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Rapat Corporation, CTR Belt

series ctr conveyor features rapat series ctr the channel framed troughing roller conveyor troughing rollers carry the load our troughing roller system is designed to reduce friction and shape the belt to form a u shaped trough allowing higher capacities and lower maintenance off the shelf cema standard components make this conveyor as easy to maintain as your automobile rapat engineering makes it capable of handling the workload of your operation day in and day out the ctr conveyor features many of the same design specifications as our ectr conveyor including bolt-together construction motor and drive i shown with standard shaft-mounted reducer many options available including right angle inline and gear motor drives build it your way bolt-together construction has its advantages easy customization no matter if you choose special options today­ or years from now­ you ll always be able to easily bolt-on the options that suit your specific purpose while the only limitations are