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the first day of the university-defined term students may add classes or drop classes and receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees by contacting the appropriate staff representative at their school this two-week period is defined as the university’s authorized add/drop period courses dropped during this period will not appear on the student’s transcript courses dropped after the add/drop period up to the mid-point of the term will appear on the student’s transcript with a ―w.‖ courses dropped after the mid-point of the term will result in a grade of ―wf.‖ note in instances where courses are significantly concentrated e.g summer course with fewer class meeting dates or are in a modular or other non-standard format students must receive the approval of the dean before adding or dropping such a course after it has already begun and these courses may not be subject to the above refund provisions dropping such a course after the stated school deadline will result in a grade of ―wf‖ on the transcript students who have not attended a course or who show no participation in any instructional events for an online course will at the end of the add/drop period be administratively withdrawn from that course in accordance with university practice after the add/drop period student requests for schedule changes must be submitted to the registrar’s office with the properly completed add/drop form including all appropriate school signatures student registration changes after the add/drop period are subject to the following refund provisions except for courses described in the note above 50 refund during the third and fourth weeks of the university-defined term no refund after the fourth week of the university-defined term note withdrawal from a course may have significant financial aid consequences resulting in repayments of distributed funds students are responsible for seeking counsel from the central financial aid office see the university calendar for specific dates each term course lab fees are not refundable after the second week of classes first week of summer sessions the university reserves the right to make adjustments in charges and refunds if necessary with proper notification to those affected genisys genisys is the web-based student information system that allows students access to their student data record including access to personal information such as address grades online registration and financial aid information individual study the academic programs at regent university provide opportunities for students to pursue individual study under the guidance of a competent faculty member depending upon the school individual study may include special courses and seminars workshops special topic courses practicum independent study internship or thesis each school establishes specific guidelines for the thesis/portfolio proposal as well as the thesis/portfolio itself and shall provide those guidelines to students enrollment for individual study credit is subject to dean’s office and advisor approval for more information contact the individual schools registration only students who have formally applied and have been officially accepted to enroll at regent university may register for courses an open registration period for each term shall be conducted in the previous term students may enroll for a maximum of 17 credit hours per term in master’s programs 16 credit hours per term in the j.d program and 15 credit hours per term in doctoral programs exceptions must be approved in writing by the dean of the school in which the student is enrolled prior to registration all student accounts must be resolved through the business office by the school deadlines prior to the beginning of each term unresolved accounts after the end of the appropriate deadline will be charged a late fee settlement of a student’s account includes either payment in full or use of a university-endorsed payment plan students who have not satisfied all payment requirements by the end of the add/drop period will be administratively dropped from courses registration for a practicum independent study internship portfolio thesis or dissertation shall coincide with the authorized registration periods and payment deadlines students should complete the individual study form and submit it to the school in which they are registering the normal late fee applies to those students who register for such courses after the final registration period students applying for veteran’s benefits should register during the open registration period students need to apply early as it may take up to 45 days for students to receive payment all necessary paperwork should be processed through the registrar’s office 29