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course changes add/drop and refund policy 28 genisys® 29 individual study 29 registration 29 withdrawal from course grades 30 transcripts 30 financial holds on academic records 30 withdrawal from the university 30 payment 30 tuition per credit hour fall 2009 30 fees 32 tuition and fee payment deadlines 32 tuition installment plan 32 financial aid 32 virginia tuition assistance grant 32 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 33 university-wide endowed scholarships 33 loan programs 34 satisfactory academic progress sap 36 student employment 37 veteran s benefits 38 more information 38 e-mail notification and genisys® 38 graduate schools 39 communication and the arts 40 degree programs 44 course descriptions 56 faculty 69 divinity 71 degree programs 76 course descriptions 92 faculty 108 education 110 degree programs 114 course descriptions 139 faculty 169 global leadership and entrepreneurship

the first day of the university-defined term students may add classes or drop classes and receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees by contacting the appropriate staff representative at their school this two-week period is defined as the university’s authorized add/drop period courses dropped during this period will not appear on the student’s transcript courses dropped after the add/drop period up to the mid-point of the term will appear on the student’s transcript with a ―w.‖ courses dropped after the mid-point of the term will result in a grade of ―wf.‖ note in instances where courses are significantly concentrated e.g summer course with fewer class meeting dates or are in a modular or other non-standard format students must receive the approval of the dean before adding or dropping such a course after it has already begun and these courses may not be subject to the above refund provisions dropping such a course after the

symbolic/persuasive force to shape how individuals and communities think how they see reality themselves and their relationships with other people what they value and what they hope for and how they view the world students will apply critical skills to learn how to analyze all forms of digital communication including films television and video programs scripts new media and advertisements com 638 creative approaches to digital media 3 examination of artistic design and technical aspects of digital media production with reference to current theory and practice emphasis on the theory and production of interactive media and the deployment of digital product to the various distribution methods and channels students will use midlevel and advanced applications of web design software graphics design software and other digital content production software such as audio and video encoders com 641 directed project in digital media 5 provides a culminating experience student’s final

phase i seminar phase the program begins each fall with a cluster of students attending courses that build upon one another sequentially throughout the year five core courses listed below are offered annually students select all core courses and three additional elective courses—total of eight courses—to complete the coursework in the seminar phase the core courses are listed below dcor 700 d.min leadership profile orientation 2 dcor 701 leader’s life values 4 dcor 702 vision mobilization management 4 dcor 703 leading spiritual formation renewal retreat 4 dcor 704 prophetic leadership redemptive focus 4 select elective/professional concentration courses credits in year 1 or year ii 9 pre-session preparation students prepare for courses by conducting a series of pre-reading and reflection exercises each core course is supplemented by a d.min course manual that is keyed to the d.min leadership profile the manuals contain course syllabi a pre and

to enroll and begin classes with nine 9 credits or less outstanding competences or credit hours all outstanding vdoe competences must be completed before the submission of the internship application and review process new applicants will be required to complete these outstanding competencies in addition to the required curriculum for program completion and graduation furthermore applicants are required to have successfully passed the praxis i assessment reading writing and math prior to admission into the program with a composite score of 532 students in this program are also required to have successfully passed the praxis ii assessment in elementary education content knowledge the virginia communication and literacy assessment vcla the virginia reading assessment and the child abuse and neglect training prior to student teaching degree posting and being recommended by the institution to the state for licensure program adjustments are made accordingly as the virginia department of

secondary education but common themes for all student work include character development biblical integration world view development and content specialization – all to demonstrate biblical fidelity students are required to develop with rationale and professional expertise the goals outcomes and assessments for a selected segment of a model program when taken for 6 credits it equips for in-depth development of outcomes and assessments for teaching research and curriculum development activities when taken for 3 credits it typically link to a paired christian education leadership course to equip for leadership over these activities prerequisite ecel 710 ecel 751 advanced finance principles and practice for christian schools 3 learners will become familiar with finance and funds development principles and models as well as major trends and issues in the study of resource acquisition and use in christian schools and auxiliary enterprises financial management and stewardship of the

financial aid regent university offers a limited number of awards on an institution-wide basis students are strongly encouraged to apply for these centrally endowed awards applications for these awards are due to the central financial aid office by april 1 for consideration for the following academic year regent university also offers financial assistance through the virginia tuition assistance grant the tuition installment plan federal student loans and private loans for more information see the tuition fees and financial aid section of this catalog the following is a list of school-specific scholarships and awards available through the school of global leadership entrepreneurship you can also find these at www.regent.edu/acad/global/admissions/financial_aid.shtml funded awards – master of business administration program friends and alumni of regent university have graciously funded ten financial awards for students in the school of global leadership

lmol 604 motivation teams coaching mentoring 3 explores the psychological contract between leader and follower that takes any of many forms between two people or between the leader and small groups students study group formation and group development as well as the intricacies of coaching mentoring and discipling students study organizational behavior and explore how ob concepts affect leadership effectiveness lmol 605 organizational communication conflict resolution negotiation 3 examines organizational communication including dyadic small group formal and informal communication as well as the relationship of communication to organizational satisfaction and effectiveness in addition students study how communication defers in leader-member exchange and mass-communication of charismatic leader/large group interaction lmol 606 strategic thinking planning organizational change 3 this course compares and contrasts strategic thinking with strategic planning and presents the value of

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ school of law dean’s message there is a vital need today for lawyers who exhibit both skill and integrity at regent university school of law we offer rigorous training in the substance of the law and the skills needed to succeed as an attorney but that explains only part of who we are we are also committed to teaching the law from a biblical perspective ultimately our goal is to graduate men and women who will serve their clients effectively and who will be ―salt and light‖ in their law firms their communities and at the state and national levels as you consider a career involving the law i encourage you to consider the benefits of a legal education that recognizes the critical role that our christian faith should play in our professional lives and our legal system i trust that in doing so you may be drawn to regent university school of law for your legal studies jeffrey a brauch

career services the objective of career planning services in the spc is to help students and alumni pursue leadership positions in their chosen fields individual job search consultations résumé assistance and job research strategies are available at www.regent.edu/acad/schcou/alumni/jobs1.html or from the career and field placement coordinator student profile regent psychology and counseling students are diverse in religious national and ethnic origins and number approximately 400 the average student age is in the mid 30s three fourths are women and approximately one third are minorities admissions requirements refer to the ―admission to regent graduate schools‖ section of this catalog for additional information regarding admission procedures and requirements psy.d in clinical psychology see the admission to regent university section of the catalog for admissions requirements in addition the spc expects applicants to 1 have a b.a or b.s with a minimum of a 3.0 gpa

visiting faculty black robert b 1985 faculty emeritus ph.d ohio university m.ed kent state university b.s baldwin wallace college collins gary 2007 ph.d purdue university m.a university of toronto b.a mcmaster university distinguished visiting faculty