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Rapat Corporation, Gerber Roto-Flo

high performance roto-flo options installations single inlet roto-flo high performance roto-flo electric roto-flo many spout options available gerber can supply spouts elbows and any other items needed to complete your installation all roto-flo models are available as electrically-controlled units with a control panel for remote control operation from your office driveway or other convenient locations multiple control panels are also available so that the roto-flo system may be controlled at different locations throughout your operation the control system includes an intrinsically safe proximity sensor with barrier relay and brake panel to position the inner spout and a remote control panel digital position readout with malfunctions displayed designed for easy maintenance and durability accessories durability and common-sense engineering make our accessories the finest available we offer solid construction and a wide choice of sizes and lining systems available to compliment your

high performance roto-flo features the industry leader the gerber roto-flo is designed and built to give you dependable service for years to come available with manual or electric controls the gerber roto-flo is the easy choice for all installations indoor or outdoor special weather resistant doors and seals are optional equipment the gerber roto-flo installation is versatile as well units can be supported from above or below and configured to any specification with multiple spout and inletoutlet combinations less material mixing the design features of the gerber rotoflo help prevent product mixing when properly set-up and maintained the rotoflo ensures accurate intake and discharge positioning for added security we also have duct insert panels available outdoor options s the gerber roto-flo is also available in weather-resistant construction for outdoor installations 24 23 1 2 s removable inlets designed for easy installation and replacement 20 roto-flo options 3 22 versatile design