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best-in-class where it counts the most cargo capacity 1 3,729 l maximum payload1 862 kg 131.7 cu ft† 1,901 lb† roof weight capacity 68 kg 150 lb when properly equipped 1,316 mm 51.8 in 1,534 mm 60.4 in 1,229 mm 48.4 in 1,229 mm 48.4 in between the wheel wells1 cargo area length 2,215 mm 4 87.2 in — promaster city — cargo capacity lift-in height 529 mm 23.3 in †when properly equipped see retailer for details properly secure all

a user’s guide to capability promaster city powertrain 2.4l tigershark® multiair®2 i-4 as the only gas-powered 4-cylinder in the ram portfolio the 2.4l tigershark i-4 takes full advantage of the refined multiair2 valve train system internal components include a high-pressure die-cast aluminum block and a forged steel crankshaft with powder-metal forged steel connecting rods and cast-aluminum pistons individual oil squirters help keep internal temperatures in the ideal range and the position of the exhaust manifold helps reduce noise in the engine compartment smart pulse-width modulation technology on the alternator and fuel pump helps contribute to operating efficiency acceleration is responsive a mere 3.7 seconds from a full stop to 48 km/h 30 mph the class-exclusive 9-speed automatic transmission1 featuring electronic range select ers the 9-speed automatic is a major factor in achieving outstanding fuel efficiency considered to be superior in gear range ratio spread

when adventure calls passenger wagon is the answer large enough for the whole crew strong enough for more seating for five area behind upright second-row seats 2,098 l 74.1 cu ft folded it’s 2,880 l 101.7 cu ft by contrast the volume of a standard washer/dryer combo is around 1,359 l 48 cu ft with payload up to 796 kg 1,760 lb and towing up to 846 kg 1,867 lb passenger wagon delivers the fuel efficiency to get there without breaking the bank an interior to get there in comfort and the capability to bring it all with you when properly equipped properly secure all cargo 8 — promaster city — passenger

front-wheel drive fwd 3 all systems go capability at your service super-capable handling with all-weather traction on any road surface this class-exclusive feature3 distinguishes ram promaster® from virtually all other commercial vehicles ensuring outstanding road manners particularly in snowy and icy conditions it also helps lower the overall frame and thus the step-in height you’ll especially appreciate it when loading and unloading fwd also helps reduce overall vehicle weight a very direct contribution to the impressive and fuel-efficient performance the 3.6l pentastar v6 tm 280hp 260lb-ft canada’s best-selling engine9— proven over kilometres and years talk about masters of the segment and you’re talking about the 3.6l pentastar—a v6 powerhouse that delivers all-important performance with notable fuel efficiency the advantages at a glance confident takeoff and acceleration recommended oil change intervals up to 16,000 kilometres 10,000 miles

pallet-friendly from the get-go 4,680-lb 2,123-kg max payload cargo van window van payloads cargo van 1500 118 wb window van 2500 136 wb 136 wb 3500 159 wb 136 wb 2500 3500 159 wb 159 wb extended 159 wb 159 wb extended weight given in kg [lb standard roof standard roof max payload chassis cab payloads weight given in kg [lb max payload 1814 kg 4000 lb 1764 kg 3890 lb high roof standard roof high roof high roof standard roof high roof high roof high roof high roof high roof 1706 kg 3760 lb 1932 kg 4260 lb 1873 kg 4130 lb 1819 kg 4010 lb 2123 kg 4680 lb 2064 kg 4550 lb 2009 kg 4430 lb 1964 kg 4330 lb 1787 kg 3940 lb 1946 kg 4290 lb chassis cab cutaway 3500 3500 136 wb 159 wb 159 wb extended 136 wb 159 wb 159 wb extended 81.1 ca 104.1 ca 104.1 ca 81.1 ca 104.1 ca 104.1 ca 2345 kg 5170 lb 2327 kg 5130 lb 2313 kg 5100 lb 2372 kg 5230 lb 2359 kg 5200 lb 2336 kg 5150 lb max payload based on body model gvwr class when properly equipped see retailer for details

best-in-class lowest load floor height 3 low 541-mm 21.3-in step-in height low costs of ownership meet the work van that works better one look and it’s clear build-quality design and choice of size make ram promaster® cargo van the ideal delivery vehicle—and the new 136-inch wheelbase for the 2500 and 3500 weight classes boosts overall capability even more created for high performance and low costs of ownership and operation bottom-line savings are part of the business plan a prime example with up to 16,000 kilometres between oil changes you could travel 160,000 kilometres with as few as 10 changes—real savings in terms of money and time further advantages include our comprehensive 5-year/100,000-kilometre powertrain limited warranty factor in the parkview® rear back-up camera8 that makes pinpointing a trailer hitch and backing into delivery ports a breeze and you’ll find little to be desired and much to appreciate for more visit us at 14

a user’s guide to capability we punished it brutally and still it did everything right we know how to ensure reliability and quality that lasts subject these models to punishing and unrelenting conditions our pre and post-production testing involved roads and environments that ranged from the arctic –40ºc –40ºf of northern sweden to the scorching 52ºc 125ºf heat of american deserts in all scenarios ram promaster® surpassed with flying colours—solid proof that yours will perform under ever-changing loads and in unpredictable climates promaster safety security cargo tie-downs cargo van models feature up to 10 in-floor d-rings to help secure interior cargo want more up to 17 total side and floor tie-downs are available properly secure all cargo promaster capability cargo management maximize the potential of your ram promaster and expand your cargo-carrying capability cargo vans offer roof strength that can handle up to 150 kg 330 lb with six

promaster city promaster exterior colours exterior colours black metallic pxq blue night metallic pbz quartz grey metallic paj black px8 granite crystal metallic pau bright silver metallic ps2 deep red metallic prd bright red prs silver metallic paf deep cherry red crystal pearl prp flame red pr4 broom yellow p67 sandstone pearl pfs bright white pw7 special exterior colours earth brown p18 special exterior colours broom yellow p67 green angel p06 interior colours interior colours cloth—black premium cloth—black cloth—black vinyl—black standard on st standard on slt standard available wheels 16-inch silver steel standard on st 16-inch black steel with wheel covers standard on slt available on st wheels 16-inch aluminum 16-inch steel 16-inch black-painted steel available on slt with lights and wheels group standard available for full option details visit 18 bright white pw7 — promaster city promaster — exterior colours interior

promaster city specifications capability 2.4l tigershark® multiair®2 i-4 transmission horsepower torque lb-ft city l/100 km mpg highway l/100 km mpg 9-speed automatic 178 174 11.2 25 8.3 34 cargo van st exterior dimensions mm in unless noted otherwise 3109 122.4 wheelbase 4752 187.1 overall length 2148 84.6 overall body width including mirrors 1886 74.2 overall roof height 13 42 turning diameter m ft interior dimensions mm in 1316 51.8 vertical interior height 1229 48.4 cargo width at wheel wells 1534 60.4 cargo width at side panels 2215 87.2 maximum load floor length capability highlights kg lb 862 1901 payload 907 2000 towing 2447 5395 gvwr 2676 5900 gcwr volumes capacities 2 seating capacity 3729 131.7 maximum cargo volume l cu ft 61 13 fuel tank capacity l imp gal wagon slt st slt 3109 122.4 4752 187.1 2148 84.6 1886 74.2 13 42 3109 122.4 4752 187.1 2148 84.6 1886 74.2 13 42 3109 122.4 4752 187.1 2148 84.6 1886 74.2 13 42 1316 51.8 1229 48.4 1534 60.4 2215 87.2 1237 48.7

promaster specifications capability 3.6l pentastartm vvt v6 transmission horsepower torque lb-ft 6-speed automatic 280 260 cargo van 1500 window van 2500 3500 2500 3500 4039 159 4039 159 ext high chassis cab cutaway 3500 dimensions wheelbase mm in 2997 118 3454 136 3454 136 3454 136 3454 136 4039 159 3454 136 3454 136 4039 159 roof type standard capability highlights kg lb standard high standard high high standard high high 4039 159 ext high high 3454 136 4039 159 standard standard 5170 2331 5140 1814 4000 1769 3900 1710 3900 1932 4260 1878 4140 1823 4140 2123 4680 2064 4550 2013 4440 1969 4340 1787 3940 1946 4290 2345 2372 5230 2363 5210 towing 3084 6800 2313 5100 gcwr 5216 11,500 gvwr 3878 8550 3878 8550 3878 8550 4037 8900 4037 8900 4037 8900 4241 9350 4241 9350 4241 9350 4241 9350 4037 8900 4241 9350 4241 9350 4241 9350 exterior dimensions mm in unless noted otherwise overall length 4953 195 5410 213 5410 213 5410 213 5410 213 5994 236 5410 213 5410 213 5994 236 6299 248 5994 800-361-3700 800-463-3600 11 about this catalogue since the time of printing some of the information you’ll find in this catalogue may have been updated ask your retailer for details some of the equipment shown or described throughout this catalogue may be available at extra cost specifications descriptions illustrative materials and all competitive comparisons contained herein are as accurate as known at the time this publication was approved for printing fca canada inc reserves the right to discontinue models at any time or change specifications without notice or without incurring obligation for the price of the model with the equipment you desire or verification of specifications contained herein see your ram retailer ©2019 fca canada inc all rights reserved chrysler dodge jeep ram promaster promaster city mopar mopar vehicle protection park-sense parkview tigershark the ram’s head logo and uconnect are registered trademarks and