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refund policy 16 payments and late fees 16 financial aid 16 important financial facts 16 federal financial aid 16 employer reimbursement 18 school-based scholarships and grants 19 computer requirements 21 academic policies 22 academic advising 22 academic appeals 22 academic dismissal 23 academic integrity 22 academic probation 23 attendance and participation policy 23 centers and institutes 24 cornerstone and capstone requirement 24 dean s list 24 declaring a major 24 faculty/course evaluations 24 financial holds on academic records 24 grade change appeals 25 graduation and the commencement ceremony 26 “incomplete” grades 26 independent learning opportunities 26 “in-progress” grades 26 minimum and maximum load 27 outcomes assessment requirement 27 registration processes 27 student records confidentiality 28 transcripts and verification of enrollment 28 withdrawal from the school of undergraduate

10 please note the following 2007-2008 holidays and check the human resources web site http www.regent.edu/admin/prsnel/holiday.html for additional information september 3 2007 mon labor day november 22-25 2006 thur-sun thanksgiving december 24 2007 mon through january 1 2008 tue january 21 2008 mon martin luther king jr day march 21 2008 fri good friday may 26 2008 mon memorial day july 4 2008 fri independence day christmas admission contact information applications for admissions may be downloaded or completed online on the school of undergraduate studies website www.regent.edu/undergrad to request an overview brochure please visit www.regent.edu/undergrad and click on request more information downloaded applications can be sent to regent university central enrollment management 1000 regent university drive virginia beach va 23464-9800 800.373.5504 or 757.226.4127 e-mail admissions@regent.edu website www.regent.edu/undergrad standards regent university welcomes applications for

21 federal pell grant only regularly enrolled degree-seeking students in an undergraduate program may be considered for eligibility in the pell grant program interested individuals must complete the free application for federal student aid fafsa available from central financial aid or online at www.fafsa.ed.gov depending upon need as determined by the results of the fafsa application costs and enrollment status as determined by federal guidelines a student may qualify for an amount between the following ranges ƒ ƒ minimum amount for a full award year $400 maximum amount for a full award year $4,310 amounts effective fall 2007 actual amount will vary depending upon each student’s application information and enrollment status etc employer reimbursement in cooperation with the university s business office regent university s school of undergraduate studies is pleased to assist students in fully utilizing their employers tuition reimbursement benefits the following

31 the independent study form must be approved by the professor serving as the director the department chair and the advisor the independent study form should note at minimum a title and brief description of the independent study a proposal and learning contract are to be included as part of the independent study application careful planning and prior approvals are necessary to secure these learning experiences students should not assume that a particular professor is available for a desired independent study registration for independent studies should be completed during the normal registration periods these courses are listed as 390 independent study and 490 advanced independent study in this catalog under each major discipline 2 internships internships are available in several disciplines these learning opportunities enable students to work in approved settings gaining work experience while pursuing specified learning goals available internships are listed in this catalog under the

42 olam 350 leadership a communication perspective 3 olam 430 leadership creating shared vision 3 students may choose to complete the following certificate certificate in leadership 18 credit hours rels 107 worldviews 3 olam 201 survey of leadership 3 olam 310 systems thinking 3 olam 330 ethics 3 olam 350 leadership a communication perspective 3 olam 430 leadership creating shared vision 3 courses global business gbus 305 innovation and entrepreneurship 3 credits students identify and describe leadership behaviors that cultivate innovation as part of the life-long learning process students begin to develop the skill of environmental scanning to identify trends and opportunities in the same way that leaders apply this technique to anticipate and respond external and internal change in organizations as a result students learn how leaders can bring about change in organizations by successfully introducing and presenting new ideas and processes gbus 335 principles of design 3 credits an

52 hist 201 u.s history i to 1877 3 credits a study of the political social and economic development of american society from about 1607 through the end of the civil war era in 1877 students consider native american perspectives and the interaction with europeans topics include the formation and establishment of the new nation as well as the international impact of the birth of a nation hist 202 u.s history ii from 1877 3 credits a study of the political social and economic development of american society from the post civil war era to the present students investigate the development of a party system of government industrial development labor issues the impact of the reconstruction american involvement internationally and the present state of american society music musi 101 music creativity and culture 3 credits students develop listening skills that will enable them to appreciate music from different historical periods and cultures involving important musical attributes including

63 primarily british and american texts but also literature in translation as well as opportunities for students to study specific languages outside of english from a foundational level through the beginning of an advanced level the department of language and literature seeks to equip non-majors with fundamental skills in composition and practice in reading literary texts while challenging students majoring in english to high levels of thought and skill as christian readers and writers the major in english “in the beginning was the word” through these words the scriptures describe the presence of christ jn 1:1 this passage and others remind us that god values the word the primary means of communication between human beings and possibly between god and humans as well studying words imaginative literature and the process of writing itself take on great importance when we consider the high value that god has placed upon words the major in english invites students to reflect

74 psyc 406 group facilitation 3 credits explores the key aspects of the group process including communication patterns both verbal and nonverbal as well as leadership trust cohesion risk-taking group membership skills facilitation skills group problem-solving decisionmaking conflict resolution interviewing techniques and summary session report-writing provides both a group experience and a theoretical analysis of group process psyc 410 physiological psychology 3 credits a study of the biological bases of behavior with an emphasis on the role of the nervous and endocrine systems topics include attention learning and memory sensation and perception sleep language reproduction emotions aggressive behavior addictions and behavioral disorders prerequisite psyc 300 and biol 102 or equivalent psyc 411 cognitive psychology 3 credits study of recent research and theory in cognitive processes concerning the representation storage retrieval forgetting conditioning learning concept formation

84 dean james r downey ph d dean academics rachel blisson m.a e-learning specialist donna curtis m.ed faculty recruitment assessment coordinator beth m doriani ph.d assoc dean for academics beverly m hedberg ph.d assistant dean of instruction leteria scott b.s administrative assistant to the associate dean of academics admissions and administration kenneth baker m.b.a director of admissions lisa callahan admissions coordinator joseph cicero b.a admissions counselor donna holcomb m.a director of operations brett johnson m.a recruiter c greg morris m.a associate dean of enrollment administration hayley rother b.a special events/pr coordinator bohdan smaha m.b.a e-marketing service manager jamie stewart b.a recruiter sharon stoddard m.b.a admissions counselor erin weldon admissions counselor advising and student services keya bhagirath b.s academic advisor rachael boucher m.a academic advisor paulette cece m ed academic

95 for the theater arts major theu 101 analyzing and appreciating theatre 3 examination of the history of the theatre its literature and various genres and styles of performance as well as the artists who collaborate in realizing it on the stage this course facilitates the appreciation and understanding of the theatre as an entertainment medium a commercial entity and an art form basic christian aesthetic principles are introduced as a precursor to experiencing and producing theatre through the prism of a biblical world view this course serves as the cornerstone course for the major in theatre theu 105 stagecraft 3 training in the skills and techniques of technical theatre including set construction scene painting lighting and sound through reading lecture and hands-on experience theu 132 basic acting 1 3 intensive study in a variety of techniques and exercises developed by constantine stanislavski and variations developed by prominent instructors who succeeded him in order to prepare

105 commencement regent university holds an annual commencement at the end of the spring semester students must obtain approval to participate students approved to graduate in the spring summer or fall semesters are strongly encouraged to participate in commencement for the conferring of the degree students who are unable to attend should notify the registrar’s office in writing at least one month prior to commencement all students must have completed all requirements toward graduation prior to participating in commencement however due to the uniqueness of some programs and the fact that there is only one commencement yearly regent provides the opportunity for students who have not completed all requirements to participate in commencement if they meet the following criteria 1 the student has no more than two courses remaining for graduation and these courses must be completed in the summer the coursework may include an internship or practicum experience which can also be