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6 how to choose a tripod choosing the right tripod can be an overwhelming experience there are so many choices really right stuff has built a solid reputation as your camera support experts because we understand how to select the best support system for you from the ground up here are a number of things to consider when choosing a new tripod number of leg sections favor tripods with 3 leg-sections per leg over 4 leg-sections for most applications since each leg section has to telescope into the previous section the fourth and final leg section of a 4 leg-sections model is smaller and relatively weaker so opt for fewer sections to maximize your support also tripods with 3 leg-sections have only two joints per leg in general terms the fewer joints the better the support the fewer joints the less hassle to extend and collapse but there are times when a tripod with 4 leg-sections is a good choice if travel and portability are premium considerations for you tripods with 4 leg-sections

back to contents 14 15 new product new product tripod accessories tripods tripod accessories new product new product versa tripods purchased prior to october 2010 need ta3qch ta-2-lb our ta2lb is the most unique leveling base on the market this adaptable leveling base fits all versa series 2 tripods but it also mounts to versa quick columns or gitzo series 2 center columns to create leveling center columns only really right stuff versa tripods deliver this versatility the ta2lb also fits our monopods and is a fundamental component in our new andy biggs safari rig previous page ta-2-pfh and ta-3-pfh platform hook our series 2 versa platform hook can replace a gitzo series 2 platform our series 3 versa platform hook can replace the platform of any gitzo series 3 systematic tripod finally your legacy gitzo systematic tripod will have a weight hook new product ta-3-lb ta-3-vb level your shots faster shoot panoramas with less equipment and weight with a ta3lb leveling base installed

back to contents bh-40 lr best seller comes with b240 lr clamp bh-40 mid-sized ballhead bh-40 lr ii comes with b2 as ii clamp » » » » the 40 millimeter diameter ball is hollow easily handles pro slr bodies with medium telephoto lenses and the occasional 500mm/f4 dual drop notches allow camera to be tilted 90º over into vertical position or forward to shoot downward without repositioning the ballhead both the control knob and main locking lever are captive and uniquely shaped to reduce confusion during the heat of battle main locking lever is spring loaded reposition it in 60º increments to maximize clearance simply pull the lever out reorient and release allow spring-loaded retraction feature to pull lever back into place the bh-40 is as lightweight and compact as possible without sacrificing any of the functionality that makes our full-size bh-55 the favorite ballhead of discriminating professional and avid photographers worldwide our bestselling bh-40 lr is just a tad over

back to contents crd-87 features benefits add flash mounts for the ideal macro setup outer ring accepts b87qrfm flash mount add strobes directly to flash mount or use our extendable faex1 or faqrex2 flash extenders for greater flexibility in strobe placement image below shows canon mt24ex macro twin lite mounted on dual flash mounts and extenders ringflash adapter coming soon 30 » » » » inner ring rotates a full 360 degrees machined detents every 45° allow snap fit without the need to lock ring in place locks solidly at any rotation angle for precise control allows lens axis to be precisely centered on the rotation point quickly adjusts to fit most cameras maximum vertical distance from camera s tripod socket to center of lens not to exceed 86mm camera must be equipped with really right stuff quickrelease plate lens collars make recomposition from horizontal to vertical and every angle in between a snap unfortunately many of our favorite lenses do not have this useful feature

38 patented le ver-rele a se cl amps scre w-knob cl amps cl amps traditional clamp for all applications b2 as ii for all really right stuff plates the graceful patented stainless steel s shaped cam-locking lever provides desirable benefits over traditional screw-knob clamps easy top-loading in one quick action the clamp can go from closed to fully open allowing easy top-loading of really right stuff quick-release plates no more lost shots while fumbling to feed the plates into the end of the clamp visual confirmation of lock position you can readily observe if the lever is locked half-open or fully open low profile the lever does not protrude above or below the profiles of the clamp and in the closed position the lever closely hugs the contours of the clamp this makes it less of a weed catcher in the field and reduces the chance of being damaged in a fall less abrasive no twisting the smooth contours of the lever are less abrasive than standard knurled knobs and for those with

44 camer a body lens pl ates camer a body coll ared lens mounting pl ates dovetail orientation the dovetail groove on the bottom of each plate has an orientation that is either left/right fore/aft or bidirectional runs in both directions in general camera body plates slide left-to-right so that the camera can be centered in the clamp lens collar foot mounts slide fore-and-aft in the clamp so that a good balance point can be achieved bidirectional dovetails are very versatile but since the plate must fit the clamp in both directions the dovetail is square and there are no safety stop screws saftey stops safety stop screws prevent plates from slipping through the clamp if the clamp is not fully closed on conventional camera body plates the safety stop screw is on the right side of the plate and prevents free fall when the tripod head is flopped into the drop notch for vertical format lens collar foot mounts include two safety stops one each fore-and-aft no need to worry that you ll

back to contents 53 visit us at w w or call 1-805-528-6321 or toll free in u.s canada 1-888-777-5557 52 lens plate price/comment flash bracket compatibility canon mp-e 65mm/f2.8 macro 1x­5x scale l97l l84 l100 l84 l97l or lcf-40 lcf-41 b82 b82 l84 l84 b61 b82 b61 mpr-1 mpr-1 or lcf-51 mpr-1 mpr-113 or lcf-50 mpr-1 or mpr-192 mpr-1 or lcf-51 lcf-51 l84 b82 l84 l84 l84 $55/lens plate not compatible with canon 1d-series cameras $55/lens plate $55/lens plate $55/lens plate $55/lens plate or $65/lens collar foot replacement $85/lens collar foot replacement $55/lens plate $55/lens plate $55/lens plate $55/lens plate $65/lens plate $55/lens plate $65/lens plate b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr b87-qr lens coll ar foot mounts camer a body coll ared lens mounting pl ates ef 100mm/f2.8 macro with tripod collar ef 100mm/f2.8 macro with ring d ef 180mm/f3.5l macro ef 200mm/f1.8l ef 200mm/f2l-is usm ef 200mm/f2.8l ef 300mm/f4l not is

back to contents 60 61 wedding pro fl a sh br acke t adapters off-camer a fl ash wpf-qr wedding pro flash bracket this is the ideal off-camera flash bracket for all event photographers switching between landscape and portrait is fast and intuitive just reach up with your left hand press the release button and swing the arm into place with our new strobe quick-release system releasing your strobe strobe cord is even easier press the qr latch to release your strobe wpf-qr comes with one fa-qr1 adapter to fit most manufacturers strobe cords see next page for adapters flash bracket adapters the fa-qr1 adapter that is included with all really right stuff qr flash brackets fits most manufacturers strobe cords but some cords strobes and flash units require an adapter add our fa-qr1 set to convert non-qr flash brackets or purchase adapters as a set to use with non-qr flash brackets sets include adapter fa-qr-bs base unit n ee w pp roductnw roduct » » » » » » folds flat only

back to contents 68 mpr-cl use with most noncollared prime lenses not long enough for most zoom lenses clamp is fixed and accepts plates with left right orientation step 3 mount camera if you have an lplate securely mount your camera in portrait mode in the clamp at the end of the nodal slide if you have a conventional plate securely mount your camera in landscape mode use the laserengraved centering index marks to properly align your camera in the nodal slide s clamp nodal slides panor ama s made simple nodal slides use a nodal slide to eliminate parallax a nodal slide allows you to pull the camera backwards so that the optical center of the lens can be positioned directly over the axis of rotation in image below the center of the panning clamp our pano elements package comes standard with our mpr-cl ii nodal slide but we offer other slides to meet the needs of every application many of these slides also make great gross focusing sliders for macro work mpr-cl ii use with most

b150-b features close up macro photogr aphy r ails bars macro b150-b packages the clamp channel on our b150 -b has a fixed orientation with dovetails running left/right not fore/aft if you re shooting with a macro lens with tripod collar or need greater lateral shifting capability choose one of our b150-b packages instead b150-b package includes lens mount and b2fab clamp the lmt gives sufficient height clearance to allow even the tallest camera bodies to rotate freely without hitting the rail the lmt is hollow and has two laserengraved scales allows precise lateral positioning see closeup image at bottom of column » » really right stuff compatible dovetail extends along the bottom of the rail rail can also be mounted using ¼ 20 tripod socket integral lever-release clamp offers optimum quick release convenience with an ultra-low profile b150-b macro focusing rail remember that as you focus a true macro lens magnification changes to maintain your desired magnification you need to

hardware tools and pouches accessories hardware tools pouches captive screws b101 b102 ordering instructions optech neoprene pouches mini large x-large pouches and bags padded cordura pouches lb-40 lb-55 205 higuera street san luis obispo ca 93401-5014 usa all shipments originate from san luis obispo ca only complete orders ship domestic orders ship via united parcel service ups or us postal service usps priority mail charges vary depending upon weight value check website for ship costs ship charges subject to change shipments to apo or fpo addresses always ship via priority mail shipments to us territories ship via ups or priority mail prices vary rush orders can ship via ups next day air call to confirm secure online ordering go to flathead screws ¼ 20 metric 6 padded tripod bags tqb-80 tp-243 bag by phone 1-888-777-5557 toll free in the us and canada or 1-805-528-6321 by mail include a brief note with the following information cap-head screws ¼ 20