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impeccable handling steering and loading capability hydraulic steering and front wheel drive fwd ensure a tight turning radius and contribute to the low flat load floor the standard adjustable tilt/telescoping steering column is an unusual convenience for the commercial sector resilient frame strength and unibody design both contribute to the best in class payload of up to 1,883 lb14 and best in class gvwr of 5,395 lb.6,14 further capability comes from the gcwr of 5,900 lb6 and the unsurpassed towing in its class of up to 2,000 lb.14 properly secure all cargo properly secure all cargo ram promaster city ® max gvwr 5,395 lb 6 • max gcwr 5,900 lb 6 32 best-in-class highway fuel economy 28 mpg hwy13 best-in-class cargo capacity 131.7 cu ft14 cargo van models best-in-class max payload 1,883 lb14 cargo van models class-exclusive 9-speed automatic transmission14 unsurpassed max towing 2,000 lb14 cargo van models best-in-class horsepower and torque 178 hp/174 lb-ft of torque14 class-exclusive bi link rear suspension14 best-in-class gvwr 5,395 lb6,14 properly secure all cargo class-exclusive bi-link rear suspension.14 our bi link rear suspension engineering meets two major mandates be super comfortable for the ride and be super capable for the payload confident hauling and enhanced stability come from the tough suspension telescopic twin tube hydraulic shocks and a solid 16 mm stabilizer bar smartly styled aerodynamic exterior those side sliding doors close snugly into the sides to create a smooth surface that allows wind to glide around ram promaster city thoroughly wind tunnel tested these tough partners deliver a sleek and super low drag coefficient [cd of only 0.30 a factor behind the quiet ride and a contributor to efficiency efficient performance best-in-class driving range with standard motor37 estimated up to 448 miles with 87 octane regular gas it means every drop of fuel counts and you’re reducing your time spent at the pump time and money saving oil change intervals round it out you can actually drive up to 10,000 miles between recommended oil changes.