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engineered for safety security—and complete confidence smart tech is how we work properly secure all cargo always tow within the vehicle’s capacity a 2019 ram truck embraces safety and security—and new additions in this area provide greater control and confidence than ever new available features include forward collision warning with braking31 detects when the vehicle is approaching another vehicle or large obstacle too quickly it prepares the brakes for emergency braking and visually and audibly alerts the driver including a quick “brake jerk” if the driver isn’t braking hard or fast enough the system will apply the brakes automatically even bringing the vehicle to a stop if traveling under 31 mph ready alert braking senses when the driver’s foot is lifted from the accelerator it applies an imperceptible brake force to ensure that pads and discs are lined up should an emergency stop be required adaptive cruise control with stop.32 this system features full functionality between zero and 100 mph automatically adjusting the cruise control to a safe distance selected by the driver when slower traffic speeds are detected hydraulic boost compensation should a failure occur in the vacuum brake booster or any related line the brake controller will run the abs pump and convey the problem to the driver the brakes perform as normal until the failure is serviced blind spot monitoring33 with rear cross-path detection.18 available only for ram 2500/3500 heavy duty it uses dual wide-band radar sensors to monitor the pickup’s blind spots and notifies the driver when a vehicle is present—during lane changes when passing other vehicles or when being passed hill start assist on an incline this system keeps the vehicle stationary for two seconds after release of the brakes or until the accelerator is depressed all ram braking systems feature electronic stability control esc 34 esc34 features multiple assets for braking including all-speed traction control if slippage occurs during acceleration automatic throttle control will reduce torque in extremes it will apply the brakes and reduce engine power to maintain control trailer sway damping34 detects yaw and applies the tow vehicle’s brakes to reduce the sway 20  lectronic brake-force distribution regulates brake pressure to minimize stopping e distances rain brake support automatically activates when the windshield wipers engage brake calipers pulse against their rotors to remove water from the pads parksense® front and rear park assist.18 available it detects objects as far as 47 inches away from the bumpers read-outs located in the gauge cluster display team up with audible chimes to notify the driver of proximity to front and/or rear objects an overriding concern for your safety and security the more technology we put into your ram truck the greater the benefit case in point and based on model comprehensive standard and available safety and security features that now include trailer reverse guidance,18 lane departure warning30 1500 only and adaptive headlamps illustrated above counterclockwise available parksense® front and rear park assist,18 forward collision warning31 and adaptive cruise control with stop.32 more at ramtrucks.com/commercial