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financial holds on academic records 25 freedom of expression 25 grade change appeals 26 grading system 26 graduation and the commencement ceremony 26 “incomplete” grades 27 information research and resources course 27 “in-progress” grades 27 outcomes assessment requirement 27 registration processes 28 statement of academic freedom 29 student records confidentiality 29 transcripts and verification of enrollment 29 withdrawal from the school of undergraduate studies 29 withdrawals and returning from a withdrawal 30 academic programs 30 graduation requirements for the baccalaureate degree 33 the general education core curriculum 31 areas of specialization certificates of study minors emphases and majors 32 academic departments 35 communication 35 animation courses 38 professional communication courses 42 communication courses 42 general education 45 art courses 46 biology courses 46 economics courses 46 english courses

8 4 5 6 7 8 9 an ability to bring an understanding of ethics culture and worldviews to bear on awareness of self and others in community skill in communicating ideas and information accurately logically and effectively in written and oral form a broad understanding of the methods and content of the natural and social sciences and their role in today’s world a valuing of beauty and the human imagination the ability to contribute to a caring community that embraces the value of all of its members mastery at the undergraduate level of at least one academic field in significant depth the courses stress skill development in the areas of interdisciplinary leadership decision-making communication and research through problem solving research projects integrated throughout the programs draw on concepts and skills students develop in the programs leading to students’ professional competence in their chosen field or vocation undergraduate academic calendar fall 2006 –

16 1 2 a signed professional development enrollment application/registration form verification of high school diploma or equivalency certificate courses for professional development students are posted on a non-degree transcript if a professional development student is accepted to an undergraduate degree program in the school of undergraduate studies the student must petition in writing to have those credits count toward the bachelor’s degree nondiscriminatory policy regent university admits students of any race color gender religion national or ethnic origin to all the rights privileges programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school regent university’s policies governing the admission of students relate to its mission statement but are not applied to preclude a diverse student body in terms of race color religion national origin or gender tuition and fees tuition includes the cost of tuition id card most academic services and

25 attendance policy it is critical for on-campus students to attend all class sessions and for online students to participate in discussion boards on time in order to accomplish learning outcomes in addition regent university is required to maintain accurate attendance records by the u.s department of education two 2 attendance units will be recorded every week for all courses any number of credits for each student online students will have two 2 blackboard discussion board postings each week equal to sixteen 16 total attendance units for each course any missed or late posting will result in one 1 less attendance unit recorded i.e one lost/missed attendance unit on campus students will have two 2 class hours each week counting toward the sixteen 16 total attendance units for each course any missed portion of one class hour will result in one 1 less attendance unit recorded i.e one lost/missed attendance unit with a maximum of two 2 lost each week any online or on campus course may

33 8 students are required to take 3 credits of coursework chosen from the humanities and arts humanities and arts choose 1 course 3 credits total arta 101 art appreciation 3 musi 101 music appreciation 3 engl 202 literature of the united states 3 beginnings to civil war engl 203 literature of the united states civil war through the 21st century 3 engl 211 british literature middle ages th through the 18 century engl 212 british literature 19th century through the 21st century engl 215 african american literature 3 engl 275 shakespearean literature 3  ids students may choose to take engl 202 203 211 212 or uis 410 classical literature for children to satisfy the literature content area they also complete 6 additional credits in the arts and humanities 9 students are required to demonstrate competency in writing reading mathematics oral expression and computer skills such proficiency must be demonstrated as follows proficiency in writing a grade of c or better in engl 101 english

41 cman 426 pre-production for culminating project 1 credit a self-directed course in which students prepare or identify scripts storyboards budgets and crew for their culminating project this course must be taken in conjunction with cman 422 prerequisite permission of the instructor and concurrent registration for cman 422 cman 429 lighting and atmospheres 3 credits an in-depth look at the functions of lights and environmental elements like smoke fog and clouds in maya prerequisites cman 313 cman 323 cman 333 cman 343 cman 431 drawing studio 7 1 credit studio class is designed for students to develop and explore their own art style with guidance from the instructor course includes readings and discussion cman 433 mel-scripting in maya 3 credits students explore the scripting language mel used to facilitate the animator to customize maya procedures students produce a five-second animation without key frames lab requirement 13 hours of supervised lab time prerequisites cman 313 cman

50 mand 303 mandarin literature survey 3 credits an introduction to the study of mandarin literature with concentration on principal authors and their works from the middle ages to the present students read selections in mandarin and respond to them in mandarin both orally and in writing prerequisite mand 301 mathematics math 099 math skills 0 credits a review elementary mathematics skills in preparation for study in mathematics at the university level topics include basic operations with whole numbers fractions decimals and negative numbers ratios and proportions percents radicals solving simple equations perimeter area and volume this course is offered on a pass no pass grading system and will not count toward the fulfillment of general education graduation requirements students required to take math 099 must pass the course before taking any courses in the core curriculum math 101 mathematics for liberal arts 3 credits a study of several different fields of mathematics and their

58 ued 451 characteristics of students with disabilities 3 credits discusses students who demonstrate patterns of behavior consistent with learning disabilities mild mental retardation and emotional disorders and the characteristics of students with hearing vision and/or physical impairments evaluates a range of conditions which contribute to students’ eligibility for special education services presents an overview of identification assessment program options and intervention services a 15-hour classroom observation experience competency is required ued 495 field experience-internship [cross-listed as efnd 595 6 credits the internship student teaching provides placement for one semester in one or more elementary schools combination of grade levels for supervised teaching practice while students bridge theory and practice a 500-hour professional field experience major content courses uis 200 orientation to teaching 1 credits an introduction to current issues in education and

67 the major may be completed either on campus at the virginia beach or washington d.c campuses or online required courses for the major in psychology 45 credit hours rels 206 spiritual formation 3 psyc 300 advanced survey of psychology 3 psyc 303 theories of personality 3 psyc 311 developmental psychology 3 psyc 313 introduction to statistics research and writing for psychology 3 psyc 321 methods of research and statistics for psychology 3 psyc 400 abnormal psychology 3 psyc 410 physiological psychology 3 psyc 411 cognitive psychology 3 psyc 412 cultural diversity 3 psyc 421 introduction to social psychology 3 psyc 422 capstone seminar in ethics and professional identity 3 choice of nine 9 additional credits in psychology numbered 300 or above students may choose the following optional emphasis to add to the major substance abuse treatment emphasis optional for psychology majors only 15 credit hours in addition to the psychology core curriculum students must successfully complete

75 off-campus study opportunities summer study abroad at oxford university regent’s summer study abroad program at oxford university enables students to study at hertford college of oxford university while taught by regent faculty from across regent university as well as by oxford tutors founded in the thirteenth century hertford college is regarded as one of the most beautiful campuses at oxford it offers students an ambience of history and academe while they engage in a multi-disciplinary study of politics business religion history art and other areas topics and courses vary by year see www.regent.edu/acad/undergrad/study_abroad/oxford.cfm for more information students can earn 6 semester hours of credit in one summer of study off-campus study programs through the council for christian colleges and universities because regent university is an affiliate member of the council for christian colleges and universities cccu www.cccu.org –-an association of over one hundred