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Rapat Corporation, Gerber Smooth Lift Bucket

gerber bucket elevator optional features s drive optionsmany drive options available contact your rapat corporation representative for more information s back leg roll option for installations that have minimal space for the boot section s service platforms provides room for service work on drive and head sections s step off rest platforms intermediate platforms placed at pre-specified heights to allow service people to step off ladder to rest when needed s fully caged ladders full ladder enclosures for added safety during routine maintenance and operation s down leg inlet inlet hopper on down leg side for installations requiring multiple inlets s multiple bucket rows for larger capacity bucket elevators s seed handling options cup spacers and wing tail pulley standard with seed handling option s gravity takeup boot self cleaning self adjusting takeup design features a full-floating boot section see photo at right gravity takeup boot gerber bucket elevator rapat corporation product

gerber bucket elevator features better engineered for operational efficiency s split hood allows easy access for inspection and service s adjustable bearings easy adjusting via external adjustment bolts s inspection door for inspection of belt back and pulley lagging s throat adapter available with standard shown or 45 angle outlet at no additional charge easy access for more regular maintenance most parts requiring regular maintenance are externally mounted for easy access the drive system bearings and other parts are all located for fast access internal parts are quickly accessed by removable covers or inspection covers the bucket elevator has been engineered to provide optimal efficiency noise turbulence and materials damage are reduced to lowest possible levels through specialized design and construction heavy-duty construction ensures a long life and competitive pricing offers cost efficiency built to handle high smooth quiet conveying the bucket elevator maximizes material