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seaside lullaby in this gorgeously illustrated lullaby the cycle of sleep is not unlike the seasons by the sea from that first sweet falling asleep to the deep wintry retreat and then on to spring dreaming and summer awakening gentle words evoke images of the seaside rendered in a soothing palette of maria cristina pritelli is a self-taught italian artist who began illustrating children’s books after being inspired by the work of artist giacinto gaudenzi in addition to being published internationally her work has been selected multiple times for the illustrators exhibition at the bologna children’s book fair she lives in gabicce mare italy with her husband and two children marine blues in this sweetly spun dreamy bedtime story 978-1-56846-328-5 $17.99 hc interest level age 6 and up page count 32 trim size 10 × 10 color illustrations pub date september 2018 also available the million stories of marco polo sailing the unknown 4 creative editions

the universe is a tree trees are teachers healers protectors creators they keep secrets they bring peace this rich anthology of stories proverbs and poems about trees from around the world reveals that a tree’s roots not only go down a native of milan italy laura filippucci studied illustration at the istituto europeo di design in her hometown and at the school of visual arts in new york in 1992 she received a unicef award at the 25th illustrators exhibition of the bologna children’s book fair she lives in milan with her husband also an illustrator and their three children deep into the earth but its branches also reach up and out into the universe connecting us all across time and space may we peer through the forests of our imaginations to see the beauty and experience the awe that still arches over our world 978-1-56846-304-9 $18.99 hc interest level age 12 and up page count 32 trim size 8¼ × 107/8 color illustrations pub date september 2018 also available

phrases of the moon in this ode to the moon musical text weaves stories people have told for centuries with impressions we all might have had about this enigmatic but constant celestial orb enhanced by luminous illustrations this magnificent picture book collection of original poems retold myths and facts about the moon glows with magic and mystery j patrick lewis has earned a lofty reputation in children’s publishing having authored more than 95 picture books from 2011 to 2013 he served as children’s poet laureate of the united states among his other honors are the 2011 national council of teachers of english ncte excellence in children’s poetry award and the ohioana awards’ 2004 alice louise wood memorial prize he lives in westerville ohio vancouver artist jori van der linde is a graduate of emily carr university of art and design her self-described “imaginative and whimsical imagery” is at home in children’s books pattern designs and

the hunter as a hunter sets out early one morning he is greeted by the sights and sounds of autumn in the forest leaves rustle a rabbit darts out finches fly overhead when he comes across the deer he has been seeking the jan wahl has dedicated much of his adult life to writing for children authoring among other creative editions books i met a dinosaur and the long tall journey his first children’s title illustrated by maurice sendak was published in 1964 an ohio native wahl continues to live and work in toledo hunter watches he waits and then he does something unexpected weaving a story of quiet reverence for nature as the artwork imbues the wooded scenes with a lifelike interplay of light and shadow the hunter captures the radiance of a perfect fall day tim jessell studied commercial design and has put his schooling to good use in advertising industrial editorial and publishing applications winning awards such as the society of illustrators’ gold medal along the way an

creative editions classic board books a seed needs sun a plant’s life cycle is to the rescue six helpful vehicles are introduced by highlighting what it needs to grow at each stage author kate riggs artist fiammetta dogi introduced by action words encouraging kinetic learning author kate riggs artist nate williams 978-1-56846-254-7 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 shapes all around kate riggs laëtitia devernay isbn 978-1-56846-317-9 u.s $7.99 shapes all around kate riggs illustrated by laëtitia devernay $7.99 board page count 14 color illustrations 978-1-56846-288-2 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 $7.99 board page count 14 color illustrations shapes all around geometric concepts under the sea common directional words and the natural world are connected through six brightly colored shapes author kate riggs artist laëtitia devernay are paired with ocean life to introduce creatures and their surroundings author kate

creative editions classic picture books classic titles the adventures of pinocchio will a misbe and the soldiers sang along the infamous having wooden puppet amend his wicked ways in time to become a real boy author carlo collodi artist roberto innocenti western front enemies are drawn together by song in the spirit of christmas friendship author j patrick lewis artist gary kelley $19.99 hc $9.99 pb page count 32 color illustrations 978-1-56846-190-8 $35.00 hc interest level age 8 and up page count 192 trim size 8½ × 11¼ color illustrations 978-1-56846-220-2 hc 978-0-89812-975-5 pb interest level age 9 and up trim size 9 × 12 the adventures of tom sawyer an illu bobo’s smile what’s a clown to do when strated edition breathes new life into mark twain’s most popular and widely read novel author mark twain artist c f payne the circus shuts down and he loses the ability to smile bobo goes on a quest to regain his happiness

creative editions classic picture books the forever flowers a waylaid grouse dis fuzzy furry hat a lonely bear provides covers the unexpected joys of quietude—and the difficulty of decision-making author michael j rosen artist sonja danowski shelter for countless animals in his fuzzy furry hat as they all withstand a deluge and become forever friends author/artist etienne delessert 978-1-56846-273-8 interest level age 6 and up trim size 85/8 × 11¾ $18.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations 978-1-56846-296-7 interest level age 6 and up trim size 8½ × 11 $18.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations franklin the fly when a mild-mannered fly the girl in red depicting a city as a wilder spends a day in the countryside he discovers the peaceful life he has been missing author/artist r o blechman ness this modern take offers a twist on the old tale of an innocent girl in a red riding hood author aaron frisch artist roberto innocenti 978-1-56846-148-9

creative editions classic picture books the last resort an artist’s quest to recover make the earth your companion as his imagination leads him to a remote seaside hotel visited by some rather remarkable guests author j patrick lewis artist roberto innocenti picturesque illustrations imbue the poetically inspired images with mysticism readers are reminded to treat the world around us with the respect it deserves and the care it needs author j patrick lewis artists anna elena balbusso $24.99 hc page count 48 color illustrations 978-1-56846-172-4 interest level age 8 and up trim size 85/8 × 117/8 978-1-56846-269-1 interest level age 6 and up trim size 8¾ × 12 $18.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations lineup for yesterday famous poet ogden michelangelo’s world combining gorgeous nash pays entertaining tribute to the greatest baseball players of the 1800s and early 1900s author ogden nash artist c f payne photographs with sonnets by poet j

creative editions classic picture books mouse books in these wordless stories mice next year through the drought and dust transform books into canvases for their own mini adventures author/artist monique felix storms that ravage once-rich farmland during the dust bowl a young boy and his family cling to the hope that “next year” will be better author ruth vander zee artist gary kelley interest level age 3 and up trim size 6¾ × 6¾ color illustrations the alphabet the boat the colors the numbers the opposites the valentine the wind $12.99  hc each page count 32 978-1-56846-226-4 978-1-56846-252-3 978-1-56846-234-9 978-1-56846-235-6 978-1-56846-251-6 978-1-56846-247-9 978-1-56846-227-1 978-1-56846-282-0 interest level age 9 and up trim size 91/2 × 91/2 $18.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations night circus one fall evening a man is entranced by a strange circus processing along a road near his house author/artist etienne delessert

creative editions classic picture books spartacus the spider when a little spider the velveteen rabbit this reissued classic finally devises a way to spin a mighty web prey is his for the catching but what may be the cost author/artist etienne delessert returns readers to the magical world of toys author margery williams bianco artist monique felix 978-1-56846-213-4 interest level age 4 and up trim size 8¾ × 12 with a background in teaching and a readers travel back yvesnadon to 1911 paris where the mona lisa has gone missing iamcat ird author j patrick lewis artist garyiamb kelley passion for encouraging children to writes about and leads workshops on topics related to youth literacy he is a found ing director of the children’s publishing company editions d’eux based in sherbrooke quebec this is his first book for creative editions jeanclaverie 978-1-56846-281-3 interest level age 8 and up trim size 8 × 9¾ is an award-winning french artist whose work

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