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recently published welcome to the fall 2018 season from amicus ink a retail imprint from minnesota-based children’spublisher amicus we invite you to explore animal eyes in i’ve got eyes and join us for a chuckle reading twinkle twinkle little lamb our newest format board books with flaps features riddle diddle safari and riddle diddle farm—can you solve the animal riddles before peeking table of contents grow 3 just my style 3 daddy cuddle 3 it’s not the baby 3 i’ve got eyes 4 twinkle twinkle little lamb 5 just my style grow riddle diddle dumplings 6 anna is off to get a haircut but what style will she get and who will she be can one little girl transform a neighborhood with a seed and an idea a girl’s dream grows into something much larger first words and pictures 7 amicus ink board books 8 isbn 978-1-68152-202-9 authors diane z shore and jessica alexander illustrator kelly canby $17.99 hc 32 pp 9” x 10” age 4–8 isbn

fall • 2018 fall • 2018 i’ve got eyes exceptional eyes of the animal world new twinkle twinkle little lamb new when mary sings her nursery rhymes wrong the main characters of the songs star and lamb argue about who belongs in which song hint one of them adapts more easily than the other will this laugh-out-loud mix-up ever be fixed bridget heos’s humorous storytelling is expertly brought to life by sarah jennings’s expressive drawings making this a perfect read-aloud for storytime anytime a chameleon has eyes that work solo a tarsier has eyes as big as its brain animals from around the world describe their eyes and how they use them in this fun illustrated nonfiction book facts about how an animal’s eyes are key adaptations to their survival supplement the descriptive narration young readers will love to compare their eyes to those in the animal kingdom isbn 978-1-68152-405-4 author bridget heos illustrator sarah jennings price $17.99 page

fall • 2018 recently published riddle diddle dumplings new first words and pictures riddle me this riddle me that and find the answer under the flap these delightful rhyming yet also factual riddles with clues in the art will have young preschoolers guessing each animal giving them a sense of satisfaction when they open the flap and see the answer stephanie bauer’s bright colorful paintings add to the appeal for young readers our popular first words and pictures series highlight places around town and household items we use every day these oversize board books show words and pictures together encouraging kids to name objects begin to recognize categories and embark on a lifetime of reading and learning titles titles around town at home animals on the go riddle diddle farm 978-1-68152-406-1 riddle diddle safari 978-1-68152-407-8 series information authors dianne z shore and deanna calvert illustrator stephanie bauer price $9.99 page count 10 trim size 7” x 7”

recently published fall • 2018 presenting amicus ink board books 21 titles avilable author rebecca glaser price $7.99 each page count 14 trim size 7” x 7” format board books age 0–3 spot books turn kids’ love for search-and-find activities into a learning tool for early readers pets bunnies hop 978-1-68152-199-2 fish swim 978-1-68152-198-5 kittens pounce 978-1-68152-197-8 puppies chase 978-1-68152-196-1 vehicles cars zoom 978-1-68152-121-3 planes soar 978-1-68152-122-0 tractors pull 978-1-68152-123-7 trucks haul 978-1-68152-124-4 boats float 978-1-68152-243-2 fire trucks rescue 978-1-68152-240-1 trains chug 978-1-68152-242-5 62 spot titles now available 20 new titles atos 1.0 and below farm animals cows moo horses neigh ducks quack pigs oink 978-1-68152-125-1 978-1-68152-126-8 978-1-68152-127-5 978-1-68152-128-2 wild animals dolphins play 978-1-68152-067-4 elephants spray 978-1-68152-068-1 giraffes stretch 978-1-68152-069-8 lions roar

fall • 2018 recently published spot ocean animals new spot pets spot creepy crawlies spot baby animals authors rachel bach wendy strobel dieker marysa storm author rachel bach nessa black author k.c kelley bats frogs geckos mice owls raccoons skunks squirrels ants bees beetles butterflies flies ladybugs spiders worms 215-9 216-6 217-3 218-0 219-7 220-3 221-0 222-7 223-4 224-1 225-8 226-5 227-2 228-9 229-6 230-2 baby bears baby elephants baby giraffes baby hippos baby lions baby orangutans baby tigers baby wolves 250-0 251-7 252-4 253-1 254-8 255-5 256-2 257-9 new authors rachel bach wendy strobel dieker marysa storm birds cats dogs fish guinea pigs hamsters rabbits turtles authors mari schuh crabs dolphins jelleyfish octopuses sea turtles sharks spot backyard animals 978-1-68152-298-2 978-1-68152-299-9 978-1-68152-300-2 978-1-68152-301-9 978-1-68152-302-6 978-1-68152-303-3 978-1-68152-284-5 978-1-68152-285-2 978-1-68152-286-9 978-1-68152-287-6 978-1-68152-288-3 978-1-68152-289-0

fall • 2018 fall • 2018 introducing sequence entertainment new how many people does it take to make a movie emphasizing the process of creation from idea to execution these books illuminate the creative and production sequence for young readers sequence books explain the processes and timelines behind kids’ favorite things connect products and knowledge step-by-step from idea through creation and discovery to the end consumer and learner 3 new series 18 new tit les atos 3.0 –3.5 authors nadia higgins making a book making a movie making a podcast making a tv show making a video game making an app 978-1-68152-360-6 978-1-68152-361-3 978-1-68152-362-0 978-1-68152-363-7 978-1-68152-364-4 978-1-68152-365-1 sequence amazing structures new how long does it take to build a bridge or a roller coaster emphasizing the process of creation from idea to execution these books illuminate the building sequence for young readers authors karen l kenney and angie smibert

fall • 2018 recently published favorite horse breeds new giddy up horses come in all kinds of breeds and working types from quarter horses to paint horses to appaloosas readers will learn about ranch working horses therapy horses and more about these friendly creatures while gaining nonfiction reading practice includes a visual breed identification guide american paint horses 978-1-68152-340-8 american quarter horses 978-1-68152-341-5 american saddlebred horses 978-1-68152-342-2 appaloosa horses 978-1-68152-343-9 arabian horses 978-1-68152-344-6 clydesdale horses 978-1-68152-345-3 morgan horses 978-1-68152-346-0 thoroughbred horses 978-1-68152-347-7 author cari meister price $8.99 each page count 24 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” format paperback age 6 and up favorite dog breeds favorite cat breeds a dog might be your best friend but all dogs are not created equally whether your students are dog lovers or trying to pick out a new pet these books provide great nonfiction

fall • 2018 recently published north american animals new do you really want to meet from spiky to horned to feathered the animals of north america come in all kinds readers will enjoy learning about the life cycles and survival tactics of these wild animals striking photographs capture the animals’ behavior in nature letting readers discover and explore north america’s native wildlife take an adventure and explore the habitats and behaviors of some of the wildest animals of our world six new titles in this popular series highlight fascinating animals from the speedy cheetah to the elusive octopusdeep in the sea american bison 978-1-68152-332-3 armadillos do you really want to meet a chimpanzee 978-1-68152-333-0 bald eagles 978-1-68152-334-7 bighorn sheep do you really want to meet a fox 978-1-68152-335-4 caribou 978-1-68152-336-1 mountain lions do you really want to meet a weasel 978-1-68152-337-8 porcupines 978-1-68152-338-5 wolves do you really want to meet an

fall • 2018 animals measure up fall • 2018 when i grow up new new what do you want to be when you grow up this series invites children to imagine learn and pretend what jobs are like and the many possibilities they can choose from when they grow up young readers will enjoy learning about community helpers in this popular series high in the sky or deep in the ocean animals live in all kinds of habitats and travel amazing distances this beautifully illustrated series of comparisons illuminates how animals have adapted to live at truly impressive heights and depths a running ruler on each spread lets readers compare measurements each book includes a map further resources and a glossary i’ll be a carpenter how deep in the ocean ocean animal habitats 978-1-68152-304-0 how far home animal migrations 978-1-68152-305-7 how far underground burrowing animals 978-1-68152-306-4 how high in the rainforest rainforest animal habitats 978-1-68152-307-1 how high in the sky

backlist paperbacks pro sports biographies bryce harper cam newton carli lloyd chloe kim j.j watt lebron james maya moore serena williams price $8.99 each page count 24 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” 166-4 168-8 163-3 165-7 167-1 169-5 164-0 170-1 backlist paperbacks pro sports superstars great outdoors amazing adventures nascar 105-3 nhl 103-9 pro tennis 106-0 ufc 104-6 world soccer 107-7 wwe 108-4 camping 075-9 canoeing 076-6 duck hunting 077-3 freshwater fishing 078-0 hiking 079-7 rock climbing 080-3 blast off to space explore a cave hike a mountain journey through a desert snorkel coral reefs trek the rain forest price $8.99 each page count 24 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” price $9.99 each page count 32 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” author k.c kelley price $7.99 each page count 16 format paperback age 5 and up format paperback age 7 and up 271-5 270-8 267 8 269-2 266 -1 268-5 trim size 7.75” x 8.75” format paperback age 5 and up unexplained what’s the

backlist paperbacks who made my lunch from cocoa beans to chocolate from grapes to jelly from milk to cheese from milk to ice cream from peanuts to peanut butter from wheat to bread price $8.99 each page count 24 trim size 9.25” x 8.25” 145-9 147-3 144-2 146-6 148-0 143-5 format paperback age 6 and up backlist paperbacks grow your food so you want to grow a pie so you want to grow a pizza so you want to grow a salad so you want to grow a taco price $8.99 each page count 24 trim size 9.25” x 8.25” animal builders 012-4 013-1 014-8 015-5 format paperback age 6 and up beavers build lodges bees build beehives birds build nests bears make dens orangutans build tree nests rabbits dig burrows price $8.99 each page count 24 trim size 9.25” x 8.25” 149-7 150-3 151-0 152-7 153-4 154-1 format paperback age 6 and up apatosaurus pterodactyl stegosaurus triceratops tyrannosaurus rex velociraptor price $9.99 each page count 3 trim size 6.5” x 9.5”

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