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chicken wants a nap the sun is up and a happy barnyard chicken is looking forward to a comfortable day—preferably one that includes a relaxing nap however every time she tries to find a good spot something goes wrong the sun disappears and is replaced by rain she is driven out of the warm barn by obnoxious noises and smells the dog is too curious for her to stay on the porch finally the rain stops and the worms come out this is good news for the chicken—but bad news for the worms freelance editor and children’s author tracy marchini works as an agent for bookends literary agency as she continues to pursue her own dreams of publishing fiction chicken wants a nap is her debut children’s picture book tracy holds an mfa in writing for children from simmons college and has a penchant for anything having to do with ducks swiss artist monique felix has illustrated more than 40 celebrated children’s books including creative editions’ popular mouse

a good story have you ever felt out of place as though you were living someone else’s life assistant bean counter #1138 has only ever known a world in which numbers reign supreme but there’s a feeling he cannot shake that deep down he is more than an accountant one day he discovers a magical mystical place that presents new and tantalizing horizons a zack rock was born in cedar rapids iowa in 1981 and spent most of his childhood in napa california he graduated from the master’s in children’s book illustration program at the cambridge school of art in cambridge england his work has appeared in magazines newspapers video games comic books and on album covers a good story is his second creative editions book after 2014’s homer henry hudson’s curio museum he lives in berlin germany bookstore for all those who have ever come face to face with their true selves within the pages of a book this modern parable encourages the dreamers to keep on

nutcracker a christmas eve tradition becomes a saga of epic proportions when young marie stahlbaum’s beloved nutcracker defends her against the dreaded mouse king’s army as marie recovers after the battle godfather drosselmeier relates nutcracker’s sad tale and the compassionate girl sees the truth behind the toy-like veneer this unabridged edition of hoffmann’s classic the nutcracker and the mouse king is artfully illustrated by roberto innocenti and reissued for a new generation of storytellers and listeners e t a hoffmann 1776–1822 was a german author artist composer and eccentric his stories were known for their fantastical elements three of his tales served as the basis of offenbach’s opera tales of hoffmann his most well-known work though was this christmastime story from 1816 which inspired the famous ballet by russian composer pyotr tchaikovsky roberto innocenti is a self-taught artist who has earned worldwide acclaim with such

creative editions classic board books how fast can you go six modes of trans time to build six common tools are introduced portation are introduced by their relative speeds author kate riggs artist nate williams by their use in a construction project author kate riggs artist laszlo kubinyi 978-1-56846-253-0 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 $7.99 board page count 14 color illustrations 978-1-56846-271-4 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 $7.99 board page count 14 color illustrations on the farm six common barnyard animals to the rescue six helpful vehicles are are introduced by their sounds author kate riggs artist fiammetta dogi introduced by action words encouraging kinetic learning author kate riggs artist nate williams 978-1-56846-272-1 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 $7.99 board page count 14 color illustrations 978-1-56846-288-2 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 $7.99 board page

creative editions classic picture books classic titles the adventures of pinocchio will a misbe and the soldiers sang along the infamous having wooden puppet amend his wicked ways in time to become a real boy author carlo collodi artist roberto innocenti western front enemies are drawn together by song in the spirit of christmas friendship author j patrick lewis artist gary kelley $19.99 hc $9.99 pb page count 32 color illustrations 978-1-56846-190-8 $35.00 hc interest level age 8 and up page count 192 trim size 8½ × 11¼ color illustrations 978-1-56846-220-2 hc 978-0-89812-975-5 pb interest level age 9 and up trim size 9 × 12 the adventures of tom sawyer an illu bobo’s smile what’s a clown to do when strated edition breathes new life into mark twain’s most popular and widely read novel author mark twain artist c f payne the circus shuts down and he loses the ability to smile bobo goes on a quest to regain his happiness

creative editions classic picture books franklin the fly when a mild-mannered fly the girl in red depicting a city as a wilder spends a day in the countryside he discovers the peaceful life he has been missing author/artist r o blechman ness this modern take offers a twist on the old tale of an innocent girl in a red riding hood author aaron frisch artist roberto innocenti 978-1-56846-148-9 interest level age 7 and up trim size 7¼ × 10 $17.95 hc page count 40 color illustrations 978-1-56846-223-3 interest level age 8 and up trim size 10½ × 11½ $19.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations the frog who wanted to see the sea a glass in this autobiographical story readers a timid frog’s journey becomes a modern fairy tale in this reissued 2014 edition of the 2007 original author/artist guy billout will learn of one seemingly unbreakable glass and of the shatterproof love between a parent and child author/artist etienne delessert 978-1-56846-267-7

creative editions classic picture books lineup for yesterday baseball cards the million stories of marco polo a nash’s classic odes to baseball greats of yore are presented in a boxed set of full-color commemorative cards author ogden nash artist c f payne scribe recounts to his young neighbor adventurous tales of the legendary explorer marco polo author michael j rosen artist maria cristina pritelli $12.99 color illustrations 978-1-56846-249-3 interest level age 4 and up size 6 × 4¼ × 1 978-1-56846-290-5 interest level age 10 and up trim size 10¾ × 9¾ $18.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations the lonely pine the lonely pine recounts mocha dick in this spirited sea lore a a calendar year in the arctic life of the world’s northernmost tree author aaron frisch artist etienne delessert 19th-century sperm whale becomes infamous for retaliating against those who try to capture him author brian heinz artist randall enos 978-1-56846-214-1

creative editions classic picture books the navajo code talkers the story of how bilingual navajo in the marine corps helped the allies win world war ii by devising the ultimate code author j patrick lewis artist gary kelley 978-1-56846-295-0 $18.99 hc interest level age 10 and up page count 32 trim size 9 × 12 color illustrations the necklace master storyteller guy de maupassant’s classic tale of vanity honor and irony is illustrated like never before author guy de maupassant artist gary kelley 978-1-56846-193-9 interest level age 10 and up trim size 8 × 13 $19.95 hc page count 48 color illustrations never catch a cold black-ink illustrations a number of animals as a little chick introduce various kinds of colds—and a number of extinct fantastical creatures—in this “history.” author/artist andré françois searches for its mother among barnyard animals it involves readers in a simple counting exercise author kate green

creative editions classic picture books spartacus the spider when a little spider the velveteen rabbit this reissued classic finally devises a way to spin a mighty web prey is his for the catching but what may be the cost author/artist etienne delessert returns readers to the magical world of toys author margery williams bianco artist monique felix 978-1-56846-213-4 interest level age 4 and up trim size 8¾ × 12 $17.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations 978-0-89812-831-4 interest level age 8 and up trim size 7¾ × 11³⁄8 $8.99 pb page count 40 color illustrations the stolen smile in this reissued edition what to do with a box celebrate the magi readers travel back to 1911 paris where the mona lisa has gone missing author j patrick lewis artist gary kelley cal wonders of the common cardboard box as imagined by enterprising children author jane yolen artist chris sheban 978-1-56846-281-3 interest level age 8 and up trim size 8 × 9¾

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