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fall 2018 page two this edition of the catalogue was printed on april 10 2018 to view updates please see the fall 2018 raincoast ecatalogue or visit

railroader the unfiltered genius and controversy of four-time ceo hunter harrison by howard green hunter harrison the revolutionary railroader from memphis dramatically turned four publicly traded companies into cash machines starting as a laborer when he was a wayward teenager harrison spent a half century in the rail business and nearly two decades running illinois central canadian national canadian pacific and csx never accepting the status quo harrison not only renovated established railroads he forced an industry to shape up as the pre-eminent proponent of precision scheduled railroading harrison created approximately $50 billion in shareholder value charming profane and not afraid to make enemies the no-bullshit ceo let nothing get in his way at the same time he was a talent scout and coach to thousands and a devoted father and husband for more than fifty years page two on sale sep 18/18 6 x 9 • 336 pages 9781989025048 • $32.95 • cl biography business notes

lead ara the star engineer by komal singh an inspiring young girl uses her smarts and grit to solve a big problem ara loves numbers-big numbers she wants to program her droid deedee beep to count all the stars in the sky but she s not sure how in this whimsical adventure ara visits innovation plex to enlist the help of four tech trailblazers inspiring real-life engineers at google who are today s equivalents of ada lovelace and katherine johnson with her new friends she explores the algorithm of success coding courage creativity and collaboration in the end ara discovers that the superpower of science and friendship can solve any problem and be lots of fun beeeeep author bio page two on sale oct 9/18 10 x 10 • 40 pages 40 full-page full-colour original illustrations one 8page detachable notebook 9781989025055 • $22.95 • cl juvenile fiction girls women • ages 5-7 years komal singh works at google as a program manager in engineering as a techie a mother and

seven seasons on stowel lake farm stories and recipes that nourish community by lisa lloyd jennifer lloyd elizabeth young and haidee hart foreword by michael ableman told through the voices of four women at the heart of the project seven seasons on stowel lake farm is a multi-layered evocative exploration of life on a sustainable organic farm that has been on the forefront of canada’s slow living and local eating movements stunning photographs and transporting descriptions of nature feature alongside mouthwatering yet uncomplicated recipes and crafting tips through a bounty of personal stories of early spring late spring summer high summer autumn december and deep winter the rich life of stowel lake farm comes alive from harvest dinners to thursday work parties looking after free-range children to handling the summer hay bailing planting early seeds to celebrating the new year each experience offers a meaningful celebration of people working and living together on the land page

make it happen the creative entrepreneur s guide to transforming your dreams into reality by jenna herbut from the brains behind make it one of canada’s largest and most successful craft shows comes this book to help handmade entrepreneurs turn their great ideas into reality make it happen is the how-to book to help entrepreneurs sharpen their creative vision figure out—and overcome—what’s holding them back from turning their great ideas into reality and get started making it happen page two on sale nov 6/18 5.25 x 8 • 200 pages 9780995266537 • $19.95 • pb bus econ entrepreneurship notes promotion jenna herbut is the brains behind make it one of canada s largest and most successful craft shows and make it happen is packed with her hard-won insight and inspiration the book contains lessons learned over jenna s entrepreneurial journey case studies and tips from creative courageous entrepreneurs who realized their dreams by overcoming fear

becoming #1 how to use the science of service to drive customer loyalty by mark colgate distilling more than twenty years’ experience teaching service excellence courses and improving customer satisfaction at major corporations mark colgate debunks the dated notion that “customer is king,” and digs deep into the science systems and discipline of high-quality customer service when it comes to customer satisfaction consistency is king—not the customer page two on sale sep 18/18 6 x 9 • 208 pages 9781989025062 • $29.95 • cl bus econ customer service notes promotion while it’s been proven that customer satisfaction can greatly impact many financial aspects of a business—from cash flow to profitability and share price —most companies have not considered the science behind customer service or built a system for it with mark colgate’s fame model—standing for framework accountability moments and

how to wash a chicken master the business presentation and build your career by tim calkins how to wash a chicken is not a book about public speaking or chickens it’s a comprehensive playbook for business leaders and people on their way up to give the best presentations of their lives and embark on a circle of presentation success page two on sale sep 25/18 5.50 x 8.50 • 256 pages 25 simple charts and graphics throughout 9781989025031 • $19.95 • pb bus econ communication mtngs-presentations notes promotion more often than not the best intentions and most innovative ideas get lost in a poorly executed presentation author tim calkins understands the power of a compelling presentation and the difficulty in accomplishing one the brand strategist professor and author has been giving presentations since he was eight when he delivered his first official presentation with an uncooperative chicken at a 4-h competition from presenting business updates to project