanamouth available august 2016 isbn 9781472816351 price £19.99 $27 can $36 format 279 x 216mm box “liberty equality eclairs!” the glorious revolution has done away with tyranny now you and your friends make up the revolutionary committee overseeing justice throughout the land still now that the queen’s gone it would be a shame to let all that cake go to waste become the first among equals by amassing honour become happy by amassing cake send your friends’ pawns to the guillotine first to forty cakes wins contents 135 cards 24 plastic pawns 4 page rulebook cardboard guillotine from peer sylvester designer of the king is dead comes a brand new game of committees coercion and cake elect your friends to positions of power in the hope that they look on your patronage favourably or

25 out now coming soon in 2016 into the breeding pits author joseph a mccullough illustrator dmitry burmak available july 2016 isbn 9781472815743 price £9.99 $18 can $24 format 64pp forgotten pacts author joseph a mccullough illustrator dmitry burmak available november 2016 isbn 9781472815774 price £9.99 $18 can $24 format 64pp isbn 978147280541 price £14.99 $24.99 can $28.95 osprey wargames owg 15 broken legions owg 16 the men who fantasy skirmish wargames would be kings in the roman empire colonial wargaming rules isbn 9781472815312 isbn 9781472815002 price £11.99 $19 can $25 price £11.99 $19 can $25 owg 17 rogue stars owg 18 chosen men skirmish wargaming in a science fiction underworld military skirmish games in the napoleonic wars isbn 9781472810779 price £11.99 $19 can $25 price £11.99 $19 can $25 isbn

28 stock list july – december 2016 www.ospreypublishing.com/stocklist july 978 1 4728 1543 9 978 1 4728 1381 7 978 1 4728 1384 8 978 1 4728 1520 0 978 1 4728 1684 9 978 1 4728 1128 8 978 1 4728 1436 4 978 1 4728 1140 0 eli 213 cam 296 cam 297 due 75 gnm gnm gnm nvg 236 the barbary pirates 15th–17th centuries milvian bridge ad 312 the gempei war 1180–85 bradley vs bmp osprey military history calendar 2017 sturmartillerie spearhead of the infantry the frozen chosen the 1st marine division and the battle of the chosin reservoir us navy light cruisers 1941–45 £11.99 £14.99 £14.99 £12.99 £9.99 £30.00 £20.00 £10.99 $19.00 $24.00 $24.00 $20.00 $15.00 $45.00 $28.00 $18.00 can $25.00 can $29.00 can $29.00 can $27.00 can $20.00 can $60.00 can $37.00 can $24.00 cam 171 cam 298 cbt 19 com 115 com 116 gnm gnm gnm nvg 237 war 180 wpn 43 river plate 1939 the first afghan war 1839–42 apache warrior vs us cavalryman fw 200 condor units of

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