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spring • 2017 first words and pictures animals new from rain forest and safari animals to farm animals and pets this board book is ideal for very young readers the delightful artwork and simple labels are designed to help infants embark on a lifetime of reading introducing them to basic concepts of literacy the alphabet mechanics and the natural world title © 2017 animals 978-1-68152-200-5 series information author margot channing illustrator jean claude price $9.99 board book page count 14 trim size 10-1/2” x 10-1/2” age 0–3

recently published vehicles board books farm animals board books beep beep rumble rumble vrroom vrroom repeated words encourage toddlers to engage with each book as they mimic an array of sounds and motions be prepared for little ones to jump off your lap as they pull soar and zoom along with these favorite vehicles be prepared for little ones to jump off your lap while they oink roll waddle quack moo and “clop clop clop” along with these friendly farm animals titles © 2016 cows moo horses neigh ducks quack pigs oink titles © 2016 cars zoom planes soar tractors pull trucks haul 978-1-68152-121-3 978-1-68152-122-0 978-1-68152-123-7 978-1-68152-124-4 series information author rebecca glaser price $7.99 board book page count 14 trim size 7” x 7” age 1–3 color photographs color photographs series information author rebecca glaser price $7.99 board book page count 14 trim size 7” x 7” age 1–3 color photographs 6 978-1-68152-125-1

recently published wild animals board books endearing photos show animals in their natural habitats and repeated words introduce animal behaviors little ones will want to waddle jump spin and pounce along with these adorable wild animals titles © 2016 dolphins play 978-1-68152-067-4 elephants spray 978-1-68152-068-1 giraffes stretch 978-1-68152-069-8 lions roar 978-1-68152-071-1 monkeys swing 978-1-68152-072-8 penguins waddle 978-1-68152-070-4 series information author rebecca glaser price $7.99 board book page count 14 trim size 7” x 7” age 1–3 color photographs “ideal for a baby or toddler storytime.” -school library journal

spring • 2017 1 2 3,…count with me new six new books in this colorful series introduce beginning math concepts count by 2s 5s 10s and even all the way up to 100 each book increases number familiarity counting and math skills while also introducing fun facts about popular early childhood topics titles © 2017 100 snowflakes a winter counting book 978-1-68152-109-1 across the country 18 19 20 a transportation counting book chicks 2 4 6 a baby animals counting by twos book 978-1-68152-110-7 978-1-68152-111-4 down the field 10 20 30 a football counting by tens book 978-1-68152-112-1 on a safari 5 10 15 a counting by fives book 978-1-68152-113-8 one more bug an insect addition book 978-1-68152-114-5 series information author martha e.h rustad and tracey e dils price $8.99 paperback page count 24 trim size 7-3/4” x 8-3/4” age 5 and up color photographs also available around the moon 1,2,3 978-1-68152-000-1 down in the jungle 1,2,3 978-1-68152-001-8 down on the farm

spring • 2017 let’s race new a perfectly age-appropriate introduction to reading informational text the let’s race series brings the excitement of vehicles and racing to kids just learning to read up-close action photographs carefully leveled text and controlled vocabulary provide reading practice about “real stuff” for emergent readers titles © 2017 the bike race the boat race the car race the go-kart race the hot air balloon race the monster truck race the motorcycle race the tractor race 978-1-68152-129-9 978-1-68152-130-5 978-1-68152-131-2 978-1-68152-132-9 978-1-68152-133-6 978-1-68152-134-3 978-1-68152-135-0 978-1-68152-136-7 series information authors rachel bach mari schuh price $7.99 paperback page count 16 trim size 7-3/4” x 8-3/4” age 5 and up color photographs

spring • 2017 do you really want to meet wild animals new six new titles in our popular animal series feature animals from north america and across the globe in each book a child explorer meets these species in person and shares his or her observations with the reader titles © 2017 badger camel hippo orca owl wolf 978-1-68152-115-2 978-1-68152-116-9 978-1-68152-117-6 978-1-68152-118-3 978-1-68152-119-0 978-1-68152-120-6 series information author bridget heos illustrator daniele fabbri price $8.99 paperback page count 24 trim size 9-1/4” x 8-1/4” age 6 and up color artwork also available buffalo 978-1-68152-006-3 elephant 978-1-68152-007-0 kangaroo 978-1-68152-008-7 lion 978-1-68152-009-4 moose 978-1-68152-010-0 shark 978-1-68152-011-7

spring • 2017 great outdoors natural disasters new nature is calling the outdoors is full of adventure these books will help foster a love of the outdoors and give kids inspiration and ideas for successful and safe trips enjoying these outdoor sports how do weather forecasters predict storms when does a snowstorm turn into a real blizzard get answers to these questions and more in the natural disasters series which features clear explanations and tips for being prepared for extreme natural events titles © 2017 camping canoeing duck hunting freshwater fishing hiking rock climbing new titles © 2017 978-1-68152-075-9 978-1-68152-076-6 978-1-68152-077-3 978-1-68152-078-0 978-1-68152-079-7 978-1-68152-080-3 blizzard earthquake flood hurricane tornado wildfire series information series information authors allan morey matt doeden price $9.99 paperback page count 32 trim size 6-1/2” x 9-1/2” age 7 and up color photographs author elizabeth raum price $9.99 paperback

pro sports superstars pro sports superstars – nfl new for the first time in paperback this best-selling series gives young sports fans easy-to-read books school library journal says “football fans will relish these accessible well-crafted books on a perennially popular topic.” young sports fans will love reading about the best players in their favorite leagues accessible text and action photos highlight the skills and accomplishments of past and present stars of pro hockey soccer nascar and other sports titles © 2016 titles © 2017 superstars of nascar superstars of the nhl superstars of pro tennis superstars of the ufc superstars of world soccer superstars of wwe chicago bears 978-1-68152-059-9 dallas cowboys 978-1-68152-060-5 denver broncos 978-1-68152-061-2 green bay packers 978-1-68152-062-9 indianapolis colts 978-1-68152-063-6 new england patriots 978-1-68152-064-3 new york giants 978-1-68152-065-0 pittsburgh steelers 978-1-68152-066-7 978-1-68152-105-3

digging for dinosaurs titles © 2016 apatosaurus 978-1-68152-053-7 pterodactyl 978-1-68152-054-4 stegosaurus 978-1-68152-055-1 triceratops 978-1-68152-056-8 tyrannosaurus rex 978-1-68152-057-5 velociraptor 978-1-68152-058-2 series information wild bears poisonous animals titles © 2016 titles © 2016 black widow black bears 978-1-68152-024-7 giant pandas 978-1-68152-025-4 grizzly bears 978-1-68152-026-1 polar bears 978-1-68152-027-8 octopuses 978-1-68152-036-0 sloth bears 978-1-68152-028-5 box jellyfish 978-1-68152-037-7 spectacled bears 978-1-68152-029-2 poison dart frogs 978-1-68152-038-4 sun bears 978-1-68152-030-8 scorpions 978-1-68152-039-1 series information spiders 978-1-68152-035-3 blue-ringed stingrays 978-1-68152-040-7 stonefish 978-1-68152-041-4 taipans 978-1-68152-042-1 author barbara alpert authors tammy gagne price $9.99 paperback and trudy strain trueit page count 32 price $8.99 paperback trim size 6-1/2” x 9-1/2” page count 24 author elizabeth raum

freaky nature titles © 2016 mutants in nature 978-1-68152-031-5 super powers in nature 978-1-68152-032-2 vampires in nature 978-1-68152-033-9 zombies in nature 978-1-68152-034-6 series information author kirsten w larson price $9.99 paperback page count 32 trim size 6-1/2” x 9-1/2” age 8 and up color photographs “[these books should be part of your school or classroom library.” —nsta recommends unexplained what’s the evidence titles © 2016 is atlantis real 978-1-68152-043-8 is the bermuda triangle real 978-1-68152-044-5 are crop circles real 978-1-68152-045-2 is the loch ness monster real 978-1-68152-046-9 series information author allison lassieur price $9.99 paperback page count 32 trim size 6-1/2” x 9-1/2” age 8 and up color photographs “subject and design make this series good for high/low readers.”—booklist 15 grow your food titles © 2016 so you want to grow a pie 978-1-68152-012-4 so you want to grow a

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