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westgo tube auger features options auger tube westgo bin and tube auger systems inlet hopper tube auger specifications lengths screw drive power finish internal bearings 5 and 10 section lengths standard heavy-duty mild steel right hand full pitch v-belt and gearbox drives are available electric motor and drives are available durable high-gloss industrial enamel finish split wood hanger bearings at each connection or 10 maximum standard westgo tube auger if your needs call for a tube auger that is designed to withstand the use and abuse of a busy operation look to westgo westgo tube augers are available in 8 10 and 13 diameters the intake and discharge sections are 5 long with 5 and 10 extension sections easy maintenance is built into each unit westgo tube augers are designed for low maintenance and easy repair hanger bearings feature easy replacement through access doors for quick service main bearings are mounted on the outside of end plates for easy inspection or

westgo bin unloading features options rotating the westgo power sweep system was designed for smooth easy operation engineered for permanent installation in bins the power sweep will clean your bins quickly and safely without shoveling all controls are mounted externally for additional safety power sweep system bin sweep available in 5 and 7 models to fit 18 through 48 diameter bins features include fiber drive wheel quick-attach motor mount and formed backboard as standard equipment options include jackshaft reduction kits hydraulic drives and sweep extensions inclined powerhead the power sweep system is gear driven reducing maintenance and grain damage externally mounted controls allow quick and easy hopper operation above access hatch makes u-joint maintenance on our inclined powerhead fast and easy available in 6 8 and 10 models featuring a standard 16 basic section with optional 5 10 and 20 extensions features our exclusive quick attach motor mount and durable