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peter bagge is the harvey award-winning author of the acclaimed alternative comic series hate and author of the hilariously informative new york times bestselling graphic novel woman rebel the margaret sanger story his first biography woman rebel was selected as a yalsa great graphic novel for teens and appeared on the amelia bloomer project list of the best feminist books for young readers and was nominated for the washington state book award and the eisner award for best reality-based work for more information on peter

the customer is always wrong mimi pond a young woman’s art career begins to lift off as those around her succumb to addiction and alcoholism the customer is always wrong is the praise for over easy continuing saga of a young naïve art “her lines are unpretentious and airy and ist working in a restaurant of drunks her people aren’t overwhelmed by their afjunkies thieves and creeps oakland in fectations pond can capture facial expresthe late seventies is a scuzzy low-rent sions with a line or two.”— npr books warzone and mimi pond folds the tales of the sleaze-ball characters that sur “for lovers of tawdry tales from the ’70s round her into her workaday waitress told with smarts and sensitivity over ing life outrageous and loving tributes easy is a gold mine.”—los angeles times and takedowns of her co-workers and satellites of the imperial cafe create a snapshot of a time in mimi’s life where she encounters who she is

terms and conditions r sikor ya k master satirist tackles the contract everyone agrees to but no one reads for his newest project r sikoryak tack fringement terms and conditions serves les the monstrously and infamously dense as a surreal record of our modern digital legal document itunes terms and condi age where technology competes with entions the contract everyone agrees to but duringly ironclad mediums no one reads in a word for word 94-page adaptation sikoryak hilariously turns the praise for terms and conditions agreement on its head—each page fea“robert sikoryak is a virtuoso cartoonist tures an avatar of apple cofounder and who draws so well he can not only draw legendary visionary steve jobs juxtaposed whatever he wants he can draw it to look with a different classic strip such as mort like any other cartoonist he wants to pay walker’s beetle bailey or a contemporary tribute to as well.”—the observer graphic novel such as craig

uncomfortably happily yeon-sik hong when the gentler pace and stillness of the countryside replace the roar of the city but your editor keeps calling inspired by yeon-sik hong’s attempt to art begin to muffle other concerns move to the country with his partner originally published in korean to great uncomfortably happily is the story of a acclaim and winning the manhwa today young couple finding their way burdened by award uncomfortably happily uniquely unmet comics deadlines and high rent our explores our narrator’s inner world hong narrator and his wife know they must make propels the comic with gorgeously detailed a change convinced the absence of traffic yet simple art sharing the story of two lives noise will ease his writer’s block our pair unfolding slowly sometimes uncomfortwelcomes the idea of building a life from ably yet ultimately happily scratch deciding on a home atop an uninhabited mountain they excitedly embrace praise for yeon-sik hong the charms

sticks angelica folk hero m i ch aeldef or g e mar 2017 • $21.95 usd 24.95 cad • 2 color • 5.8” x 10.9” • 96 pages comics graphic novels/literary • isbn 978-1-77046-270-0 • hardcover a johnson has his boswell and every sticks angelica has her michael deforge sticks angelica is in her own words “49 years old former olympian poet scholar sculptor minister activist governor general entrepreneur line cook headmistress mountie columnist libertarian cellist.” after a high-profile family scandal sticks escapes to the woods to live in what would be relative isolation were it not for the many animals that surround and inevitably annoy her sticks is an arrogant self-obsessed force who wills herself on the flora and fauna there is a rabbit named oatmeal who harbors an unrequited love for her a pair of kissing geese a crossdressing moose absurdly named lisa hanawalt when a reporter named ahem michael deforge shows up to interview sticks

one hundred demons ly ndaba rry apr 2017 • $21.95 usd 24.95 cad • color • 6” x 9.5” • 224 pages comics graphic novels/literary • isbn 978-1-77046-277-9 • hardcover “you’ll wonder how anything can be so sad and so funny at the same time.”—lev grossman time inspired by a 16th-century zen asking the reader to decide if fiction monk’s painting of a hundred de can have truth and if autobiography mons chasing each other across a can have a fiction a hybrid that barry long scroll acclaimed cartoonist coins “autobiofictionalography.” as lynda barry confronts various de readers get to know barry’s demons mons from her life in seventeen full they realize that the actual truth colour vignettes in barry’s hand no longer matters because the univerdemons are the life moments that sality of barry’s comics true or untrue haunt you form you and stay with reigns supreme you your worst

d anielc lo wesa new paperback edition of the modern classic timed to the release of the alexander payne-produced film version starring woody harrelson and laura dern meet wilson an opinionated middle-aged format and drawing in a spectrum of styles loner who loves his dog and quite possibly the cartoonist of ghost world ice haven no one else in an ongoing quest to find and the death-ray gives us his funniest human connection he badgers friend and and most deeply affecting novel to date stranger alike into a series of one-sided conversations punctuating his own lofty praise for wilson discursions with a brutally honest self-ne“wilson builds from clever character sketch gating sense of humor after his father dies to deadpan comedy to surprisingly forcewilson now irrevocably alone sets out to ful melodrama.”—new york times find his ex-wife with the hope of rekindling their long-dead relationship and discovers “a tremendously skillful cartoonist at the he has a

spaniel rage va n e ss adavis “i love [davis’s free-form drawing…she just has a funny truthful voice.”—audrey niffenegger vanessa davis’s autobiographical comics lonely beautiful spare and very smart— delighted readers ten years ago when she the finest work from a natural storyteller first began telling stories about her life in new york as a young single jewish wompraise for vanessa davis an more observational than confessional “in fact if you don’t like [vanessa davis spaniel rage is filled with frank and immeyou don’t like anything good.”—vice diate pencil drawn accounts of dating woes “what distinguishes davis’s take is a reflecmisunderstandings between her and her tive hunger for meaning and connection in mother and conversations with friends the very mundane.”—bust her keen observation of careless words spoken casually is refreshingly honest “vanessa davis’s

kitaro and the great tanuki war shigeru mizuki kitaro faces off against a swamp monster a paper screen come to life and an army of mythical raccoon dogs kitaro and the great tanuki war features golden age of the gegege no kitaro series adventures of shigeru mizuki’s beloved from the 1960s—and have never appeared yokai boy in the epic title story kitaro in english before battles the tanuki a japanese animal that d+q’s kitaro series celebrates mizuki’s features prominently in the country’s yokai expert blend of folklore comedy and legends the furry beasts draw on the power horror sharing the all-ages stories that of the blood moon to awaken the mon made kitaro one of japan’s most beloved strous catfish that lives in the depths of the characters this kid-friendly edition also earth the twisting of the catfish causes features a “history of kitaro” essay by earthquakes that threaten to destroy all award-winning series translator and

moomin begins a new life t ov ejan sso n a traveling prophet may hold the key to happiness but do the moomins really need it when a charismatic prophet comes to town culture is that she addresses serious often the residents of moominvalley are easily uncomfortable issues—uncertainty heartconvinced to follow his doctrine for true break mortality natural disasters our happiness intrigued by their friends and ample human imperfections—with great neighbors’ lifestyle changes the impression compassion and warmth never chastising able moomins find themselves attempting or preaching but instead celebrating the to adopt the teachings of their new spiritual light in life and aiming its generous beam leader but the freer they get the more miser at the dark.”—maria popova brainpickings able they feel moominvalley’s state of divine chaos is further complicated by the proph “in jansson’s narratives whether tilted et’s well-intentioned