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adrian tomine was born in 1974 in sacramento california he began self-publishing his comic book series optic nerve when he was sixteen his comics have been anthologized in publications such as mcsweeney’s best american comics and best american nonrequired reading and his graphic novel shortcomings was a new york times notable book of the year since 1999 tomine has been a regular contributor to the new yorker he lives in brooklyn with his wife and daughters for more information on adrian tomine full title

anneli furmark was born in 1962 in vallentuna and grew up in lulea sweden she studied at the umea academy where she later became a teacher a painter and comic artist her first graphic novel the mazes and other stories was published in 2002 she has participated in numerous anthologies including drawn quarterly showcase book 5 and has produced seven graphic novels to date her work has been awarded twice at the kemi festival in finland and has been published in canada finland the netherlands and in several swedish newspapers for more information on anneli furmark full title

von spatz annahaifis ch what happens at the von spatz rehabilitation center after walt disney suffers a nervous breakdown walt disney is exhausted both physically and mentally after a breakdown where he trashes his office his wife lilian brings him to a retreat to recover—the von spatz rehabilitation center with a campus that includes studio buildings a gallery an art supply store a hot dog booth and a penguin pool the clinic is a paradise for artists in crisis there disney meets tomi ungerer and saul steinberg and together they embark on a regimen of relaxation and art therapy haifisch looks at the fervent drive and crippling insecurities of the average artist and places those same issues on the shoulders of three celebrated 20th century artists part study of iso lation part tale of a begrudging camaraderie daily life at the center mixes with reminiscences from the world outside wryly written precisely composed and glowingly colored von spatz is a hilarious heartwarming

anna haifisch was born in 1986 in leipzig germany anna co-founded the indie comic festival the millionaires club and likes printmaking as well as drawing comics for more information on anna haifisch full title

kitaro the vampire slayer sh igerumizuki brit-pop meets japanese folklore as shigeru mizuki summons equal parts humour spookiness and sheer absurdity kitaro the vampire slayer is the fifth volume in shigeru mizuki’s bizarre stories about a yokai boy and his entourage of otherworldly friends one of the most popular kitaro tales the title story pits kitaro and his family against a beatles-inspired mop-topped guitar-playing vampire named erit and his castle of horrors in an unexpected twist—spoiler alert!— kitaro meets his demise but even death is hardly enough to keep our favorite yokai boy down along with the villainous vampire kitaro faces a trio of monsters straight from japanese folklore mizuki often pulled from classic japanese folk tales for inspiration as shown in these three stories a certain serpent and temple bell appear in “the phantom steam engine,” then it’s onto a bird-like creature with a big beak in “ubume,” and kitaro

shigeru mizuki 1922–2015 was one of japan’s most respected artists ever an artistic prodigy he lost an arm in world war ii after the war mizuki became one of the founders of japan’s latest craze—manga he invented the yokai genre with gegege no kitaro his most famous one-eyed character who has been adapted for the screen several times as anime live action and video games a new anime series has been made every decade since 1968 and has captured the imagination of generations of japanese children a real-life ghost hunter mizuki travelled to over sixty countries to engage in fieldwork based on spirit folklore in his hometown of sakaiminato one can find shigeru mizuki road a street decorated with bronze statues of his kitaro characters for more information on shigeru mizuki full title

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