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ava il a ble soon 12 final design specs subject to change quick-column series 1 carbon fiber tripod tripods quick-column series 1 tripod compact size big performance the quick-column series 1 tripod is the latest and most compact addition to the really right stuff tripod line this feature rich tripod was designed to be the ultimate traveling tripod many of the innovative series 2 and 3 tripod features are elegantly retained in new product this smaller version engineered to be a companion to the bh-30 ball head the tqc-14 easily supports loads up to 25 pounds without sacrificing stability the tqc-14 collapses down to just 17.7 inches easily fitting into even average sized day packs and making it perfect for traveling hiking or even just walking around town at 2.6 pounds even the most weight conscious photographers will be amazed at the portability of this tripod its built-in in center column gives 11 inches added height when needed considering its small collapsed size and a maximum

compact ultr a-light ballhe ads bh-30 bh-25 heads for tripods monopods 22 bh-30 bh-25 compact ultra-light ballheads these are no nonsense heads with robust capacity but with minimal weight and elegant simplicity they excel as groundlevel macro tools but also as super light heads for backpacking travel and table top use travel ambassador our new tqc-14 tripod with bh-30 lr ballhead is the ultimate travel combo shown here with nikon d7000 fitted with bd7000-l set » » » » the bh-30 ballhead has a beefy t-lever to lock ball articulation and an independent pan lock knob to control the panning base ball diameter is 30mm the panning base of the bh-30 ballhead is laser engraved in 2.5º increments from 0°-360° the bh-25 ballhead has a single t-lever which locks both panning and ball articulation simultaneously ball diameter is 25mm the t-lever on both heads is longer on one end to help you lock the ball down solid it is spring-loaded simply p-u-l-l it out to reposition the lever to

the right head and legs for you in our experience most tripod requirements fall into one of these four categories ultra-light compact mid-sized or fullsized we ve made some support suggestions based upon the gear you shoot with keep in mind that these suggestions are intended to be a starting point in your search for an ideal support system if you find yourself wavering between one setup or the other ask yourself a quick question do you lean in the direction of a heavier more robust setup or do you prefer the idea of a lighter more portable setup this can often help you make your decision but if you re still undecided don t hesitate to give us a ring and ask us for our opinion we re certain to have one full-sized » » » » is right for you if you want a very robust system that can handle studio work macro setups and gimbal head attachments common gear nikon d3-series or canon 7d/60d/1d-series medium large format you regularly use a 300mm/f2.8 lens and shoot with lots of heavy

traditional clamp for all applications traditional screw-knob quick-release clamps can sustain as much weight and stress as any tripod head can bear and then some also perfect for monopod use captive knob knob stops at maximum opening cannot be lost in the field refined knurling beautifully contoured with radiused edges and a domed end to improve aesthetics and feel light weight screw-knob clamps are about 15 lighter than their lever-release counterparts use screw-knob clamps with all arca-style plates screw-knob clamps are more forgiving of plate width than our lever-release style clamps any quick-release plate known as arca-swiss style no matter the manufacturer will work great in our screw-knob clamps this includes plates made by kirk foba markins acratech novoflex and arca-swiss note that gitzo bogen or manfrotto plates are not arca-style plates but you can retrofit your head to accept the really right stuff quickrelease system by referencing our chart on page 43 arca-swiss p0

camer a body pl ates camer a body coll ared lens mounting pl ates 50 body plates for camera bodies and battery grips camera body/battery grip plate price/comment nikon md-4 md-12 md-15 motors fm2 fm3a fe2 fa f3 f2 fg cameras n8008s n8008 cameras n80 n70 n60/n65 cameras n90 n90s without mb-10 grip f100 without mb-15 grip f100 with mb-15 grip mb-21 batter y pack for f4/f4s f5 f6 without mb-40 batter y pack f6 with mb-40 battery pack d1/d1x /d1h d2h/d2hs/d2x /d2xs d3/d3x /d3s w t-1a or w t-2a wireless transmitters d100 without mb-d100 batter y pack d100 with mb-d100 batter y pack d200 without mb-d200 batter y pack d200 with mb-d200 batter y pack d300 d300s without mb-d10 batter y pack d300 d300s with mb-d10 batter y pack d700 without mb-d10 batter y pack d700 with mb-d10 batter y pack d40 d40x d50 d60 d70 d70s d80 d90 without mb-d80 batter y pack d80 d90 with mb-d80 batter y pack d5000/d3000 d5100 d7000 without mb-d11 batter y pack d7000 with mb-d11 batter y pack coolpix

photographer michael deyoung shooting danielle dory rock climbing at tres piedras climbing area in northern new mexico gear in use think tank speed racer pack canon 50d with ef-s 10 -22 lens really right stuff b50d l plate with wpf-1 flash bracket honl 1/4 grid attachment image used with permission from michael deyoung ©20 09 michael deyoung rights protected image contact

panoramas made simple las vegas nv skyline from the las vegas airport equipment and exposures panorama and hdr composed of 12 images 1 row of 4 hdr images at 3 images per hdr shot using bh-55 lr mounted on ta-3-lc and tvc-33 canon 7d camera canon ef 28-135mm /f4 at 28mm iso 100 f/10 1.3 5.0 and 5.2 seconds for the hdr pano stitched in adobe photoshop cs5 final image dimensions 11111 x 5255 pixels 37 x 17.5 ©2011 joe johnson

for gigapan epic pro now you can use your camera gear fitted with really right stuff plates on the gigapan epic pro motorized panorama head made by gigapan systems simply replace the stock camera mounting platform of the epic pro with our new gp-cb camera bar our replacement camera bar is lighter stronger and includes a laser-engraved scale for precision positioning at the no parallax point gp-cb replaces the stock camera mounting platform of the gigapan epic pro $140 nikon d300 with nikkor 105mm/f2.8 mounted in gp-cb package add clearance to ultimate-pro the bex-1.75 is used to extend the height of the vertical arm on our omni-pivot packages this is useful for certain camera-lens combinations when one wants to shoot the zenith pointing straight up though not necessary for most flat-projection composite panoramas that most nature photographers create those shooting spherical or virtual reality images will find this useful mount directly to the mpr-192 rail screws included or buy

fa-qr1 adapter one included with each flash bracket and extra flash mounts allows strobe to snap directly to top of flash mount or extender add b87-qrfm flash mount for 2nd strobe fa-qrex2 telescoping flash extenders add extension fr87-qr flash ring mounts to lens plate l84 lens plate mounts to lens collar foot fr87-qr with b150-b package when using a macro lens that has a tripod collar foot mount the flash bracket to the quick-release lens plate on the lens foot then mount the lens plate in our b150-b package most collared lenses cannot be mounted directly to b150-b gear shown canon 5d mk ii camera with b5d2-l plate 180mm/f2.8 macro lens fitted with l84 lens plate canon s mt-24ex macro twin lites mounted on fr87-qr flash bracket with one extra b87-qrfm flash mount and two fa-qrex2 extenders use b150-b package for collared macro lenses includes b150-b rail and lens mount bh-55 lr ballhead part l84 lens plate b150-b package fr87-qr fa-qrex1 extender fa-qrex2 extender price $55 $475