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enrollment status classification 26 registration and payment 27 university academic calendar fall 2006-summer 2007 27 registration 28 individual study 29 genisys® 29 course changes add/drops and refund policy 29 auditing a course 29 transcripts 30 financial holds on academic records 30 withdrawal from the university 30 payment 31 tuition per credit hour fall 2006 31 fees 32 tuition and fee payment deadlines 32 tuition installment plan 32 financial aid 33 virginia tuition assistance grant 33 university-wide endowed scholarships 33 loan programs 34 satisfactory academic progress 36 student employment 37 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 37 veterans benefits 38 more information 38 e-mail notification and genisys® 38 graduate schools 39 business see global leadership and entrepreneurship communication and the arts 40 degree programs 44 course descriptions 55 faculty 67 divinity 69 degree programs

27 of 9 credit hours with a 3.00 or better gpa 2.00 for the m.div ma in missiology or ma in practical theology programs and meeting the course requirements set by the school the provisional designation will be removed students entering regent on a provisional basis who do not achieve a 3.00 gpa 2.00 for the m.div ma in missiology or ma in practical theology programs for the first term of enrollment are subject to immediate dismissal all provisions of the academic probation and dismissal policy will then apply conditional graduate applicants who have submitted all application material except test results an official transcript or a letter of reference may be admitted on a conditional enrollment status those on conditional status have one term to submit all of the required admissions material the student will not be eligible to register for a second term until the school removes the conditional designation any request for an exception to this registration block must be submitted to

55 • supporting courses graduate courses are available to doctoral students outside the school of communication and the arts but in other schools within regent university or at graduate institutions outside regent university that prepare them to complete their specialized program of study admission to candidacy admission to the doctoral program does not constitute a student’s admission to candidacy for the ph.d degree admission to candidacy is contingent upon 1 successful completion of all coursework with a minimum of a b average 3.0 cgpa 2 successful completion of both portions of the qualifying examinations 3 meeting the residency requirement for the track in which the student is accepted into the program 4 recommendations by the student’s doctoral committee/mentors and 5 the approval vote of the doctoral faculty committee and the faculty of the school residency residency is a necessary component to building academic fellowship and camaraderie among a community

83 c c cthe student has shown a minimal grasp of the facts of the course and does not demonstrate the desired level of creativity analytical performance or comprehension practical or formational implications of work are included as appropriate the grade will vary from c c as the minimum gpa for the academic m.a is 3.0 students in these degrees who receive a grade below a c i.e c in any course must repeat that course in order to graduate as the minimum gpa for m.div m.a in practical theology and m.a in missiology is 2.0 students who receive a grade of c in these degrees need not repeat the course in order to graduate d d dbelow minimal understanding and ability to handle the subject material of the course but not requiring the course to be repeated practical or formational implications of work are included as appropriate the grade will vary from d to d as the minimum gpa for the academic m.a is 3.0 students in these degrees who receive a grade of d d din any course must repeat that

111 school of education dean’s message the issue of quality education is a growing concern in today’s culture the bible and professional literature agree on one key solution teachers administrators scholars policy-makers and support personnel who are excellent leaders a higher caliber of leader than ever before is needed to meet the kaleidoscope of challenges in public and private schools from the classroom to the policy level the regent university school of education offers masters specialist and doctoral programs to develop such leaders regent students learn how to integrate research-supported concepts and skills with a biblical worldview thus regent graduates are prepared to make a difference by bringing academic excellence moral character and standards of learning into our educational systems you can join the growing number of education professionals who are changing our world by taking part in a regent school of education graduate or doctoral degree program alan a

139 development in all areas specifically in student achievement the entire personnel management and leadership function will be linked with the interstate school leaders licensure consortium standards cross-listed with eadm 536 eadm 640 school community relations 3 focuses on the role of the school leader in designing programs around the needs problems and issues of the school with its stakeholders special publics because of cultural changes and new problems arising there is a need for better two way communications between the school and the community dealing constructively and effectively with these needs and problems will increase the chances that parents stakeholders special publics and the district will take a positive interest in the school thus inviting their support for school improvement candidates will develop a plan to capitalize on the diversity cultural ethic racial economic special interest groups of the school community to improve student achievement school programs

167 entr 661 entrepreneurial plan 3 entr 662 creative venture launch 3 entr 663 entrepreneurial problem-solving opportunities 3 entr 664 servant leadership entrepreneurial thinking 3 entr 665 small business management 3 entr 669 special topics in entrepreneurship 3 intl 671 international entrepreneurship 3 finance the finance specialization has two areas of emphasis financial management and financial planning the financial management emphasis prepares the student for a career as a financial analyst project manager or chief financial officer students should be able to secure employment in any size corporation and be qualified for a variety of finance-related occupations the financial planning emphasis has two concentrations financial planners and investment analyst the personal financial planner would probably seek the certified financial planner cfp designation career opportunities for personal financial planners include working for a small medium or large company as a

195 organizational development students take the following school of leadership studies electives lmol 611 consulting practices 3 lmol 612 organizational diagnosis intervention 3 lmol 613 measurement analysis 3 philanthropic nonprofit organizations 9 credit hours for those who desire to lead mission-oriented philanthropic or nonprofit organizations this concentration prepares professionals with the leadership and management tools required for advancement in the nonprofit sector through churches parachurch organizations educational institutions foundations and other private or public human service organizations students take the following graduate school of business electives students must coordinate course registration with the graduate school of business since the school of leadership studies does not oversee graduate school of business courses nprf 681 managing not-for-profit organizations 3 nprf 682 not-for-profit fundraising/development 3 nprf 684 accounting managerial

223 the world economy imf wto world bank are covered finally the current controversies about the performance of the international economic system are evaluated and the possibility for reform assessed gov 675 hemispheric integration 3 reviews the development experience of countries of the americas and their search for a set of multilateral arrangements that will promote the harmonious and balanced development of the region focus is upon 1 the development history of the americas in the broader context of the world economy 2 the history of individual latin american countries and how that history has been shaped by the international economy 3 development strategies and their efforts promoting regional economic integration greater political and economic co-operation and more effective regional governance gov 676 asian politics 3 deals with asia’s wars and peace in the 20th century and the dynamic political economic and religious developments in the 21st century it will also discuss

251 law 795 legal aid/nonprofit externship 1-4 students interested in public interest law may serve as externs with the local legal aid program and non profit organizations that have a legal division for students who enroll in the legal aid externship there is a classroom component in which lawyering skills such as factual investigation interviewing case analysis and litigation strategy are discussed the legal aid classroom component introduces students to the areas of substantive law in which the legal aid program represents clients e.g landlord/tenant law consumer law and government benefits hours spent in the classroom component do not substitute for the hours necessary to fulfill the externship requirement on site at the placement prerequisites law 511 551 554 521 522 561 562 541 542 552 and 553 law 796 aclj externship 5 as part of the aclj supreme court semester in washington students will assist the aclj in its legal research writing and advocacy activities and participate in

278 rawles portia d 2001 psy.d m.a regent university b.a stanford university assistant professor rehfuss mark c 2004 ph.d kent state university m.a m.div ashland theological seminary b.a miami university oh associate dean for academics/assistant professor ripley jennifer s 1999 ph.d m.s virginia commonwealth university b.a nyack college associate professor scalise eric t 2001 ed.s m.ed b.a the college of william mary counseling program director/associate professor sells james n 2005 university of southern california ms.ed northern illinois university m.a wheaton graduate school b.a biola university ph.d program director/professor sigler anna t 2001 psy.d m.a regent university assistant professor thompson rosemary 2006 ed.d m.ed the college of william and mary b.s radford university associate professor underwood lee a 1999 psy.d wright state university m.a regent university b.s fort wayne bible college assistant professor yarhouse mark a 1998 psy.d m.a