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167 entr 661 entrepreneurial plan 3 entr 662 creative venture launch 3 entr 663 entrepreneurial problem-solving opportunities 3 entr 664 servant leadership entrepreneurial thinking 3 entr 665 small business management 3 entr 669 special topics in entrepreneurship 3 intl 671 international entrepreneurship 3 finance the finance specialization has two areas of emphasis financial management and financial planning the financial management emphasis prepares the student for a career as a financial analyst project manager or chief financial officer students should be able to secure employment in any size corporation and be qualified for a variety of finance-related occupations the financial planning emphasis has two concentrations financial planners and investment analyst the personal financial planner would probably seek the certified financial planner cfp designation career opportunities for personal financial planners include working for a small medium or large company as a financial planner establishing a client base and having expertise in investments insurance and estate planning the investment analyst would probably seek the chartered financial analyst cfa designation career opportunities include but are not limited to working for banks trust companies or investment firms financial management emphasis fncl 622 accounting applications 3 fncl 623 financial accounting control systems 3 fncl 629 special topics in finance 3 busn 613 corporate finance required for ma students 3 busn 623 managerial finance required for ma students 3 financial planning emphasis fncl 625 financial planning 3 fncl 626 estate planning 3 fncl 627 insurance risk management 3 fncl 628 portfolio management 3 human resource management today human resource hr managers are called to be more than an employee’s friend counselor mediator and reprover they are called to do more than screen résumés detail company benefits and plan company activities they are called to deliver something of value to the organization that enhances organizational capability effects change and generates a sustained competitive advantage for the organization stated differently hr professionals who possess these skills and abilities have the opportunity to become strategic partners in an organization more so than in any other middle management function hr professionals can impact the quality of employee lives this specialization trains students to become both faithful servants of people and effective stewards of corporate resources required course hrmt 640 strategic human resource management hrmt 640 strategic human resource management 3 hrmt 641 labor employment law for managers 3 hrmt 649 special topics in human resource management 3 international business this specialization prepares students for effectively managing organizations operating in a global business environment it is designed to equip students with the background and insight needed to analyze opportunities for international expansion interact effectively with customers and employees in other countries design effective employee management strategies for international workers and implement appropriate global financial processes intl 670 cross-cultural business 3 intl 671 international entrepreneurship 3 intl 679 special topics in international business 3 school of global leadership and entrepreneurship business