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new titles seedlings animals seedlings animals hello rabbits and squirrels hello ducks and toads hello … fun the popular seedlings series now offers irresistible introductions to eight common backyard animals written in a friendly voice filled with dynamic photos and featuring text crafted for the youngest of readers these newest books touch upon the physical characteristics and habitats of the featured animal each book closes with a labeledimage guide price individual titles $8.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¾ × 8¾ color photographs © 2013–2019 interest level age 4 and up new titles backyard animals chipmunks 978-1-62832-596-6 ducks 978-1-62832-597-3 mice 978-1-62832-599-7 moles 978-1-62832-600-0 rabbits 978-1-62832-601-7 robins 978-1-62832-602-4 squirrels 978-1-62832-603-1 toads 978-1-62832-598-0 classic seedlings animals titles ants 978-1-62832-184-5 beagles 978-1-62832-246-0 beavers 978-1-62832-480-8 bees 978-1-62832-038-1 bison

new titles x books 8 creative paperbacks

new titles downintheocean down in the ocean this new series invites young explorers to dive into the mysterious depths of the ocean cruise along coral reefs trek across the beach in search of tide pools and more as it travels through six diverse marine habitats with reader-friendly text and a fun inviting design each title examines the given area’s common features along with its unique plant and animal inhabitants down in the ocean explains how life in each region thrives today as it proactively answers readers’ questions with support from up-to-date research and interviews with experts who have studied the featured zone in-depth price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 7½ × 10½ color photographs and illustrations © 2019 interest level age 10 and up 12 creative paperbacks coral reef communities 978-1-62832-550-8 deep-sea mysteries 978-1-62832-551-5 frozen realms 978-1-62832-552-2 seafloor

new titles u s specialforcesu.s special forces even the most rigorous training would not prepare young readers for the sheer amount of intel they will uncover about four more of the most secretive u.s special forces each title covers the chronology of the special ops force and supplements the main narrative with “force fact” sidebars about such topics as weaponry and facilities from historical missions and controversial calls to details about equipment and selection processes this series aims to inform price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 8¾ × 10¼ color and historical photographs © 2015 2019 interest level age 10 and up new titles classic titles army rangers 978-1-62832-610-9 marine force recon 978-1-62832-611-6 night stalkers 978-1-62832-612-3 seal team six 978-1-62832-613-0 air force special operations command 978-1-62832-046-6 delta force 978-1-62832-047-3 fbi hostage rescue swat teams 978-1-62832-048-0 “these

classic series amazinganimals amazing animals this popular series travels the planet to study fascinating mammals birds reptiles fish and invertebrates beautiful photos are paired with stem-appropriate text to examine the featured creature’s appearance habitat behaviors and life cycle each book also presents a folk story that people have used to help explain the animal’s appearance or behavior price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 9 × 11¼ color photographs © 2009–2018 interest level age 6 and up “ a visually arresting package featuring animals in all their fierce beautiful and awe-inspiring glory.” – booklist 20 creative paperbacks alligators 978-0-89812-689-1 antelopes 978-1-62832-214-9 armadillos 978-1-62832-493-8 bats 978-0-89812-690-7 beavers 978-1-62832-086-2 bighorn sheep 978-1-62832-359-7 bison 978-0-89812-787-4 brown bears 978-1-62832-087-9 chameleons

classic series superbowlchampions super bowl champions acquainting readers with the story of national football league teams that have won the super bowl trophy each title presents action-driven photos a concise team history brief profiles of larger-than-life nfl stars and more price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¾ × 8¾ color photographs © 2014 interest level age 6 and up baltimore ravens 978-0-89812-951-9 chicago bears 978-0-89812-952-6 dallas cowboys 978-0-89812-953-3 denver broncos 978-0-89812-954-0 green bay packers 978-0-89812-955-7 indianapolis colts 978-0-89812-956-4 kansas city chiefs 978-0-89812-957-1 miami dolphins 978-0-89812-958-8 new england patriots 978-0-89812-959-5 new orleans saints 978-0-89812-960-1 new york giants 978-0-89812-961-8 new york jets 978-0-89812-962-5 oakland raiders 978-0-89812-963-2 pittsburgh steelers 978-0-89812-964-9 st louis rams 978-0-89812-965-6 san francisco 49ers 978-0-89812-966-3 tampa bay

classic series:classic spie sseries a r o ufn e tdcthh eworld fetch fetch helps future pet owners retrieve basic knowledge about 10 popular dog breeds dynamic photos bound off the page as the text gently instructs young owners in pet care and responsibility price individual titles $8.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¼ × 10 color photographs © 2014 2018 interest level age 6 and up beagles 978-0-89812-939-7 boxers 978-1-62832-513-3 bulldogs 978-0-89812-940-3 chihuahuas 978-1-62832-514-0 dachshunds 978-1-62832-515-7 german shepherds 978-0-89812-941-0 poodles 978-0-89812-942-7 pugs 978-1-62832-516-4 retrievers 978-0-89812-943-4 terriers 978-0-89812-944-1 classic classicseries series:r re e el l t ti m i me e reel time guiding novices through the basic “dos and don’ts” of fishing this series will help young anglers properly prepare for any fishing outing each book builds upon the others to compile a comprehensive look at the sport price

classic series acrosstheuniverse across the universe with a technology-themed design that encourages curious minds to make observations and comparisons this series will take young explorers on an adventure across the universe to discover the wonders of the cosmos and how they relate to life on earth price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¼ × 10 color photographs and illustrations © 2015 interest level age 6 and up asteroids 978-1-62832-080-0 comets 978-1-62832-081-7 galaxies 978-1-62832-082-4 moons 978-1-62832-083-1 planets 978-1-62832-084-8 the sun 978-1-62832-085-5 classic series ourwonderfulweather our wonderful weather this series is the perfect way to introduce early readers to science history and forms of weather clear text and stunning photos are paired within a reader-friendly design to explain the ways that winds temperatures and precipitation affect our lives price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim

classic series builtforsuccess built for success surveying the triumphs and failures of corporations and their prominent leaders built for success examines each company’s products and innovations as well as the impact it has had on the lives of people around the globe the story of 978-0-89812-759-1 the story of apple 978-0-89812-659-4 the story of at&t 978-1-62832-157-9 the story of berkshire hathaway 978-1-62832-158-6 the story of cnn 978-0-89812-760-7 the story of coca-cola 978-0-89812-753-9 the story of ebay 978-0-89812-660-0 the story of facebook 978-0-89812-761-4 the story of ford 978-1-89756-302-1 the story of google 978-0-89812-755-3 the story of lululemon athletica 978-1-62832-159-3 the story of mcdonald’s 978-0-89812-756-0 the story of microsoft 978-0-89812-757-7 the story of mtv 978-0-89812-982-3 price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 7¾ × 11 color and historical photographs © 2009–2016 interest

classic series makingmusic making music making music lets readers experience a variety of musical instruments—before they even play a note labeled images assist in identification as this series describes the instrument’s sounds and workings including basic instruction on how to play it price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¼ × 10 color photographs © 2014 interest level age 6 and up drums 978-0-89812-945-8 flute 978-0-89812-946-5 guitar 978-0-89812-947-2 piano 978-0-89812-948-9 trumpet 978-0-89812-949-6 violin 978-0-89812-950-2 “the melding of lush photography and sparse text makes for a great experience in viewing and reading.” – booklist classic series artworld art world with a focus on developing artistic sensibilities each title encourages close inspection of great works of western art and features a “portrait” of a famous artist from the genre price individual titles $9.99