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message from our president our nation and our world are faced with tremendous challenges—challenges that sometimes can seem insurmountable but know this the plans of god will not be thwarted god is doing remarkable things through those who desire to serve him this is why i founded regent university—to provide you with a place to sharpen your skills and prepare you to help transform the world through christian leadership regent university is an academic environment where christian leaders are taught to discern and respond to the times and through the years we have created a university that is a leading center for thought and action our graduates are servant leaders who are providing godly solutions to many of the challenges we face as a society if there were ever a time to get involved in a worthy cause this is that time regent university exists for such a time as this america—and the world—need christian leadership and you may be one of those leaders i

• • • • • • • • late fee a late fee of $100 is applied to all student accounts not satisfied by the payment deadline student insurance fee all enrolled students who are taking 3 or more credit hours are required to enroll in a comprehensive health care plan students have the option of purchasing coverage for spouses and children the insurance fee is due the payment deadline students who already have comparable health insurance may waive this plan by submitting a waiver form and by showing proof of participation in a comparable health care plan premium rates vary by academic year optional dental insurance is available distance students are exempt from this requirement contact student services for current rates student development fee the council of graduate students cogs is committed to planning and implementing events and activities that facilitate the professional development spiritual maturation and social interaction of regent

the 732 the 733 the 740 the 741 the 742 the 750 the 799 history theory criticism and literature of theatre 1 history theory criticism and literature of theatre 2 advanced acting 3 acting shakespeare advanced acting 4 period and styles weapons of the stage auditioning and the business of acting mfa thesis/creative project 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 a minimum of 12 credit hours may be taken from such courses as the following the 722 advanced directing for the stage 1 3 the 760 special topics in theatre repeatable as offered 3 international phonetic alphabet and dialects 3 improvisation 3 singing for the actor 3 musical theatre workshop 3 dance for the actor 3 theatre study trip 1 the 795 theatre internship 2 x max for a max of 6 credit hrs 3 the 780 mfa practicum in theatre performance 3 3 x max for a max of 3 credit hours mfa in acting and directing the mfa in acting and directing is a hybrid degree focusing on both acting and directing the student takes a variety of production oriented courses

bntb 511 the beginnings of the new testament church 3 bntb 512 the new testament church in the roman world 3 tcdh 500 god the world redemption 3 pmin 555 spiritual formation lab 2 choose two of four 6 tcdh 510 salvation holy spirit christian living 3 tcdh 520 church kingdom last things 3 tcdh 540 church history renewal 1 3 tcdh 541 church history renewal 2 3 choose three of five 9 pmin 501 church ministry 3 pmin 500 christian spirituality 3 pmin 505 biblical discipleship 3 pmis 500 world christian perspectives 3 pmis 502 missions the local church 3 total core 45 electives 12 botb bntb student choice 6 bint tcdh pmin pmis student choice 6 culminating experience 3 thesis track bint 598 thesis research writing 1 bint 599 thesis 2 or academic study track bint 590 independent study 3 comprehensive exam 0 total degree 60 2-3 years the comprehensive exam is to be equally divided between 10 one half hour units from the student’s core courses and

leaders teaches how to plan an integrated church calendar that allows evangelism discipleship and training to flow together smoothly prerequisite pmin 503 pmin 505 biblical discipleship 3 this summer modular course is designed to equip students to be growing disciples of the lord jesus christ and give them a biblical model of reproducing and multiplying disciples since making disciples is the ultimate goal of the great commission and local churches represent the seedbed for discipleship training emphasis is given to acclimatizing the local church for discipleship and designing a plan for evangelism follow-up discipleship and church growth this course can be taken as an alternative to pmin 500 in the various degree plans prerequisites pmin 555 recommended pmin 506 surveying the cell church 3 this course will orient leaders to the cell model its biblical basis historical roots and practical application providing an overview of the theology structure and function of the cell movement

diverse school community the purpose and role of education in modern society representative governance that under girds the system of american schools and the use of technology in administration and supervision eadm 704 advanced supervision design implementation of education programs curriculum technology 3 eadm 706 legal ethical professional issues in education 3 eadm 720 advanced practices of school finance management of resources facilities 3 eadm 721 school community relations 3 edco 801 strategic planning program evaluation 3 edco 802 analysis of variance 1 edco 803 regression correlation 1 edco 804 structure reliability analysis 1 edsl 807 organizational instructional change 3 eedd 800 the principalship 3 eedd 810 advanced practices in personnel administration 3 eedd 850 the superintendency 3 efnd 727 supervision staff development training 3 efnd 806 assessment and evaluation of students 3 esae 820 research special topics in curriculum 3 higher

facilitates networking opportunities we also provide travel for our students to areas that we have identified as primary employment targets—such as washington d.c and richmond va.—to facilitate contact a sampling of employers and internship sponsors the white house washington dc u.s attorney general john ashcroft washington dc u.s state department washington dc the heritage foundation washington dc u.s civil rights commission washington dc u.s senator jesse helms washington dc u.s senator lauch faircloth washington dc u.s representative ed schrock u.s representative stephen lynch u.s representative joanne davis u s senate foreign relations committee united state congress washington dc committee on the judiciary subcommittee on the constitution house of representatives washington dc concerned women of america acton institute american center for law justice virginia beach va british parliament london england crossfire washington dc department of community affairs state of

law 757 drafting contracts 2 study of the law and techniques of contract formation and drafting provides experience in the imaginative thinking that a lawyer must pursue as he or she brings together the expressed and implied agreements of the parties to a contract and to learn to create legal documents that express the agreement not only clearly but also in a manner that defies any contrary interpretation enrollment limited by instructor prerequisites law 551 554 521 522 552 and 553 law 664 elder law 3 deals with legal problems concerning care of the elderly addresses current jurisprudence and the status of the elderly and incapacitated representation of the elderly incapacitation planning skilled care facility law and issues cryogenics rights and responsibilities medical experimentation and medicaid and medicare planning and management particular attention to ethical and moral issues raised by the course content encourages creative thinking in a pro-elderly pro-life pro-family

solving and decision-making thus the knowledge and abilities you glean from this course will open doors to lifelong learning it is imperative for graduate study research and a vital foundation for all other coursework required to complete within the first semester approximately 10 hours to complete lead 771 the human focus of leadership 6 provides a framework for studying strategic leadership as it explores the role of followers interacting with other followers and the organization’s leader examine and understand group formation and development both in the face-to-face organizational environment as well as the virtual organization through this examination discover the different role that communication plays in the virtual environment discuss various concepts of transformational leadership that result in leaders developing future leaders of their followers in addition examine the role of self-development and building accountability among leaders in a support network includes an

• • • • • • • • • • students can study one subject at a time with classes meeting one evening per week or saturday or taken completely online undergraduate degrees can be completed within 2 years most class sizes are 20-25 students classes are delivered in a dynamic on-campus enviornment and an innovative online distance education format classes are designed to integrate excellent academics with practical knowledge that is directly applicable to your chosen vocation faculty members are selected for their academic credentials and professional experience the instructional style is structured for adult-education using discussion-oriented instruction that draws upon the experiences of students and faculty applied research seminars permit the investigation of work-related problems elective options include courses taken within program of study courses taken in one of our other undergrad programs independent study and credit