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email notification and genisys 29 academic support student life and campus services 29 academic support 29 student services 29 information technology 32 computer requirements 32 psychological services center 33 academic policies 33 academic advising 33 academic appeals 33 academic dismissal 33 academic grievances and grade appeals 33 academic integrity 33 academic probation 34 attendance and participation 35 centers and institutes 36 commencement 36 cornerstone and capstone requirement 37 dean s list 37 declaring a major 37 faculty/course evaluations 37 financial holds on academic records 37 grade change appeals 37 grading system 39 graduation procedure 39 ―incomplete‖ grades i 39 independent learning opportunities 40 ―in-progress‖ grades ip 40 latin honors 40 outcomes assessment requirement 41 withdrawal from the school of undergraduate studies 41 writing expectations 41 registration 42

for applicants ages 23 and older a professional resume or two letters of recommendation from a non-relative who can attest to the applicant‘s ability to perform college level work normally a supervisor and a teacher/counselor signed community life form part of the application essay regent university‘s motto is ―christian leadership to change the world.‖ please submit your essay describing how an undergraduate degree from regent university will help you meet your personal goals and in the process create a christian leader to change the world your essay must be typed and should be between 300 and 500 words transfer students students with 15 or more hours of college credit need to submit the following a completed and signed application for admission a $50 non-refundable application fee an official transcript from the high school from which the individual graduated to verify advanced placement credit if applicable home school students must submit an official high

phi theta kappa scholarship membership in phi theta kappa honors society 3.50 incoming cumulative gpa 25 off tuition maintain 3.50 cumulative gpa continuous fall and spring term enrollment home educators association of virginia membership in home educators association of virginia 2.50 incoming cumulative gpa 25 off tuition maintain 2.50 cumulative gpa continuous fall and spring term enrollment home school legal defense association membership in home school 2.50 incoming legal defense association cumulative gpa 25 off tuition maintain 2.50 cumulative gpa continuous fall and spring term enrollment regent associate’s degree award available to all students who 2.50 incoming have completed their cumulative associate‘s degree at regent gpa and are pursuing a bachelor‘s degree 20 off tuition maintain 2.50 cumulative gpa continuous fall and spring term enrollment virginia community college grant aa or as degree from a community college in virginia 2.50 incoming cumulative

grades of d work displays marginal performance demonstrating a minimal passing level of attainment appropriate for the undergraduate level the student‘s work indicates poor quality of thought and poor comprehension of course content work shows practical or personal application of course content in specific assignments as appropriate grades of f work shows unacceptable performance the student‘s work indicates major deficiencies in learning and reveals little or no understanding of course content this grade denotes either unacceptable performance in spite of some effort or failure to complete the assigned work students should be aware that they need to earn a c or better in all courses which they intend to apply to the major they can repeat courses following the processes listed under ―registration processes.‖ graduation procedure 1 2 3 4 5 all students desiring to graduate must file a graduation application with the registrar‘s office by september 15 for

students must earn a c or better in all required courses students who do not earn a c or better in each of these areas must retake the course until at least a c is attained equivalent scores on college level examination program clep exams or advanced placement ap exams may be substituted for any of these demonstrations of competency except gene 101 areas of specialization majors minors emphases and areas of study majors students choose at least one major program of study in order to graduate with the baccalaureate degree the baccalaureate degrees offered at regent university are found under the heading called ―programs‖ found at the beginning of this catalog minors a minor is a prescribed group of related courses 15 credits taken outside of one‘s academic major minors present optional study opportunities to students who wish to supplement their major field of study with coursework in another academic area students choosing to complete a minor will be required to

the skills and insights that history majors learn will equip them for careers in a wide range of professions including journalism law ministry teaching graduate study government service and numerous others that value analytical and writing abilities required courses for the major in history 45 credit hours students majoring in history must complete four of the following courses in addition to the two history courses that apply to the university‘s general education requirements hist 101 western civilization i 3 hist 102 western civilization ii 3 hist 201 u.s history i 3 hist 202 u.s history ii 3 hist 211 world history i 3 hist 212 world history ii 3 students majoring in history must also take both of the following courses hist 297 introduction to historical studies 3 hist 497 senior seminar in history 3 students majoring in history must also take three courses 9 credits chosen from each of the following three groups only one independent study course in each group and one special

the following courses are available as electives uis 305 serving english language learners in k-12 classrooms 3 uis 306 probability and statistics for teachers 3 cross-listed with educ 506 uis 390 independent study 3 uis 401 teaching math and science in elementary schools 3 cross-listed with efnd 501 uis 410 literature for children 3 uis 440 multicultural education 3 cross-listed with etsl 540 uis 460 first and second language acquisition 3 cross-listed with etsl 560 courses professional studies courses ued 400 curriculum design and assessment techniques 3 the purpose of this experience is to provide learners with research-based knowledge and skills necessary to analyze exemplary curricula and appropriate assessment practices including familiarity with the virginia standards of learning informative feedback mechanisms and school system implementation students consider proper selection and use of materials including media and computers while evaluating the process and implementation of

development of information security safeguards and information security auditing disaster recovery policy development identity management and effective threat assessment prerequisite isys 324 isys 333 systems security 3 credits securing the systems that run our computers is the key to ensuring that our essential information remains safe and available this course provides the essentials for understanding the threats to systems security the methods to counter these threats and some practical work in systems security a computer system with appropriate software is required prerequisite isys 331 isys 336 internet/intranet security 3 credits access to the internet for multiple purposes is one of the major components of most business operations many businesses also have intranets which provide internal communications security of these assets is critical for a successful business course provides an introduction to the concepts and procedures of assessing and providing security for

plus 6 credits of biblical studies courses from the following list rels 210 biblical background and interpretation 3 rels 250 mission and message of jesus 3 rels 313 study of the prophets 3 rels 314 pauline literature 3 rels 315 wisdom literature 3 rels 316 acts of the apostles 3 rels 317 psalms 3 rels 318 general epistles 3 plus 9 credits of christian ministry electives from the following list rels 301 apologetics 3 rels 321 youth evangelism and discipleship 3 rels 340 world religions and cultures 3 rels 360 contemporary issues in the church 3 rels 370 contemporary american cults 3 rels 430 christian ethics 3 rels 440 christian missions 3 rels 460 practical evangelism 3 rels 470 coaching and mentoring 3 students majoring in other disciplines may also minor in christian ministry or youth ministry minor in christian ministry 15 credit hours rels 240 studying and teaching the bible 3 rels 320 ministry communication skills 3 rels 401 christian ministry 3 rels 410 christian discipleship 3

school of communication and the arts undergraduate majors the school of communication and the arts offers degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the undergraduate level the school offers the bachelor of arts b.a with majors and minors in animation cinema-television journalism minor only theatre mission and philosophy the school of communication and the arts seeks to provide undergraduate and graduate education for aspiring servant leaders desiring to integrate their christian faith with their communication skills creative abilities and knowledge of communication and the arts our vision is to manifest the presence of christ through the inspired communication of our faculty students and alumni we seek to empower our students with a strong voice through both print and electronic media through creative and artistic works and through media professionalism teaching and academic scholarship for a listing of the graduate degrees offered in the school of

the faculty black jay r 2003 b.a georgia state university m.a regent university bounds j dennis 1993 b.a baylor university ph.d m.a university of texas-austin brown william j 1992 b.s purdue university ph.d m.a university of southern california burnett michael j 2008 b.a sul ross state university mfa university of mississippi elvgren gillette 1990 b.a m.a tulane university ph.d florida state university fraser benson p 1986 b.a southern california school m.a california state fullerton m.a pepperdine university m.div fuller theological seminary ph.d university of washington garcia david 2006 b.s university of wisconsin m.a regent university harrell eric 2005 b.a abilene christian university mfa university of nebraska hayes scott m 2008 bfa university of california at santa barbara mfa florida state university holland-geary judith 2005 b.f.a university of maryland mfa brooklyn college keeler john d 1978 b.a allegheny college b.j m.a ph.d university of