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spring • 2018 amicus ink board books new vehicles boats float 978-1-68152-243-2 fire trucks rescue 978-1-68152-240-1 trains chug 978-1-68152-242-5 zoom chug chug honk babies and toddlers will delight in repeating the sounds of popular vehicles and animals in our board book series wellcomposed photographs highlight the real things little ones see in their world providing a beautiful first nonfiction experience author rebecca glaser price $7.99 each page count 14 trim size 7” x 7” format board books age 0–3

spring • 2018 first words and pictures new two new titles in our popular first words and pictures series highlight places around town and household items we use every day these oversize board books show words and pictures together encouraging kids to name objects begin to recognize categories and embark on a lifetime of reading and learning new titles around town 978-1-68152-410-8 at home 978-1-68152-411-5 recently published animals on the go 978-1-68152-200-5 978-1-68152-201-2 author margot channing illustrator jean claude various price $9.99 each page count 14 trim size 9.8” x 9.8” format board book age 0–3 “big blocks of color create an eye-catching checkerboard backdrop for each scene .” —publisher’s weekly “ .the sheer variety of types and uses of vehicles depicted will broaden any child’s perspective on the world.” —kirkus reviews “with its large format bright colors and sturdy pages this is a

spring • 2018 introducing spot books turn kids’ love for search-and-find activities into a learning tool for early readers read search find 10

spring • 2018 spot awesome nature spot sports new author k.c kelley new author mari schuh flowers 978-1-68152-247-0 basketball 978-1-68152-203-6 oceans 978-1-68152-248-7 baseball 978-1-68152-204-3 seasons 978-1-68152-245-6 football 978-1-68152-205-0 space 978-1-68152-249-4 gymnastics 978-1-68152-206-7 trees 978-1-68152-246-3 hockey 978-1-68152-207-4 weather 978-1-68152-244-9 soccer 978-1-68152-208-1 spot baby animals new spot mighty machines author k.c kelley new author mari schuh baby bears 978-1-68152-250-0 bulldozers 978-1-68152-210-4 baby elephants 978-1-68152-251-7 concrete mixers 978-1-68152-209-8 baby giraffes 978-1-68152-252-4 978-1-68152-211-1 baby hippos cranes 978-1-68152-253-1 978-1-68152-212-8 baby lions diggers 978-1-68152-254-8 978-1-68152-213-5 baby orangutans dump trucks 978-1-68152-255-5 978-1-68152-214-2 baby tigers loaders 978-1-68152-256-2 baby wolves 978-1-68152-257-9 spot series information price $7.99 page count 16 trim size 7” x 8” 12 format

spring • 2018 weird and unusual animals new sea cucumbers flying dragons students will be shocked and amazed by these unusual creatures amazing photographs and informative text provide fascinating reading for elementary readers about these eight unique animals axolotls 978-1-68152-185-5 capybaras 978-1-68152-186-2 flying dragons 978-1-68152-187-9 frilled lizards 978-1-68152-188-6 japanese spider crabs 978-1-68152-189-3 sea cucumbers 978-1-68152-191-6 sea dragons 978-1-68152-190-9 star-nosed moles 978-1-68152-192-3 authors karen latchana kenney allan morey wendy perkins price $8.99 page count 24 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” format paperback age 6 and up

spring • 2018 making good choices new learning how to make good choices is an important and essential part of growing up with multiple endings each book allows the reader to make choices and read what happens next learning how good or bad choices lead to different consequences you can control your voice loud or quiet 978-1-68152-236-4 you can handle conflict hands or words 978-1-68152-231-9 you can listen to directions stop or go 978-1-68152-235-7 you can stay in control wild or calm 978-1-68152-234-0 you’re angry throw a fit or talk it out 978-1-68152-233-3 you’re in trouble fib or truth 978-1-68152-232-6 author connie colwell miller illustrator victoria assanelli price $8.99 page count 24 trim size 9.25” x 8.25” format paperback age 6 and up “this appealing book is not only a helpful teaching tool but also a pleasure for adults and children to read.” —booklist review of you can control your voice loud or quiet

spring • 2018 robotics in our world new field trips let’s go new our world is filled with even more robots than we think readers can explore the various roles that robots have from helping us in the hospital and at home to the competitions of robot builders take a sneak peek into the future of robotics in our world why wait for the school to organize a field trip these books are ready for a field trip every day this beginning reader series takes students to familiar places for behind-the-scenes tours read about the people who work there and explore things kids love carefully chosen vocabulary blends with sitespecific photos for a series of very special trips from the comfort of home drones 978-1-68152-171-8 factory robots 978-1-68152-172-5 hobby robots 978-1-68152-173-2 aquarium 978-1-68152-258-6 medical robots 978-1-68152-174-9 farm 978-1-68152-261-6 military robots 978-1-68152-175-6 robots at home 978-1-68152-176-3 robots in fiction 978-1-68152-177-0 space robots

backlist paperbacks do you really want to meet a dinosaur do you really want to meet badger 978-1-68152-115-2 apatosaurus 978-1-68152-137-4 camel 978-1-68152-116-9 pterosaur 978-1-68152-138-1 978-1-68152-006-3 stegosaurus cape buffalo 978-1-68152-139-8 elephant 978-1-68152-007-0 triceratops 978-1-68152-140-4 hippopotamus 978-1-68152-117-6 tyrannosaurus rex 978-1-68152-141-1 kangaroo 978-1-68152-008-7 velociraptor 978-1-68152-142-8 lion 978-1-68152-009-4 price $8.99 page count 24 trim size 9.25” x 8.25” format paperback age 6 and up moose 978-1-68152-010-0 orca 978-1-68152-118-3 20 owl 978-1-68152-119-0 shark 978-1-68152-011-7 wolf 978-1-68152-120-6 price $8.99 page count 24 trim size 9.25” x 8.25” format paperback age 6 and

backlist paperbacks pro sports biographies bryce harper cam newton carli lloyd chloe kim j.j watt lebron james maya moore serena williams price $8.99 page count 24 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” pro sports superstars 166-4 168-8 163-3 165-7 167-1 169-5 164-0 170-1 nascar 105-3 nhl 103-9 pro tennis 106-0 ufc 104-6 world soccer 107-7 wwe 108-4 price $8.99 page count 24 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” format paperback age 5 and up chicago bears dallas cowboys denver broncos green bay packers indianapolis colts new england patriots new york giants pittsburgh steelers price $8.99 page count 24 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” format paperback age 6 and up “interesting for young sports enthusiasts and accessible for reluctant readers.” —booklist review of ice hockey and curling pro sports superstars – nfl 059-9 060-5 061-2 062-9 063-6 064-3 065-0 066-7 format paperback age 5 and up winter olympic sports summer olympic sports bobsled and luge 181-7 figure

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