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F Belt Conveyor

series f conveyor optional features heavy duty bulk handling truss support system designed specifically for conveyors over 70 in length the truss support system provides the added support necessary for a strong frame assembly series f conveyor for applications that require high capacities or heavy duty conveying rapat offers a full line of dual or three roll idler conveyors with formed or structural channel frames series cu conveyor the rapat series cu conveyor is an excellent companion to the series f conveyor for unloading hopper bottom trailers and railcars pivot wheel assembly the pivot wheel assembly is also designed for side-to-side movement between bins and buildings rubber lined hopper fragile products such as seed or edible beans are loaded into the conveyor gently reducing product damage rapat corporation product line card conveyors s enclosed belt s bagging s cleated belt s truck railcar unloaders s flexible sidewall s portable belt s food handling s troughing roller s

series f conveyor features the rapat series f conveyor is a rubber belt conveyor designed for gentle handling of bulk materials such as seed beans fertilizer earcorn etc the conveyor can elevate up to a 40 degree incline the rubber flights are hot vulcanized to the rubber belt and convey the materials without cracking or grinding the rapat series f conveyor is versatile installation options range from wheel undercarriages to permanent leg assemblies to pivot wheel assemblies for specialized uses it is easy to move and clean formed steel covers provide sun and wind protection for your products the 18 wide belt will handle approximately 2,500 bph the 24 wide belt will handle approximately 3,500 bph capacities are based on a 30 degree angle and may vary please consult your rapat representative to determine the best solution for your needs 2 5/8 series f conveyors series f options s lengths custom lengths for permanent installation also longer conveyors are available with truss kits