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Rapat Corporation, Gerber Swing-Flo M/E

performance plus swing-flo m/e options installations accessories durability and common-sense engineering make our accessories the finest available we offer solid construction and a wide choice of sizes and options available to compliment your new or existing system custom accessories are also available to suit industryspecific uses for more information on accessories please consult your gerber representative performance plus swing-flo m/e electric swing-flo all swing-flo models are available as electrically-controlled units with a control panel for remote control operation from your office driveway or other convenient locations multiple control panels are also available so that the swing-flo system may be controlled at different locations throughout your operation the control panel system includes a intrinsically safe proximity sensor with barrier relay and brake motor to position the inner spout and a remote control panel digital position readout with malfunctions displayed many

performance plus swing-flo m/e features unique fan shape design reduces wear the performance-plus swing-flo has been designed to withstand heavy-duty operational needs with minimal wear and maintenance requirements the swing-flo s inner spout design evenly distributes wear for a significantly increased working life electric easy maintenance built-in s electric conversion manual unit is easily retrofitted on-site with electric control package swing-flo access doors s access doors are located on both sides of swing-flo for easy repair and replacement of internal parts swing-flo parts can be easily removed through the unit s end door for fast efficient replacement of parts the swing-flo is weather-tight for outdoor installations and our electric drive option interfaces easily with automated computer-controlled systems adaptability and shape cut installation costs the swing-flo is adaptable to low vertical height and can be mounted virtually flat against a wall in a cramped area