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new title do bee-keeping the secret to happy honey bees orren fox honey drizzled over a slice of fresh bread or eaten directly from the spoon is one of life’s great pleasures and with beehives springing up on urban rooftops in next door’s garden even schemes for adopting bees or renting hives becoming a honey producer seems… possible so how easy is it and what’s involved by sharing the journey of 18-year-old orren fox who clearly remembers what it s like to be a rookie you’ll discover that keeping your own honey bees is easier than you think find out how and where to set up your own hive the tools and equipment you ll need to get started the job of inspecting the hive how and when to harvest your honey with delicious honey-based recipes shared by talented and resourceful chefs and cooks including honey co you’ll learn all about bees and their inspiring world of work and honey production and may even be tempted to buy your first bee

do purpose why brands with a purpose do better and matter more david hieatt the best brands in the world make us feel something they tell us their dreams and what they want to change they bare their soul and it touches us at some point we stop being customers and become fans these companies have a reason to exist they know why they get out of bed in the morning they have something that most brands don’t have a purpose purpose gives you strength to fight the impossible it builds your culture it wins you your fans it is your back-bone it is your stubbornness but more importantly it helps to stop you from quitting the pain of quitting a business is one thing but to quit on a dream is quite another in do purpose maverick entrepreneur and marketer david hieatt reveals the intuitive and often counter-intuitive principles at the heart of any great purpose driven brand – and shows how you can apply them to your own you’ll learn that ‘why’ matters the

do sourdough slow bread for busy lives andrew whitley one of the oldest yet perhaps the simplest and tastiest breads you can make sourdough needs only flour water salt – and a little time in do sourdough andrew whitley – a baker for over 30 years who has ‘changed the way we think about bread’ – shares his simple method for making this deliciously nutritious bread at home having taught countless bread-making workshops andrew knows that we don’t all have the time and patience to bake our own now with his tried-and-tested method and timesaving tips – such as slotting the vital fermentation stage into periods when we’re asleep or at work this is bread baking for doers find out the basic tools and ingredients you’ll need how to make your own sourdough starter a simple method for producing wonderful loaves time and again ideas and recipe suggestions for fresh and days-old bread the result isn’t just fresh bread made

do protect legal advice for startups johnathan rees the best companies are formed around a simple but great idea as this idea develops and is introduced to the world it needs nurturing and protecting do protect offers jargon-free legal advice and explanations on all aspects of setting up running and growing your business such as the best business structure for you raising finance building a team protecting your brand selling your product or service with real-life examples chapter summaries checklists and a glossary of legal terms do protect is essential reading for anyone starting their own business if you get the legalities right you can focus on the fun stuff build your business on a strong foundation about the author johnathan rees is a corporate lawyer with commercial law firm joelson wilson llp based in london’s west end he advises a wide range of clients from start-ups and ownermanaged businesses to large national and international corporates on a variety of

do lead share your vision inspire others achieve the impossible les mckeown real-world leadership is very different from all that the media would have us believe forget the dashing swash-buckler effective leadership is typically understated it s the myriad of small things that make the big things possible in do lead les mckeown demoloshises the myths that have paralysed leadership in our modern era then provides new tools for the job you ll discover that we can all lead and what s more we should becaused effecive leadership is goal not people oriented it s about the person with the right skills stepping forward find out the mindset required the basic leadership toolkit techniques for dealing with the inevitable failures whether you are new to the game or re-igniting a dormant passion start leading from where you are right now and start to make a difference you can lead yes you about the author les mckeown is the president and ceo of predictable success a leading advisor on

do story how to tell your story so the world listens bobette buster today’s world wants to know you and the real story behind why you do what you do whether you have a product to sell a company mission to share or an audience to entertain people are far more likely to engage and connect if you deliver a wellcrafted story with an emotional core bobette buster is a story consultant lecturer and screenwriter who works with the major studios and in top film programs all over the world in this her first book she shares the tools and principles used by some of the world’s best storytellers and helps you apply them to your own find out how to source structure and shape your story ways to discover the essence of your story why forming an emotional connection with your audience can take a storey from good to great so what’s your story about the author bobette buster grew up in kentucky in a region renowned for its great storytellers as a student she produced an oral

do disrupt change the status quo or become it mark shayler this book is about disruption about doing things differently about having ideas that will change the world that will at least change your world it’s also about delivering those ideas do disrupt is a workbook that will help you create ideas and take them from concept to market it will encourage you to define your customer identify the competition…and then out-smart them you’ll also find out why you need a chat with your nan and a tape measure it’s not enough to shake things gently it’s about thinking big being innovative making a difference ‘a colouring book about world domination’ vice magazine about the author mark shayler has been disrupting businesses for 22 years he works on innovation strategy and eco-design and has saved his clients over £100 million through smarter thinking and design doing things better and doing better things he has worked with leading brands such as

do improvise less push more pause better results a new approach to work and life robert poynton everyday we deal with the unplanned and the unexpected from a broken toaster to losing or gaining a major client our natural ability to improvise gets us through but we feel as if we’re winging it rather than acting with courage and conviction robert poynton teaches an acclaimed method to some of the world’s biggest brands and companies improvisational skills that an actor might use on stage are honed and applied to the everyday business of work and life the end result is a new approach that embraces change as a natural process and has creativity and innovation at its heart with killer games to put the theory into practice do improvise will help you become more productive without trying harder overcome creative blocks and generate new ideas respond fluently to circumstances beyond your control inspire and motivate others not sure what to do next improvise about the author

do grow start with 10 simple vegetables alice holden ever wanted to grow your own but don’t have the time the space or even know where to start alice holden one of britain’s most pioneering female growers has spent her life outdoors working on small and large scales – from kitchen gardens to commercial farms in this her first book she’ll help optimise the space and time available to you – even if it’s a window box and 10 minutes a week find out the basic tools you need to get started how to make a raised bed and why you need one a recipe for compost how to increase your chances of success with delicious recipes from hugh fearnley-whittingstall and others that alice has worked with over the years do grow will inspire you to change your view and plant an edible garden ‘do grow looks great and is really practical’ monty don presenter bbc gardeners’ world about the author alice holden one of britain’s most pioneering

do birth a gentle guide to labour and childbirth caroline flint whether it’s your first second or fifth baby most of us approach childbirth with some trepidation yet this life-changing event can and should be a positive one caroline flint is a practising midwife and one of the most inspirational figures in the world of childbirth over the years she has helped hundreds of women give birth comfortably and confidently and now she will help you find out how to -make preparations for being in labour or even having your baby at home help labour progress quickly and smoothly make a hospital birth more homely enjoy the first hours days and weeks with your newborn having a baby is one of life’s most exciting adventures this book will help you to embrace it about the author caroline flint knew from the age of eight years old when her baby sister was born at home that she wanted to be a midwife since then she has become an inspirational figure in the world of childbirth she has

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