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Rapat Corporation, SCR Belt

series scr conveyor optional features gravity take-up avaliable in tower or horizontal configurations for long conveyors metal skirting adjustable bolt-on metal skirting keeps product centered on belt reducing spillage at transitions angle flange inlet complete with bolt-on adjustable metal skirting to assure proper flow of material onto the belt crescent top belt for incline applications depending on product handled bend section designed for use when gradual inclines are necessary 12 diameter drive pulley recommended for longer and highercapacity conveyors please consult factory for further information gear reducer drive right-angle gear reducer c face motor required or shaft mounted gear reducer foot mount motor required for heavy-use operations or applications requiring a slow belt speed tripper movable along conveyor via manual or electric power available with shuttling and reversing cross conveyor to fill in multiple directions see illustration below or photograph inside for

series scr conveyor features all new computer designed conveyor built for efficiency and durability we designed the rapat series scr conveyor with our customers in mind over the past 30 years we ve offered many different conveyor configurations with every design built with a specific use in mind with the series scr conveyor we went to our best resource our customer we asked what features they wanted and how we could design a system to fit their demanding expectations the result is a conveyor with unmatched features and common-sense engineering adjustable motor mount heavy-duty motor mount designed to fit a variety of motors adjustable for v-belt tensioning 2 diameter flat carrying idlers spaced every 12 along conveyor for reduced belt wear and more efficient power usage hip roof covers optional full-length all weather covers provide your materials full protection from the elements v-belt drive standard belt drive system other options available adjustable take-up belt tracking and