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drive belt conveyor manual 90 degree belt conveyor drive chain rapat corporation formed steel conveyor frame 1 hp single phase conveyor electric motor worm gear speed reducer portable sewing machine 35 hp single phase electric motor material used shaft in power screw jack chain conveyor inclined pipe conveyor design screw conveyor design manual manual belt chain distribution shaft materials used for belt conveyors in drive pulleys rapat upright tail pipe plants with single long tails belt conveyor design belt conveyors belt conveyor bag turner series b 2 x 4 35 2 roller chain 4 to 5 speed 90 degree angle worm gear reducers 90 degree angle screws 35 3 roller chain 1 14 7 x 9 belt conveyor side design belt conveyor drive chain belt conveyor specification belt conveyor manual belt conveyor side design mounts belt drive belt drives conveyor belt drives belt drive pulleys belt fastening systems 2 belt pulley belt drive belts belt drive final drive pulley belt drive pulley belt fastener 12 gauge belt belt drive machine 1 belt for custom final drive belt roller chain conveyor belts heavy duty roller design for conveyors belt drive worm gear steel belt drive belt final drive conveyor rollers design

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Rapat Corporation, HDB Belt

series b/hdb belt conveyor options installations bag turner the bag turner option is placed between two conveyors the bags move along the first conveyor and are tipped on their side and rotated by the shorter conveyor on the bag turner the bags are then properly positioned to move onto additional conveyor systems photo at right series b/hdb belt conveyors bag flattener the rapat bag flattener option consists of a smaller powered conveyor mounted to the top of a conveyor as bagged materials pass between the two moving belts the material is distributed evenly within the bag allowing uniform palletizing stacking and easier shipping foot operated switch allows operator to control conveyor start/stop while having hands free for other bagging operations bag kicker for applications that require the bag to be routed bottom first onto another conveyor system the rapat bag kicker option is operated by a pneumatic cylinder which pushes the bag from a vertical position right after the filling

series b/hdb belt conveyor features make your bag handling adjustable 1 4 1/8 end view adjustable 15 to 32 t.o.b operations run smoothly top belt width 2 1/2 14 1/2 belt width whether you operate a one-person shop or a multi-line facility rapat s full line of bagging conveyors are here to assist you in running an efficient operation rapat s series b conveyors may be used alone or in custom configurations to convey packaged product throughout your facility 3 1/4 to 5 1/4 view 2 6 9/16 8 1 0 optional 2 4 3/8 8 0 1 frame cross section 7 0 manual jack assembly 12 the rapat series b conveyor line includes reliable conveyors the series b and hdb each conveyor may be used horizontally in conjunction with sewing machines and heat sealers or on an incline to manual or automatic palletizing systems 11 1/2 to 13 1/2 adjustable for any task belt travel 8 1/4 to 25 1/4 dependable conveyors adjustable 11 1/4 to 14 4 4 13/16 4 8 5/16 1 2 7 /8 9 7/16 series b/hdb