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Amateur Radio Gear by Ramsey Electronics

Catalog: Amateur Radio Gear
Company/Brand: Ramsey Electronics

amateur radio power supply in Amateur Radio Gear by Ramsey Electronics

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.com Call Toll Free 800-446-2295 AMATEUR RADIO GEAR Build It, Learn it, Achieve ... is only 7db (about one S unit!) less power than a full sized commercial ... meter, and 40 meter versions. Advanced power MOSFETs are used for the utmost in ... used to assure a clean signal output. Power required is only 12 VDC at 2 to 4 amps ... , depending upon power output. Complete step-by-step ... a high performance general coverage SW radio, but who needs a converter for LF? YOU ... considering a Ham band with 200 watt power! Many newer SW receivers say they will ... Assembled Tested VLF1 With Case And Power Supply $69.95 AC125 110VAC Power ... switch 4 Works with any short wave radio K I T Wired Tested Tune In The Exotic ... can be tuned outside of the intended amateur bands. For example, the FR146 two meter ...
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.com Call Toll Free 800-446-2295 AMATEUR RADIO GEAR Get in on the fun of radio ... "fox hunter" at an unheard of price! Radio direction finding is a fascinating ... on 12VDC, and includes a matching 12VDC power plug for custom integration and ... into your vehicle or portable power supply. Easy to hook up to any FM receiver. ... to your receiver's speaker jack and radio's antenna. The whips can be cut and ... Direction Finder Kit, With Case, Power Cable, And Magnetic Antenna Kit $169.95 ... Assembled Tested DDF1 With Case, Power Cable, And Magnetic Antenna Kit $269.95 ... Quick! The Foxhound connects to any radio through the speaker jack and antenna ... transmitter, be it aircraft, two-way radio, Ham or even TV. The Foxhound uses a ... ; if you wish to transmit with your radio go ahead, the Foxhound will sense your ...
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.com Call Toll Free 800-446-2295 AMATEUR RADIO GEAR Build It, Learn it, Achieve ... any other rig you may own. You need to supply an external set of paddles (Manual ... crush intermod before it reaches your radio. Two poles of sharp Helical filtering ... . Preamp is easily configured to be powered via the coax (for mast mount ... applications) or powered through a separate power cable. Kit is ... sharpest filtering available! 4 Can be powered up the signal coax (9 to 15 VDC) 4 ... intermod blanking and overload of your radios front-end. Dont be misled by GaAs FET ...
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