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payments and late fees 17 financial aid 17 important financial facts 17 federal financial aid 17 employer reimbursement 19 school-based scholarships and grants 19 private grants and scholarships 21 satisfactory academic progress 21 veterans benefits 22 student employment 23 virginia tuition assistance grant 23 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 23 more information 23 email notification and genisys 23 computer requirements 23 academic policies 23 academic advising 24 academic appeals 24 academic dismissal 24 academic grievances and grade appeals 24 academic integrity 24 academic probation 25 attendance and participation 26 centers and institutes 26 cornerstone and capstone requirement 26 dean s list 26 declaring a major 26 faculty/course evaluations 27 financial holds on academic records 27 grade change appeals 27 grading systems 27 ―incomplete‖ grades 28 independent learning opportunities

9 payment deadline for c and d registrations term start – session c starts session c add/drop period – 100 refund withdrawal – 50 refund period martin luther king jr day – schools closed registration for session d late registration for session d 100 late registration fee during this period session c ends spring break last day to register for session d grades due to registrar payment deadline d only registration session d starts session d add/drop period – 100 refund session d withdrawal – 50 refund period summer registration begins good friday – schools closed session d ends grades due to registrar commencement summer 2009 200970 session e registration for session e late registration for session e 100 late registration fee during this period last day to register for session e payment deadline for e registration term start – session e starts add/drop period – 100 refund withdrawal – 50 refund period memorial day

19 and enrollment status as determined by federal guidelines a student may qualify for an amount between the following ranges minimum amount for a full award year $523 maximum amount for a full award year $4,731 amounts effective fall 2008 actual amount will vary depending upon each student‘s application information and enrollment status etc employer reimbursement in cooperation with the university s business office regent university s school of undergraduate studies is pleased to assist students in fully utilizing their employers tuition reimbursement benefits the following guidelines have been created to facilitate a clear understanding among students regarding employer reimbursement students should review these guidelines and file them in a safe place for future reference students need to identify which approach their employer follows for reimbursement the employer reimburses students for tuition prior to the beginning of the semester or it pays regent university directly

29 the independent study form must be approved by the professor serving as the director the department chair and the advisor the independent study form should note at minimum a title and brief description of the independent study a proposal and learning contract are to be included as part of the independent study application careful planning and prior approvals are necessary to secure these learning experiences students should not assume that a particular professor is available for a desired independent study registration for independent studies should be completed during the normal registration periods these courses are listed as 390 independent study and 490 advanced independent study in this catalog under each major discipline 2 internships internships are available in several disciplines these learning opportunities enable students to work in approved settings gaining work experience while pursuing specified learning goals internships typically require 96 hours of work experience

39 specific area of study specific information on the areas of study can be found under the ―graduation requirements for the associate of arts‖ section of this catalog the school of undergraduate studies is organized into the following departments program requirements are included academic departments business department chair bruce e winston ph.d the faculty in the department of business are academically and professionally qualified men and women who seek to equip students not only with functional business concepts but also skills in critical thinking and communication grounded in an ability to apply a biblical worldview to the decision-making process commercial enterprises affect the lives of people worldwide through the products and services provided as well as through the economic stimulus generated through investment supply chain operations and the employment of people thus the department of business seeks to prepare leaders in commercial enterprise to change the

49 paul aristotle wrote perhaps one of the most famous maxims of all time ―man is by nature a political animal.‖ both paul and aristotle suggest that government and political life are intrinsically valuable to human life and the order of human existence the department of government in regent university‘s school of undergraduate studies is founded upon the principle that government and political life are moral enterprises that demand moral excellence and careful attention based on this principle the department of government has structured a program that emphasizes the moral and philosophical foundations of government and politics the government program is composed of an unique synthesis of liberal arts education and apprenticeship training whereby students are educated to be high-level critical thinkers excellent professionals and ultimately well-rounded human beings this is accomplished through engaging the minds of students with a curriculum that emphasizes

59 comm 326 argumentation and critical thinking 3 comm 436 rhetorical communication 3 multimedia communication choose all 4 courses comm 112 introduction to communication arts 3 comm 356 public relations and communication 3 comm 365 visual communication 3 comm 250 history of communication 3 organizational communication choose any 4 courses comm120 interpersonal communication 3 comm 336 small group communication for professionals 3 comm 345 organizational communication for professionals 3 comm 415 professional communication 3 comm 416 communication ethics 3 government choose any 4 courses govt 196 introduction to the study of government 3 govt 220 comparative politics 3 govt 290 economic development and political economy 3 govt 327 ancient political philosophy 3 govt 340 foreign policy and administration 3 creative writing choose all 4 courses engl 240 introduction to creative writing 3 engl 320 creative writing poetry 3 engl 321 creative writing the short story 3 engl 410 seminar in

69 department chair april c cunion psy.d the psychology department offers courses of study to students interested in the study of human behavior and the discipline of psychological science by offering a major and a minor in psychology an optional emphasis in substance abuse is available the department of psychology seeks to equip non-majors with a broad understanding of the assessment of human behavior while challenging students majoring in psychology to the comprehensive integration of biological psychological social environmental developmental and spiritual components in their understanding of human behavior all grounded in a christian worldview the major in psychology the major in psychology leads to the bachelor of science degree while giving students the option of an emphasis in substance abuse the major seeks to engage students in an in-depth understanding of psychological theory and methodology and to promote critical thinking about the integration between psychological theory

79 school of undergraduate studies the faculty emmanuel s a ayee 2008 b.a university of science and technology ghana m.a wheaton college illinois kenya ph.d potchefstroom university south africa associate professor communication sandra r bryant 2006 b.a and m.u.s old dominion university ph.d regent university assistant professor organizational leadership and management susannah n clements 2007 b.a belhaven college m.a and ph.d university of south carolina associate professor english chair of the language and literature department april l cunion 2006 b.a cedarville college m.a and psy.d regent university assistant professor psychology chair of the psychology department catherine m cutcher 2006 b.s university of nevada-reno m.s university of florida ph.d capella university assistant professor mathematics and natural sciences beth m doriani 2005 b.a calvin college m.a kent state university ph.d university of notre dame professor english associate dean of academics

89 approved internship in the fields of either cinema-television or animation depending on the student‘s concentration this guided learning experience is a culminating experience in which the student applies the principles and skills learned demonstrating competency under the guidance of a specialist in the field of cinema television or animation ctvu 496 senior project 3 student directed project in cinema-television students write produce direct and edit a project demonstrating proficiency in these areas the major in journalism the journalism undergraduate major is offered in the department of journalism within the school of communication the arts the goals of the department of journalism jrnu chaired by harry w sova ph.d are 1 to prepare students for the interactive world of journalism in all of its forms and functions 2 to prepare students in traditional journalistic media such as print and broadcast fields 3 to prepare students in web-based technologies for news

99 commencement regent university holds an annual commencement at the end of the spring semester students must obtain approval to participate students approved to graduate in the spring summer or fall semesters are strongly encouraged to participate in commencement for the conferring of the degree students who are unable to attend should notify the registrar‘s office in writing at least one month prior to commencement all students must have completed all requirements toward graduation prior to participating in commencement however due to the uniqueness of some programs and the fact that there is only one commencement yearly regent provides the opportunity for students who have not completed all requirements to participate in commencement if they have no more than two courses remaining for graduation these courses must be completed in the summer the coursework may include an internship or practicum experience which must also be completed during the summer students requesting