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Rapat Corporation, FLX Belt

series flx conveyor features rapat flx conveyor do you need to move materials at steep angles without losing capacity the rapat flexwall conveyor is uniquely suited for your applicationĀ­ moving product at angles up to 90 degrees and since it conveys your product in a protective pocket damage is minimized while overall throughput is maximized our corrugated sidewall belting will handle a wide variety of products in nearly any application from fragile materials such as glass products or pellets very abrasive items such as pumice sand and gravel from very fine powders to heavy bulky products the rapat flx will move them all series flx configurations enclosed frame flx open channel frame flx every flx conveyor move your materials gently and efficiently at nearly any incline up to 90 degrees series flx standard features is a custom conveyor we engineer each conveyor to its specific use allowing us built-in features that simply are not possible with off-the-rack systems your flx