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phase i seminar phase the program begins each fall with a cluster of students attending courses that build upon one another sequentially throughout the year five core courses listed below are offered annually students select all core courses and three additional elective courses—total of eight courses—to complete the coursework in the seminar phase the core courses are listed below dcor 700 d.min leadership profile orientation 2 dcor 701 leader’s life values 4 dcor 702 vision mobilization management 4 dcor 703 leading spiritual formation renewal retreat 4 dcor 704 prophetic leadership redemptive focus 4 select elective/professional concentration courses credits in year 1 or year ii 9 pre-session preparation students prepare for courses by conducting a series of pre-reading and reflection exercises each core course is supplemented by a d.min course manual that is keyed to the d.min leadership profile the manuals contain course syllabi a pre and post-reading list approximately 1,300 pages per course self-reflection probes and self-administered ministry audits in-session interaction the on-campus sessions are designed to facilitate faculty and peer-minister interaction they are designed to be retreatlike fostering spiritual refreshment personal growth and new learning we seek to bridge gaps between theory practice and relevance through small group interaction student case presentations guest experts self-reflection and local/regional field trips a leadership and renewal resource table of recently published resources from national publishers is on hand during each session to allow students to review current resources in the field every effort is made to infuse each visit with innovative learning experiences and strategies that allow students to apply course principles immediately to their ministry situations post-session reflection upon the completion of on-campus sessions students begin the work of post-session reflection and integration the d.min course manual contains post-session probes and exercises that integrate readings class lectures and case study feedback in a highly practical application instructional teams encourage students to complete work in ways that fulfill problem-solving objectives in one’s ministry context the course manuals allow students to conduct work that can be used in the development and completion of the final ministry project/dissertation design professional concentrations leadership renewal leadership renewal concentrates on issues affecting ministry leaders in church ministry both traditional congregational and nontraditional parachurch settings employing case studies selected reading and practical projects participants are challenged to align their lives and ministries with transformative innovative and relevant approaches to solution-oriented management organization planning and service clinical pastoral education cpe the school of divinity is a member seminary of the association of clinical pastoral education acpe d.min students may transfer completed cpe units as elective hours reducing the time and cost of their degree by one-third additional leveling work may be required to prepare cpe students for their dissertation project clinical pastoral education transfer students are expected to pursue a ministry project and dissertation direction that incorporates leadership and renewal within the clinical context community transformation this concentration is designed to equip ministry leaders with the critical skills necessary to lead successful community transformation with high impact strategies that change lives and communities courses examine nuances of equipping leaders to function in a diverse multi-ethnic context for ministry this is done by examining the current trends issues and methodologies that lead to transformation in communities and produces a holistic understanding of the social cultural and ministry-related dynamics that lead to transformation 87