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55 • supporting courses graduate courses are available to doctoral students outside the school of communication and the arts but in other schools within regent university or at graduate institutions outside regent university that prepare them to complete their specialized program of study admission to candidacy admission to the doctoral program does not constitute a student’s admission to candidacy for the ph.d degree admission to candidacy is contingent upon 1 successful completion of all coursework with a minimum of a b average 3.0 cgpa 2 successful completion of both portions of the qualifying examinations 3 meeting the residency requirement for the track in which the student is accepted into the program 4 recommendations by the student’s doctoral committee/mentors and 5 the approval vote of the doctoral faculty committee and the faculty of the school residency residency is a necessary component to building academic fellowship and camaraderie among a community of scholars oncampus doctoral students meet the residency requirement by completing two consecutive semesters in which they are registered for at least 6 credit hours each semester excluding summer sessions all doctoral students online as well as on-campus must attend a 2-credit hour on-campus seminar com 700 introduction to doctoral studies in communication scheduled during a two-week summer session preceding the student’s first fall term of study this seminar is a daily intensive reading/lecture/writing course in the field of communication studies the course also is designed to orient students to the doctoral program the school’s faculty and doctoral-level study in the communication field during each subsequent summer session following any semester until required coursework is completed the distance education doctoral student takes at least one summer doctoral seminar which has an on-campus residency component or other approved on-campus course this summer residency requirement is also an opportunity to take additional courses advancing academic progress residency includes face-to-face defense of the dissertation doctoral students have a five -year limit within which they are normally expected to complete all requirements for the ph.d degree doctoral coursework is designed for a two-year full-time commitment in light of this time frame and degree completion deadline students may choose to register for part-time coursework any semester course descriptions the following course offerings are common to all departments within the school for the m.a mfa programs the course letter designation will vary with the particular school in which the course is offered several seminars/workshops covering specialized areas will be offered during the course of an academic year many are listed individually in department sections an independent study or internship is not usually taken in the first year of study an m.a student may count no more than 7 credit hours of independent study and internship toward his or her degree 580/680/780 practicum 1-3 the practicum provides opportunities for practical and hands-on experience in a given area such as magazine newspaper public relations performing arts cinema arts and television arts pass/no pass note see listing under specific schools all mfa or m.a practicum have the 80 designation 589 workshop 1-3 the workshop is a directed study combining theory and knowledge with practical application workshops may present opportunities for hands-on experience all mfa or m.a workshops have the 89 designation 590 independent study 1-3 the independent study affords the student an opportunity for specialized research or project in an area of interest an independent study cannot be offered for a course that is already designated and listed all mfa or m.a independent studies have the 90 designation 595 internship 1-3 the internship gives the student an opportunity to apply classroom learning to professional work situations pass/no pass all mfa or m.a internships have the 95 designation 597 comprehensive examination 1 the comprehensive exam is a written examination with an oral option that serves as a culminating activity pass/no pass all comprehensive examinations for the m.a are designated com 597 598/698/798 m.a mfa portfolio 1-3 the portfolio is designed to demonstrate professional competence and creativity in the student’s specific area of study portfolios should be done close to the end of the program of study pass/no pass all portfolios whether mfa or m.a have the 98 designation school of communication the arts