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email notification and genisys 33 academic support student life and campus services 33 academic support 33 student services 34 information technology 36 computer requirements 36 psychological services center 37 academic policies 37 academic advising 37 academic appeals 37 academic dismissal 37 academic grievances and grade appeals 37 academic integrity 37 academic probation 38 attendance and participation 39 centers and institutes 40 commencement 40 cornerstone and capstone requirement 40 dean s list 40 declaring a major 41 faculty/course evaluations 41 financial holds on academic records 41 grade change appeals 41 grading system 41 graduation procedure 42 ―incomplete‖ grades i 43 independent learning opportunities 44 ―in-progress‖ grades ip 44 latin honors 44 outcomes assessment requirement 44 withdrawal from the school of undergraduate studies 45 writing expectations 45 registration 46

transcripts writing assessment and sat or act scores regent university seeks academically qualified students who are mature highly motivated and who have personal goals consistent with the program‘s mission and goals the best qualified students normally have taken a high school curriculum consisting of the following english 4 units mathematics 3 units algebra geometry algebra ii science 3 units social sciences 3 units world history u.s history u.s government foreign languages 3 units students who have completed one of the following requirements are invited to apply to regent university   successful achievement of a high school diploma passing grade on the general equivalency diploma ged test applying for admission incoming freshmen students with fewer than 15 hours of college credit need to submit the following  a completed and signed application for admission  a $50 non-refundable application fee  an official transcript from the current high

$1,000 the amount of teach grant awarded when combined with other student aid may not exceed a student‘s cost of attendance coa students must agree to serve as a full-time teacher at low-income schools and teach in the above referenced fields for four academic years within eight years after completing the college degree teach grant recipients that do not fulfill their teaching obligations must repay the grant as if it was an unsubsidized direct loan stafford loan program eligibility for the stafford loan program is not based on credit history unless the student has defaulted on a previous federal student loan or owes a repayment for an over-award of an undergraduate federal grant stafford loans are made through private lenders who participate in this federal program the student must be making satisfactory academic progress sap in order to qualify for this program see explanation below first-time stafford loan borrowers at regent are required to complete an online entrance

university dean’s list each semester students demonstrating academic excellence are recognized through inclusion in the undergraduate dean‘s list degree-seeking students completing at least nine credits during the semester are eligible for the dean‘s list eligible students who earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 for the semester are included on the dean‘s list for that semester students are ineligible for the dean‘s list for any semester in which they earn a grade of ―incomplete‖ i declaring a major in order to facilitate planning and advising bachelor‘s students normally declare a major when they enter the school of undergraduate studies however students may enroll in a degree program in the school of undergraduate studies without declaring a major upon entry students who have not declared a major are considered ―undeclared‖ and may be eligible for all forms of scholarships and financial aid provided other

biblical worldview christian foundations required 9 credits rels 103 old testament studies 3 rels 104 new testament studies 3 rels 111 introduction to christian history and thought 3 students majoring in christian studies a.a religious studies b.a christian ministry b.a and biblical and theological studies b.a should note that rels 103 and/or 104 are prerequisites in those majors 4 students are required to take 15 credits of coursework in the following manner to fulfill the general education cultural perspective competency 3 credits of course work in global studies humanities social sciences arts and u.s history cultural perspective 15 credits choose 1 global studies course 3 credits comm 240 cross-cultural communication crju 430 comparative criminal justice systems engl 330 studies in world literature fren 101 introductory french i fren 102 introductory french ii fren 201 french conversation i fren 202 french composition i fren 301 french conversation ii fren 302 french

excellent professionals and ultimately well-rounded human beings this is accomplished through engaging the minds of students with a curriculum that emphasizes reading the great political and moral classics the integration of the christian faith and learning advanced research and writing skills a cutting-edge internship program and the successful writing and defense of a senior thesis these requirements lead to the acquisition of a bachelor of arts in government students graduating with a major in government are well prepared for careers in government law the non-profit sector diplomacy international service law enforcement business journalism teaching and further post-baccalaureate education the department of government history and criminal justice offers a major composed of a core curriculum of 36 hours that provides students with an understanding of the various fields within and approaches to the study of government in addition students may choose a 12-hour government emphasis that

responsible for submitting a completed virginia licensure application packet to kenyetta veal certification officer school of education see the following web site for details on the state licensure application procedures http www.regent.edu/acad/schedu/academics/elelementary_ed/elemed_licensure_steps.cfm for more information on the licensure regulations governing elementary/interdisciplinary studies education prek-6 students are encouraged to visit the virginia department of education‘s website www.pen.k12.va.us required courses for the major in interdisciplinary studies 52 credit hours professional studies requirements 27 credit hours ued 400 curriculum design assessment techniques 3 ued 405 teaching reading and language arts across the curriculum 3 ued 406 classroom management and instructional strategies 3 ued 408 teaching reading in the elementary grades 3 ued 441 child and adolescent growth and development 3 ued 442 foundations in education 3 ued 451 characteristics of

introduces programming fundamentals using visual basic.net students use algorithms and computer logic to translate data into information through structured design coding testing and program debugging writing programs in high-level object-oriented language prerequisite math 102 and isys 204 isys 304 information systems for ecommerce 3 students gain a thorough knowledge of the foundation of ecommerce by studying its role in today‘s internet and the world wide web course examines web server hardware and software tools utilized in the development of an ecommerce web site as well as criteria for assessing the usability of ecommerce sites prerequisite isys 204 isys 314 intermediate programming 3 introduction to java programming a general-purpose object-oriented programming language building on the fundamentals of structured and object-oriented programming students investigate features of java programming concepts data types operators flow control statements object classes methods

rels 485 senior seminar 3 plus 3 credits of church history from the following list rels 260 church history i 3 rels 261 church history ii 3 rels 467 american church history 3 plus 6 credits of biblical studies courses from the following list rels 210 biblical background and interpretation 3 rels 250 mission and message of jesus 3 rels 313 study of the prophets 3 rels 314 pauline literature 3 rels 315 wisdom literature 3 rels 316 acts of the apostles 3 rels 317 psalms 3 rels 318 general epistles 3 plus 9 credits of christian ministry electives from the following list rels 301 apologetics 3 rels 321 youth evangelism and discipleship 3 rels 340 world religions and cultures 3 rels 360 contemporary issues in the church 3 rels 370 contemporary american cults 3 rels 430 christian ethics 3 rels 440 christian missions 3 rels 460 practical evangelism 3 rels 470 coaching and mentoring 3 students majoring in other disciplines may also minor in christian ministry or youth ministry minor in

school of communication and the arts undergraduate majors the school of communication and the arts offers degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the undergraduate level the school offers the bachelor of arts b.a with majors and minors in ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· animation cinema-television journalism minor only theatre mission and philosophy the school of communication and the arts seeks to provide undergraduate and graduate education for aspiring servant leaders desiring to integrate their christian faith with their communication skills creative abilities and knowledge of communication and the arts our vision is to manifest the presence of christ through the inspired communication of our faculty students and alumni we seek to empower our students with a strong voice through both print and electronic media through creative and artistic works and through media professionalism teaching and academic scholarship for a listing of the graduate degrees

the faculty black jay r 2003 b.a georgia state university m.a regent university bounds j dennis 1993 b.a baylor university ph.d m.a university of texas-austin brown william j 1992 b.s purdue university ph.d m.a university of southern california burnett michael j 2008 b.a sul ross state university mfa university of mississippi elvgren gillette 1990 b.a m.a tulane university ph.d florida state university fraser benson p 1986 b.a southern california school m.a california state fullerton m.a pepperdine university m.div fuller theological seminary ph.d university of washington garcia david 2006 b.s university of wisconsin m.a regent university harrell eric 2005 b.a abilene christian university mfa university of nebraska hayes scott m 2008 bfa university of california at santa barbara mfa florida state university holland-geary judith 2005 b.f.a university of maryland mfa brooklyn college keeler john d 1978 b.a allegheny college b.j m.a ph.d university of