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223 the world economy imf wto world bank are covered finally the current controversies about the performance of the international economic system are evaluated and the possibility for reform assessed gov 675 hemispheric integration 3 reviews the development experience of countries of the americas and their search for a set of multilateral arrangements that will promote the harmonious and balanced development of the region focus is upon 1 the development history of the americas in the broader context of the world economy 2 the history of individual latin american countries and how that history has been shaped by the international economy 3 development strategies and their efforts promoting regional economic integration greater political and economic co-operation and more effective regional governance gov 676 asian politics 3 deals with asia’s wars and peace in the 20th century and the dynamic political economic and religious developments in the 21st century it will also discuss the division and desire for unification of korea and china’s rise as a regional and global power includes an analysis of asean’s goal to move from economic cooperation to political integration and regional security and the consideration of the role of apec and asia’s future relations with the united states and european union gov 677 terrorism and homeland defense 3 broadens individual understanding of the ever changing nature of international terrorism and its consequences on american society at large it covers the present-day us domestic and external responses to terrorism and focus on the rise of the us homeland security agency also there is a focus on trends in modern terrorism especially the proliferation of wmd and what the us can do or is doing to counter such trends gov 678 terrorism/disaster consequence management 3 assists local governments and communities in planning and preparing to deal with disasters on the scale of 9/11 major hurricanes earthquake relief and other natural and manmade occurrences that involve a large loss of life and/or substantial property and infrastructure damage taught in conjunction with experts from the federal emergency management agency fema and other local responder agencies the course is designed to inform the public and local government officials of what it takes to be prepared for disasters and natural occurrences of substantial consequence gov 679 national security affairs 3 explores how and why national security decisions get made and the manner in which they are made it is designed to increase student understanding of the political organizational and behavioral phenomena that are relevant to national security decision making at the national level of political discourse in the united states using policy analysis it focuses on the critical changes within the international and domestic political arenas and explore how these changes impact national security decisions of the president and his key advisors gov 682 fundraising and campaign finance strategies 3 presents the development and implementation of the financial strategies needed to organize and run an effective political campaign it shows how to develop a realistic campaign financial plan manage budgets and how to organize effective fundraising events special attention will be paid to election law especially related to fundraising and reporting as well as the proper submission of campaign finance reports upon completion the student will become familiar with the complexities of campaign finance and develop an effective fundraising plan that reflects christian based ethical values gov 683 health care ethics 3 focuses on developing and understanding the ethical principles and challenges germane to the health care industry it acquaints the student with the ethical situations that occur in the delivery of health care by gaining the knowledge and understanding of these problems and dilemmas the student will be better equipped to become an effective leader in this industry by the application of christian principles gov 686 health care law and policy 3 designed to familiarize the learner with the legal and policy issues that impact the health care industry provides insight into how the legal system functions in health care environments an introductory course concerning the implications of health care policy is presented cross-listed within the m.a in organizational leadership program gov 687 health care economics 3 presents the basic economic consideration confronting health care organizations the major topics include health care financing and management insurance cost benefit cost containment and decision-making strategies cross-listed within the m.a in organizational leadership program gov 688 health care administration 3 focuses on the administrative and organizational concepts involved in managing complex health care organizations gives an understanding of the structure and function of operations within the health care system cross-listed within the m.a in organizational leadership program gov 690 691 692 independent study 1-3 take up to three independent studies with faculty beginning with gov 690 and continuing with gov 691 and gov 692 requires approval of the program director through submission of individual study form robertson school of government