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fall • 2017 pets board books new visit popular pets as they go about their day repeated words introduce their sounds and behaviors encouraging toddlers to engage with each book as they mimic animal noises and movements endearing photos show dogs cats fish and bunnies in idyllic family pet settings be prepared for little ones to jump off your lap while they chase pounce wiggle and hop along with these friendly pets titles © 2017 bunnies hop fish swim kittens pounce puppies chase 978-1-68152-199-2 978-1-68152-198-5 978-1-68152-197-8 978-1-68152-196-1 series information author rebecca glaser price $7.99 each page count 14 trim size 7” x 7” format board book age 0–3 color photographs

fall • 2017 it’s not the baby new who is making all the mischief in this house it’s not the baby short rhyming lines in this board book pose a toddler-appropriate whodunit and expressive art shows the true culprits little ones will chime on the repeated title refrain and will delight in the surprise ending—when of course—it finally is the baby title © 2017 it’s not the baby 978-1-68152-194-7 title information authors j patrick lewis and leigh lewis illustrator maddie frost price $9.99 page count 14 trim size 8” x 8” format board book age 0–3 color illustrations about the authors it’s not the baby is the brainchild of dynamic father/daughter duo j patrick lewis and leigh lewis pat has published 100 children’s picture/poetry books this is leigh’s first aside from their obsession with libraries they share a love of leigh’s three daughters s’mores and the oxford comma about the illustrator

fall • 2017 do you really want to meet a dinosaur do you really want to meet wild animals new in each book a child explorer travels back in time to meet these incredible dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles and shares his or her experiences which are based on fossil finds delightful illustrations and carefully crafted text help the stories come alive making these books both educational and entertaining our popular illustrated animal series features animals from north america and across the globe in each book a child explorer meets these species in person and shares his or her observations with the reader titles © 2016 2017 badger camel cape buffalo elephant hippopotamus kangaroo lion moose orca owl shark wolf titles © 2018 apatosaurus 978-1-68152-137-4 pterosaur 978-1-68152-138-1 stegosaurus 978-1-68152-139-8 triceratops 978-1-68152-140-4 tyrannosaurus rex 978-1-68152-141-1 velociraptor 978-1-68152-142-8 series information author annette bay pimentel illustrator daniele

fall • 2017 pro sports biographies winter olympic sports new from snowboarder chloe kim to basketball superstar lebron james read about the accomplishments of male and female athletes in popular sports just in time for the next winter olympics this series showcases top athletes and explains basic rules of the sports to young readers q&as create a dynamic reading experience titles © 2018 bryce harper cam newton carli lloyd chloe kim j.j watt lebron james maya moore serena williams new titles © 2018 978-1-68152-166-4 978-1-68152-168-8 978-1-68152-163-3 978-1-68152-165-7 978-1-68152-167-1 978-1-68152-169-5 978-1-68152-164-0 978-1-68152-170-1 bobsled and luge figure skating ice hockey and curling skiing snowboarding speed skating series information series information author laura hamilton waxman price $9.99 each page count 32 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” format paperback age 7 and up color photographs author elizabeth raum price $8.99 each page count 24 trim size

summer olympic sports titles © 2017 pro sports superstars pro sports superstars – nfl titles © 2016 titles © 2017 basketball 978-1-68152-047-6 nascar 978-1-68152-105-3 chicago bears 978-1-68152-059-9 combat sports 978-1-68152-048-3 nhl 978-1-68152-103-9 dallas cowboys 978-1-68152-060-5 gymnastics 978-1-68152-049-0 pro tennis 978-1-68152-106-0 denver broncos 978-1-68152-061-2 ufc 978-1-68152-104-6 green bay packers 978-1-68152-062-9 swimming 978-1-68152-050-6 world soccer 978-1-68152-107-7 indianapolis colts 978-1-68152-063-6 track and field 978-1-68152-051-3 wwe 978-1-68152-108-4 new england volleyball 978-1-68152-052-0 and diving series information series information author todd kortemeier patriots new york giants 978-1-68152-064-3 978-1-68152-065-0 pittsburgh steelers 978-1-68152-066-7 authors matt doeden and allan morey price $8.99 each paperback price $9.99 each paperback page count 24 page count 32 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” authors matt scheff and m.j

favorite cat breeds wild bears sharks titles © 2017 titles © 2016 titles © 2017 abyssinian cats 978-1-68152-095-7 american shorthair cats black bears 978-1-68152-024-7 giant pandas 978-1-68152-025-4 978-1-68152-096-4 grizzly bears 978-1-68152-026-1 birman cats 978-1-68152-097-1 polar bears 978-1-68152-027-8 maine coon cats 978-1-68152-098-8 sloth bears 978-1-68152-028-5 persian cats 978-1-68152-099-5 spectacled bears 978-1-68152-029-2 ragdoll cats 978-1-68152-100-8 sun bears 978-1-68152-030-8 siamese cats 978-1-68152-101-5 sphynx cats 978-1-68152-102-2 series information series information authors tammy gagne trudy strain trueit price $8.99 each paperback author mari schuh page count 24 price $8.99 each paperback trim size 6.5” x 9.5” page count 24 age 5 and up trim size 6.5” x 9.5” color photographs age 6 and up basking sharks 978-1-68152-087-2 blacktip reef sharks 978-1-68152-088-9 bull sharks 978-1-68152-089-6 great white sharks 978-1-68152-090-2

poisonous animals freaky nature titles © 2016 titles © 2016 black widow spiders 978-1-68152-035-3 blue-ringed octopuses 978-1-68152-036-0 box jellyfish 978-1-68152-037-7 poison dart frogs 978-1-68152-038-4 scorpions 978-1-68152-039-1 stingrays 978-1-68152-040-7 stonefish 978-1-68152-041-4 taipans 978-1-68152-042-1 series information author elizabeth raum mutants in nature 978-1-68152-031-5 super powers in nature 978-1-68152-032-2 vampires in nature 978-1-68152-033-9 zombies in nature 978-1-68152-034-6 series information author kirsten w larson price $9.99 each paperback page count 32 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” age 7 and up color photographs price $9.99 each paperback page count 32 “[these books should be part of your trim size 6.5” x 9.5” school or classroom library.” age 7 and up —nsta recommends color photographs “students liking unusual details about animals will enjoy these books.” —school library connection 15 digging

1,2 3 count with me titles © 2016 100 snowflakes 109-1 across the country 18 19 20 110-7 around the moon 1 2 3 000-1 chicks 2 4 6 111-4 down in the jungle 1 2 3 001-8 down on the farm 1 2 3 002-5 down the field 10 20 30 112-1 falling leaves 1 2 3 003-2 my pets and me 1 2 3 004-9 on a safari 5 10 15 113-8 one more bug 114-5 under the sea 1 2 3 005-6 series information author martha e.h rustad tracey e dils price $8.99 each paperback page count 24 trim size 7.75” x 8.75” age 5 and up let’s race grow your food titles © 2016 titles © 2016 the bike race 129-9 so you want to grow a pie 012-4 the boat race 130-5 so you want to grow a pizza 013-1 the car race 131-2 so you want to grow a salad 014-8 the go-kart race 132-9 so you want to grow a taco 015-5 the hot air balloon race 133-6 the monster truck race 134-3 series information the motorcycle race 135-0 author bridget heos the tractor race 136-7 illustrator daniele fabbri series information price $8.99 each