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admission criteria 21 admission for international students 24 enrollment status classification 27 registration and payment 28 university academic calendar fall 2007-summer 2008 28 registration 29 individual study 29 genisys® 29 course changes add/drops and refund policy 29 auditing a course 30 transcripts 30 financial holds on academic records 30 withdrawal from the university 31 payment 31 tuition per credit hour fall 2007 31 fees 32 tuition and fee payment deadlines 32 tuition installment plan 32 financial aid 33 virginia tuition assistance grant 33 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 33 university-wide endowed scholarships 33 loan programs 34 satisfactory academic progress 36 student employment 37 veterans benefits 37 more information 37 e-mail notification and genisys® 38 graduate schools 39 business see global leadership and entrepreneurship communication and the arts 40 degree programs

30 3 4 5 schools may establish other requirements or documentation for evaluating the transfer credit such as a copy of the course syllabus or a copy of the course description from the institution’s catalog schools make their specific transfer credit evaluation procedure available to students when the evaluation process is complete and courses are approved for transfer the dean’s office forwards a copy of the official transcripts and transfer credit evaluation form to the registrar’s office for entry of the transfer courses and credits on the student’s academic transcript and degree program audit students who transfer from one regent degree program to another complete the transfer of credit procedure for all courses taken in the previous degree program that they desire to apply to the new degree program admission for international students the following is to supplement the university admissions requirements mentioned previously for all non-immigrant

61 department of cinema-television the department of cinema-television is dedicated to equipping communication professionals with a biblical perspective on the mass media arts the program is directed toward those who desire to be writers editors critics directors producers or other key media professionals the various programs and courses in the department attempt to balance examination of the content with acquisition of practical production and management skills the goal of the department is to train media professionals who will act with moral and spiritual integrity while exhibiting excellence in employment production techniques and innovative styles in order to communicate redemptive messages in addition to the m.a in communication above the department offers the master of fine arts mfa with majors in directing producing and script screenwriting production facilities are made available to all cinema-television students the department is committed to providing ample equipment and

92 for the approved degree plan adp for the m.a concentration english bible see www.regent.edu/acad/schdiv/assets/students/docs/adp-ma-academic-eb.xls for the joint adp m.a concentration english bible see www.regent.edu/acad/schdiv/assets/students/docs/adp-ma-academic-eb-joint.xls total degree 60 m.a concentration old testament the m.a concentration old testament is designed to ground the student in an academic understanding of the biblical history chronology language and culture of the old testament ot scriptures students are challenged to understand the essential unity of the scriptures as well as the progressive and practical nature of the biblical record to this end students will sample classes from new testament and practical theology areas as well as cultivate a broad working knowledge of ot hebrew elective hours offer ot students an opportunity for intensive and directed study of ot books or themes and interpretational issues the concentration provides an extensive

123 aims in their research project the students may engage either in one of these three areas or focus on the way they relate to each other rtch 746pneumatology the doctrine of the holy spirit 3 a systematic presentation of the christian understanding of the holy spirit the divinity of the spirit the role of the spirit in the trinity including the relation of the spirit to the father and to the son and discussion of the personhood of the spirit current approaches to the operation of the spirit in catholic theology the mission of the spirit in protestant theology and the anointing of the spirit in the renewal movements study of the function of the spirit in the world and in history and the relation to spirituality crosslisted with tcdh 546 rtch 748 world christian spiritualities 3 a study of the burgeoning worldwide spiritualities of global renewal movements in the 19th-21st centuries the course will examine diverse manifestations of pentecostal-charismatic spiritualities in africa

154 educational psychology emphasis the educational psychology emphasis includes three areas of study research and evaluation learning and development and school psychology the research and evaluation track allows one to specialize in testing and program assessment at the school district level a heavy emphasis will be placed on quantitative analysis the learning and development track equips school professionals to utilize the most appropriate theories and research to improve the chances of academic and behavioral success for students the study of brain research in relationship to learning will be emphasized the school psychology track is offered in conjunction with the school of psychology and counseling at regent university the courses in individual testing counseling and family systems lead to a school psychologist endorsement currently all of the school psychology courses are offered on the virginia beach campus or at the graduate center alexandria va learning and development edco

185 ponton michael 2003 b.s old dominion university m.s the george washington university ed.d the george washington university rodriguez jacob p 2007 b.a university new york regents college m.a claremont graduate university ph.d claremont graduate university rovai alfred p 2000 b.a san jose state university m.a university of northern colorado m.s.ed ph.d old dominion university schuette christine 2006 b.a university of virginia m.ed ph.d university of maryland—college park selig w george 1980 b.a m.a central washington state college cags ed.d university of massachusetts stiff-williams helen randolph 1998 b.s hampton institute m.s longwood college ed.d university of virginia swezey james a 2007 associate of arts community college of the air force b.a simpson university m.ed columbia international university ed.d george fox university tindall evie ruth 1990 b.a winthrop college m.a regent university ed.s ed.d the college of william and mary

216 about the economics of business for establishing plans determining value monitoring performance and stewarding resources students will achieve mastery of the financial concepts and tools used for analyzing financial decisions including capital budgeting discounted cash flow analysis valuation risk analysis obtaining capital funding resource utilization and working capital management the course is case-based in its approach focusing on the implementation of practical applications of financial concepts prerequisite familiarity with writing formulas and using mathematical functions in excel emba 614 managerial economics decision analysis 3 this course is uniquely tailored to the executive-level manager it provides a forum for students to draw upon the collective experience of their peers in applying principles and practices addressed in the course to actual workplace projects and problems the course explores important concepts of microeconomics and applies them to simple management

247 the political management program emphasizes ethics in american politics students work toward developing a clear coherent and biblical framework to guide their personal and professional behavior in politics through readings and activities that combine a normative understanding of christians and political engagement with analyses of contemporary real-world politics gov 663 campaign management and strategy 3 presents the major elements and organization of a political campaign plan are introduced as well as foundational guidance on developing and implementing a campaign plan particular emphasis is placed on techniques for developing an effective political message organizing personnel developing a budget and managing a campaign timeline it also addresses strategic thinking and anticipating and planning for political problems and crises students are expected to apply a coherent set of ethics to the course content gov 664 political communication 3 focuses upon the development of an

278 benefits hours spent in the classroom component do not substitute for the hours necessary to fulfill the externship requirement on site at the placement prerequisites law 511 551 554 521 522 561 562 541 542 552 and 553 law 796 aclj externship 5 as part of the aclj supreme court semester in washington students will assist the aclj in its legal research writing and advocacy activities and participate in observation at the u.s supreme court other federal courts and congress under the supervision of aclj attorneys prerequisites law 511 551 554 521 522 561 562 541 542 552 and 553 law 797 aclj externship classroom component 1 as part of the aclj supreme court semester in washington students will participate in a one-hour-per-week externship classroom component to discuss and process their externship experiences and insights law 811 biblical law 3 exegetical course in the laws of the bible using the decalogue as its own principle of organization develops the meaning of the laws in

308 sells james n 2005 university of southern california ms.ed northern illinois university m.a wheaton graduate school b.a biola university ph.d program director/professor thompson rosemary 2006 ed.d m.ed the college of william and mary b.s radford university m.a counseling porgram director/associate professor underwood lee a 1999 psy.d wright state university m.a regent university b.s fort wayne bible college assistant professor yarhouse mark a 1998 psy.d m.a wheaton college b.a calvin college professor visiting faculty black robert b 1985 faculty emeritus ph.d ohio university m.ed kent state university b.s baldwin-wallace college school of psychology and