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111 school of education dean’s message the issue of quality education is a growing concern in today’s culture the bible and professional literature agree on one key solution teachers administrators scholars policy-makers and support personnel who are excellent leaders a higher caliber of leader than ever before is needed to meet the kaleidoscope of challenges in public and private schools from the classroom to the policy level the regent university school of education offers masters specialist and doctoral programs to develop such leaders regent students learn how to integrate research-supported concepts and skills with a biblical worldview thus regent graduates are prepared to make a difference by bringing academic excellence moral character and standards of learning into our educational systems you can join the growing number of education professionals who are changing our world by taking part in a regent school of education graduate or doctoral degree program alan a arroyo ed.d contact information application forms may be downloaded from the website obtained by mail or completed online to request your application packet contact enrollment services school of education regent university 1000 regent university drive adm 266 virginia beach va 23464-9800 888.713.1595 e-mail education@regent.edu virginia beach campus dceducation@regent.edu dc campus website www.regent.edu/education mission and vision the school of education through its commitment to excellence in teaching research and service provides a biblically based christian education to equip men and women in mind heart and character for lives of educational and transformational leadership the regent university school of education affirming the university mission and acknowledging its call to be a distinctive school of graduate education commits itself to innovative and excellent academic programs to unique and exemplary program delivery both on-campus and at a distance to depth and breadth of faculty teaching research and service and to preparation and empowerment of graduates who actively embrace the challenge of transforming education through practice and example we pledge ourselves to transforming education worldwide by promoting biblically compatible research-based solutions to challenges in education through bridging theory and practice and by building effective partnerships with schools and community agencies we are committed to building and maintaining an outstanding faculty and a diverse student body consistent with the mission of the university distinctives of the school • a biblical foundation since our programs are based on time-honored biblical standards we have a firm foundation on which to establish sound educational practices free from the fads and whims that have characterized american education school of education