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genisys® 27 individual study 27 registration 28 withdrawal from course grades 28 transcripts 28 financial holds on academic records 28 withdrawal from the university 28 payment 29 tuition per credit hour fall 2008 29 fees 30 tuition and fee payment deadlines 30 tuition installment plan 30 financial aid 30 virginia tuition assistance grant 31 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 31 university-wide endowed scholarships 31 loan programs 32 satisfactory academic progress 34 student employment 35 veterans benefits 35 more information 35 e-mail notification and genisys® 36 graduate schools 37 communication and the arts 38 degree programs 41 course descriptions 53 faculty 64 divinity 66 degree programs 71 course descriptions 85 faculty 101 education 103 degree programs 107 course descriptions 129 faculty 153 global leadership and entrepreneurship 155 degree programs 161 course descriptions

26 withdrawal deadline spring registration begins thanksgiving break term end christmas holidays – no classes grades due to registrar all schools except law grades due to registrar law school friday oct.24 tuesday nov.4 thursday nov.27 – sunday nov.30 monday dec.22 wednesday dec.24 – sunday jan.4 2009 monday jan.5 2009 thursday jan.8 2009 spring 2009 200940 1/05/09 – 5/01/09 78 days final payment deadline term start add/drop period – 100 refund 50 refund period martin luther king jr day – schools closed summer schedules due to registrar summer textbook adoptions due to bookstore withdrawal deadline spring break/modular week summer registration begins fall schedules due to registrar fall textbook adoptions due to bookstore good friday – schools closed term end grades due to registrar all schools except law commencement grades due to registrar law school monday jan.5 monday jan.5 monday jan.5 – sunday jan.18 monday jan.19–

52 major field of study and minor area of study if so chosen the field-specific portion of the qualifying examination will also cover the research methodology area com 701 com 702 com 703 that the student plans to employ in his or her dissertation research design of the program the program emphasizes each student’s academic professional and spiritual growth it is devoted to pure and applied research in the study areas offered in the school as determined by the strengths of current faculty students in the program have concentrated their studies within such areas as interpersonal communication organizational communication rhetoric intercultural/international communication cinema studies media effects and new communication technologies theatre arts studies and journalism studies each student encounters both broad interdisciplinary study and very specialized field-specific coursework and research the program encourages in-depth study using quantitative qualitative and

77 seminary students in traditional and classical church leadership skills and responsibilities—biblical interpretation pastoral care pulpit ministry and church and ministry administration graduates of this concentration will be able to apply spiritual and holistic formation practices which personify christ-like character within personal family church and professional contexts demonstrate skill in pastoral ministry and church leadership articulate strategies for effective leadership and discipleship training in ministry contexts understand and respond to contemporary issues particularly in relation to how with a global perspective the church is able to influence societies with a christian worldview contemporary issues particularly in relation to how with a global perspective the church is able to influence societies with a christian worldview explain historical and religious backgrounds of the biblical books and how the leading biblical themes relate to each other in the

103 school of education dean’s message the issue of quality education is a growing concern in today’s culture the bible and professional literature agree on one key solution teachers administrators scholars policy-makers and support personnel who are excellent leaders a higher caliber of leader than ever before is needed to meet the kaleidoscope of challenges in public and private schools from the classroom to the policy level the regent university school of education offers masters specialist and doctoral programs to develop such leaders regent students learn how to integrate research-supported concepts and skills with a biblical worldview thus regent graduates are prepared to make a difference by bringing academic excellence moral character and standards of learning into our educational systems you can join the growing number of education professionals who are changing our world by taking part in a regent school of education graduate or doctoral degree program alan a

128 master of education individualized degree program for career switchers core required courses must complete at least 14 credits edip 540 philosophy issues of education 3 edip 541 developmental leadership 3 edip 543 technology in education 3 elective 3-4 efnd 598 professional project 2-3 certificate in autism 12 credit hours the ―working with autistic children‖ certificate can be completed through our professional development program for anyone who is not a degree-seeking student in addition this certificate is a part of the cross-categorical special education and individualized master’s programs although autism spectrum disorder is not currently an endorsement in virginia regent university school of education has designed the ―working with autistic children‖ certificate this certificate is designed to respond to the increasing demand for effectively trained educators and the rising number of autistic children found in the classroom etsp 600

154 lefever gretchen 2006 b.a boston university m.a ph.d university of illinois—chicago lloyd-zannini louis p 1995 b.a college of our lady of providence m.a regent university ed.s ph d the college of william and mary mostert mark 2002 hed johannesburg college of education m.ed university of south alabama ph.d university of virginia nisbet deanna l 1999 b.s university of north carolina greensboro m.a cags ed.d regent university ponton michael 2003 b.s old dominion university m.s the george washington university ed.d the george washington university rodriguez jacob p 2007 b.a university new york regents college m.a claremont graduate university ph.d claremont graduate university rovai alfred p 2000 b.a san jose state university m.a university of northern colorado m.s.ed ph.d old dominion university schuette christine 2006 b.a university of virginia m.ed ph.d university of maryland—college park selig w george 1980 b.a m.a central washington

180 entr 662 creative venture launch 3 an advanced entrepreneurship course where students translate compelling ideas into real businesses by actually launching an enterprise the new venture may be the student s own or that of another and can be a start up expansion in an existing business or a not-for-profit organization the course addresses legal forms of business capitalization funding initiation activities vision communication selecting/managing the start-up team marketing establishing suppliers acquiring facilities and equipment hiring retaining customers and managing/retaining employees prerequisites busn 612 entr 661 or tangible proof of business plan experience entr 663 entrepreneurial problem-solving opportunities 3 examines processes of creativity creative problem solving opportunity finding discovery invention innovation and entrepreneurship in the start-up and small business environment cultivates the initial skills required to engage in these activities and make them a

205 kickasola joseph n 1984 b.a houghton college b.d westminster theological seminary m.a ph.d brandeis university mcdonald olivia 2001 b.a m.p.a indiana university ph.d purdue university morrison jeffry 2001 b.a western maryland college m.a boston college m.a ph.d georgetown university neimeyer charles p 2004 b.a university of maryland m.a georgetown university m.a naval war college ph.d georgetown university walker douglas o 2003 b.a california state university northridge m.a ph.d university of southern california distinguished visiting lecturers ashcroft john distinguished professor of law and government b.a yale university j.d university of chicago clark vern distinguished professor of leadership and government b.a evangel college m.b.a university of arkansas dreisbach daniel l b.a university of south carolina j.d university of virginia ph.d oxford university kengor paul b.a university of pittsburgh m.a the american university ph.d university of

231 from an institution whose accreditation we accept or an earned master’s degree from regent for the gre test call 609.771.7670 3 submit a résumé 4 the admissions application fee for the master’s programs are good for one year 5 the cacs program has some additional requirements and specific prerequisites please refer to the cacs program section for additional details acceptance into the m.a programs is based on a competitive consideration of the entire application no student will be formally admitted to the program in any status until all required materials have been received and evaluated by the admissions committee applicants are evaluated based on their strength over all of the areas addressed in the application process this ―whole person‖ approach to applicant evaluation allows students who have relative weaknesses in a domain but also with off-setting strengths in other areas to be considered for admission however successful applicants will

256 wykes scott d 2008 ph.d university of northern colorado m.a ashland theological seminary b.s valley forge christian college assistant professor visiting faculty black robert b 1985 faculty emeritus ph.d ohio university m.ed kent state university b.s baldwin-wallace college collins gary 2007 ph.d purdue university m.a university of toronto b.a mcmaster university distinguished visiting faculty school of psychology and