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251 law 795 legal aid/nonprofit externship 1-4 students interested in public interest law may serve as externs with the local legal aid program and non profit organizations that have a legal division for students who enroll in the legal aid externship there is a classroom component in which lawyering skills such as factual investigation interviewing case analysis and litigation strategy are discussed the legal aid classroom component introduces students to the areas of substantive law in which the legal aid program represents clients e.g landlord/tenant law consumer law and government benefits hours spent in the classroom component do not substitute for the hours necessary to fulfill the externship requirement on site at the placement prerequisites law 511 551 554 521 522 561 562 541 542 552 and 553 law 796 aclj externship 5 as part of the aclj supreme court semester in washington students will assist the aclj in its legal research writing and advocacy activities and participate in observation at the u.s supreme court other federal courts and congress under the supervision of aclj attorneys prerequisites law 511 551 554 521 522 561 562 541 542 552 and 553 law 797 aclj externship classroom component 1 as part of the aclj supreme court semester in washington students will participate in a one-hour-per-week externship classroom component to discuss and process their externship experiences and insights law 811 biblical law 3 exegetical course in the laws of the bible using the decalogue as its own principle of organization develops the meaning of the laws in context and their appropriate applications with emphasis on the nature of their applicability to policy issues such as pluralism penology lawful oaths blue laws church and state jurisdiction gender roles marriage capital punishment and other topics prerequisite law 511 law 812 qur’anic law 3 a survey of the text of the arabic qur’an in english and the three kinds of commentary on it by muslims islamists traditionalists and reformists the students will compare the translation and commentary of three published qur’ans respectively those of hilali khan abdullah yusuf ali and maulana muhammad ali lectures and assignments will seek to understand the qur’anic basis of these three expressions of islamic religion politics human rights and law and christian conceptual strategies to challenge them law topics will include the rule of law an establishment of religion crime and punishment and civil law prerequisite law 511 law 831 crime punishment 2 inquiry into the scriptural principles that govern man’s role in and responsibility for punishing and controlling sinners and for redressing the consequences of sin included is a study of the historical foundations of our criminal justice system other topics to be discussed are the differences between a sin and a crime appropriate sanctions and current issues in criminal justice prerequisites law 511 and 531 law 862 entertainment law 3 overview of legal problems in film theatre television sound recordings and literary and music publishing topics include the role of attorneys agents and business and personal managers contractual provisions in different entertainment agreements protection for ideas and stories rights of privacy and publicity and related copyright issues prerequisites law 561 562 521 and 522 law 863 sports law 2 study of the law of sports including intellectual property rights of privacy and publicity antitrust labor contracts torts olympic and international rules and sports agency prerequisites law 511 551 554 521 522 561 562 541 542 552 and 553 law 882 school law 2 focuses on the legal aspects of public private and home education including 1 the legal framework for public education 2 first amendment and other constitutional issues related to the public schools 3 government regulation of private/parochial schools and 4 parental rights concerning home education prerequisites law 511 551 554 521 522 561 562 541 542 552 and 553 law 883 international comparative human rights 2 addresses the questions of the universality of human rights including the right of life the right to death rights of the child women’s rights religious freedoms the rights of third-world countries and the export of western values to eastern societies prerequisites law 511 the faculty resident faculty regent university school of law has a diverse and distinguished faculty members of the faculty have published extensively and all of them have significant legal experience in private practice public interest legal work or government service the school is justly proud of the accomplishments of its faculty members collectively the faculty provides an outstanding and rich legal education for regent students members and their credentials are listed below the date in which the faculty member began full time in the school of divinity is listed in parentheses school of law